God’s Perfect Timing

God has a way of barging right in to our lives sometimes by providing moments of such sheer beauty they take your breath away. This happened to me in church today while the band played Revelation Song, one of my favorites.

A distinguished looking older gentleman was sitting a few rows in front of me and I couldn’t help but notice the tremor in his right hand every time he lifted it. Parkinson’s probably, which the man appeared understandably self-conscious about. As quick as his hand jutted out, he would instantly pull it back once it started to move.

Yet as the band played on and the delicate lyrics seeped in to our hearts, the length of time the man’s arm remained up, hand shaking violently for all to see, became longer and longer.

Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing, praise to the King of Kings
You are my everything and I will adore You

I was literally brought to tears as I watched this man do battle with inner fears and insecurities and let his faith and desire to visibly worship God take over. I was a bit embarrassed too by my own inhibitions about public worship with two perfectly good arms.

The beauty of man’s weakness made perfect by God’s grace, balanced with a humility grounded in acknowledgement of my own flaws, it was all so perfect.

Thank you God for intruding in my life the way you do.

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About That S***hole Comment…

  1. The comment rings true.  The term “third world country ” is used today to denote nations that are still developing and where poverty and corruption run rampant. It’s an understatement to say that the people residing in such countries lead vastly different lives than those in Western nations and that the respective cultures are opposite in many ways.  Many good people come from such s**thole places, but we need to be selective about who and how many we choose allow to live in America.

  2. It was not racist. Pointing out the obvious fact that there are some countries we would rather encourage people to immigrate from over others is smart policy and not something out of a KKK handbook. If the Left would drop the racist prism they view everything about Trump through, they would see this. Ironically they would actually be more effective too as this would allow them to debate the man on issues as opposed to just calling him names.

  3. He should not have said s**thole.” I realize that part of Trump’s appeal is his authenticity, but the man is President of the United States, where standards of decency apply. I don’t care what other politicians have said or done, the fact is our ever growing harsh and narcissistic culture is in vast need of leaders who can communicate civilly with one another. Demanding that our president speak with some sense of restraint is not a very high bar to meet.

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The Thirst For Freedom

The world is once again witnessing many brave acts by the Iranian people who have been protesting for almost week now against their own government.  Tens of thousands of them have taken to the streets to rise up against the Islamist clerics and oppressed system of limited social, political and economic freedoms they are forced to live under.

At least 20 people have died already, a number sure to rise if the Revolutionary Guard comes on the scene as they did in 2009 when they brought those demonstrations to an abrupt halt by killing dozens of protestors. Continue reading

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A Simple Reflection

A friend sent me this quote that I thought was the perfect sentiment for the New Year, simple, yet direct.

“I release this past year and bless it with love and  am grateful for all the experiences and lessons it brought.  Tomorrow brings a new adventure which I eagerly embrace.”

Happy New Year!

Beach Water


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Civility For Thee

Citizen Tom has a good post up called “Why Such Hatred For Donald Trump?”, that discusses the irrationality behind the Left’s visceral reaction to everything he does. CT essentially makes the argument that Trump is a master at pushing the emotional trigger buttons of his detractors, whose idolatry of things other than God (ego, intellect, being right etc…) trips them up.  I happen to agree with this. Continue reading

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Bringing Good Cheer


Just a quick post to say I’m sorry if I haven’t been by your site lately.  I’m a bit foggy headed due to a bad cold and the regular craziness of the holidays has left me with very little free time.

This second year of my life here on WordPress has left me more impressed than ever by my fellow bloggers and the extraordinary amount of talent, originality and passion I continually come across in post after post.  Truly, I learn something new each time I read one and feel honored to be a part of such a community.

Merry Christmas my friends and many blessings for the New Year!

If you have a few minutes be sure to check out this awesome version of Carol of the Bells.

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A Magical Night

Rocket Launch 2

A very strange and other worldly occurrence happened in Southern California last night. As I was out for a walk with family, we noticed two orbs of light pulsating and slowly moving through the sky like no airplane or helicopter I’ve ever seen.  The trail of dust following them literally glowed and we just stood there staring up with mouths wide open.

What was it, Santa Claus getting a jump on the game? Beings from another planet finally making themselves known? Or was the moon about to turn red and stars fall from the sky as the end of times finally comes?

Well, it actually turned out to be rocket launch from an air base a few hours up the road. For a few minutes there though, it really felt magical as I looked around to see half the neighborhood out in the streets, mouths agape and eyes fixed upward.  Some ladies even ran out of a salon still in their gowns and hair soaking wet.   We all looked at each other in amazement, chattering  with excitement and a tad bit of nervousness about what might be happening.

In a weird way it was rather comforting to be experiencing this as a community and be reminded how very insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.  All around a pretty cool event!

Rocket Launch


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It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present in us; it is the very sign of His presence.” ~C.S. Lewis

I’ve run away from home.  My vacation had  officially started last Wednesday, yet weirdly enough my work colleagues and clients didn’t take me seriously when I said I didn’t want to be bothered.   My inbox and voicemail kept exploding with demands, pushing my poor frayed sanity levels well beyond last straw status.

So I decided to take myself off to the mountains and unplug for a bit in a place with spotty cell reception and where getting on line requires effort.  Especially if I forget to turn on my phone, whoops!  No ding, ding, ding notifications on a hiking trail, only crisp, clean air, the crunch of ground beneath my boots and breathtaking scenery accompanied by a symphony of birds songs and squirrels doing whatever it is they do so intently.

It’s a funny thing all the nonsense thoughts I allow to take control of my brain, which only  becomes obvious once I start trying to squash them.   Life holds many details, some of which are important, many of which are not and none of which we are meant to obsessively dwell on.

Work demands, the stupid things politicians do, a perceived irritated tone in a spouse’s voice, a waiter’s snotty attitude; all potential rabbit holes of stress and drama should you choose to let your mind hold on to such things  beyond what they deserve, say 30 seconds.

I call this banging gongs of superciliousness and getting beyond them takes real effort.  Once the noise subsides and the stillness kicks in though, clarity on life and its purpose begins to take focus.  Ironically, it’s only by slowing things down like this that the extraordinary energy of creation comes alive and we begin to see and hear what we are meant to.

A forest can reveal many things, not least of which is the on going process of renewal by pushing out what no longer works to make room for what does.  Shedding off old, dead parts so new growth can occur is a fact of life out there and something to be taken to heart.


Most of us hold on to things that keep us stuck.  Bad relationships, obsessive worrying, addictions, close mindedness, toxic thoughts, searching for value in all the wrong places; these things can lay deep roots in our hearts, and imprison the mind.

The pain of even acknowledging this, let alone cutting out such deadwood can be great, but it is essential to move from a life based on fear and lack to one motivated by love and abundance.

Some events of course are just soul crushing and almost too much to bear; Illness, abuse, the death of a loved one, depression, financial hardship; such things can cause so much emotional trauma that escape seems impossible.  A super human effort is needed here to shift thoughts away from misery and towards the unquestionable love that surrounds us; one that can make the impossible possible.

This type of love burrows deep in to the small cracks of the heart and brings hope, revealing a path of healing and growth.  Think of the tiny seed of a pine tree that lays in the darkness until touched by bits of sun and nutrients seeping through the dirt. Just as that seed will eventually transform in to a new, more extraordinary form of itself, so can a person dealt a crappy hand become a better, more resilient version of themselves.   Still the same, yet different.27011680_unknown

Running away from home to find peace of mind is not usually an option for most of us.  Luckily, it’s not the distance from problems that counts, but how we perceive and choose to react to them that does.  Empty platitudes will never win the game, but (to paraphrase), keeping the mind fixed on what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely and commendable will keep you connected to what really matters.

“Keep your face in the sun and you will never see the shadows.”~Helen Keller


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A Simple Sunset

I had a ridiculous day at work today, one so filled with bureaucratic double speak and nonsense, that I began to wonder if it was me that was the moron for merely getting out of bed.  A likely possibility.

After finally escaping that swampy atmosphere of sheer idiocy, I headed straight to the beach where God showed me once again how tiny those frustrating situations are in comparison to what He has to offer.

La Jolla Shores Apres Sunset

Sunset at La Jolla Shores Beach

Thank you God for our beautiful world and the stunning scenery you provide just for our enjoyment.  Thank you too for the gentle and constant reminders to morons like myself on what truly matters.

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Justice Denied

I’m often asked how Donald Trump got elected.  Kate Steinle’s tragic and entirely preventable death at the hands of illegal immigrant Garcia Zarate is one very big reason. Thursday’s atrocious jury decision to acquit Zarate of homicide and charge him instead with “illegal possession of a firearm” is another.

YouTube video of Tucker Carlson’s November 30, 2017 broadcast on FOX News

The entire episode is a perfect example of the sheer brokenness of our immigration system, where serial deportees like Zarate face no consequences for entering the U.S. illegally and can come and go as they please due to lax enforcement at the border.

Garcia Zarate had been deported 5 times and been arrested for drug crimes and yet the sanctuary city he lived in (San Francisco) refused to turn him over to ICE as mandated by federal law.  Had they done so Kate Steinle would be alive today.

Everyone knows this is insane.  Everyone that is except the virtue signaling open borders crowd who turn a blind eye to derelicts like Zarate because they think it’s somehow compassionate. Yeah, tell that to the Steinle family.

Normal people are just so sick of all this. We know the system is broken, we know it favors criminals like Zarate over our safety, we know it discourages good immigrants who we do want here from coming and we know that heightened scrutiny of who we allow across our borders is smart policy.  This is all common sense stuff, yet to even bring up such concerns gets you labeled xenophobic and racist by the progressive elite and, frankly, by many on the clueless Right.

Donald Trump gets this and while I don’t care for his bull in a china shop way of communicating, he isn’t afraid to stand on principle here and enact badly needed immigration and border control reforms.  Traditional politicians on both the Left and Right seem incapable of grasping this and thus get shocked in to further stupidity when someone like Trump gets elected.  The longer they remain blinded by their own false self righteousness, the more likely it is that people like Donald Trump will win elections.  That is it in a nutshell.

Kate Steinle was a beautiful soon to be married 32 year old just at the cusp of life when she was killed.  Local authorities failed miserably in protecting her, as did our federal representatives in allowing a morally bankrupt and crumbling at the seams immigration system to reach this point of absurdity.

As the 80’s pop song says, we’re not gonna take it any more.

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