What Lurks Beneath the Covid Madness?

Insanitybytes22 has a fabulous post up called Cognitive Dissonance and Trauma? that discusses the mass psychological manipulation our government and public health officials have reigned down on us these past 20 months. It’s deliciously satisfying in the way it explains so much of what many of us have been feeling but might have had trouble putting in to coherent thoughts. In IB’s words:

“I think in part my own history has given me eyes to see the psy/ops, the psychological abuse being imposed on people over the past couple of years. I’m just more sensitive to it. It’s been triggering, it’s been traumatic to bear witness to. This is extreme psychological abuse, this is gaslighting, this is propaganda, this is abuse and trauma. This is fear based power and control.”

Yes, the gaslighting has been extreme and it’s caused significant harm by instilling such a level of fear in people that you see them doing the most preposterous things like, to paraphrase IB,” driving a motorcycle wearing a mask and no helmet.”

This may sound funny and it is, but it’s also a sign of severe cognitive dissonance and mental harm. There are millions of people like this who wear masks alone, outside, on the beach, park, in a car etc….. Why do people do this and follow other equally preposterous protocols?

There are a lot of reasons actually, which the video IB links to, “Why do People Believe the Covid and Vaccine Narrative” gets into. It’s a REALLY GOOD interview with a psychologist who explains how a constant drumbeat of fear can instill a learned helpless in people; causing them to question their own self agency and even sanity and to believe in just about anything the people doing this fear mongering tells them.

Anyone interested in the psychology behind why so many otherwise rational people have gone off the crazy cliff this past year should read IB’s post and watch the video.

It’s not just people wearing masks alone that alarms me, although I believe this represents the tip of the iceberg of severe and deep emotional trauma. It’s the divided society we’ve become due to the continual blaming and shaming messaging of those “bad people” who don’t follow “good corona” behavior. Those sickening phrases, “we’re all in this together,my masks protects you, yours protects me, etc…repeated ad nauseam to cement in our heads that only bad people would think differently on masking, lockdowns, early treatment protocols, etc…

Nowhere has this demonization been more prevalent than with the vaccines though which is slowly creating a two tiered society of the clean and unclean. Texts like this one from a friend of mine are sadly becoming common.

It’s a real ugly mess that will take years to clean up.

Those who suffer most though are children who still are subject to the most ridiculous and harmful mitigation efforts like masking (even outside!) and forced isolation. It’s like it’s March of 2020 for these poor kids and we don’t know yet that they rarely have a bad Covid event and don’t even spread it much when infected.

The worst really is the forced vaccinations they are facing with experimental drugs that have no long term safety studies for a virus they statistically face a 0% chance of dying from. That to me is such an abomination, a dereliction to the extreme of our duty as adults to protect the young and just an outright symbol of the evil that has overtaken us.

Like a religion, we are sacrificing kids to appease the Covid Gods in hopes they will protect neurotic adults.It frightens me to think about how many parents are on board with this and what this means for society.

How did we get here as a country?

Circling back to IB’s post, the psychological abuse and gas lighting have played major roles in this. It’s pummeled people’s critical thinking process and opened the door to the worst types of manipulation.

A prime example is our Surgeon General’s Tweet on vaccinating his 5 year old son. How is this even legal? Anyway, it checks all the right gas lighting boxes; moral superiority, guilt tripping, implied euphoria if a certain behavior is followed, even a visual picture of religiosity. It’s appalling, disgusting and fascinating all at once.

That pretty much describes our Covidean world today.

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Do You Feel Free?

I’m feeling incredibly grateful today and full of thanksgiving for my individual freedom of self agency, granted not by any government official, but by God Himself. No matter what chaos may be going on around me and in our world, I have the freedom to choose the thoughts I want to dwell on, the words I want to speak/write and the actions I take in accordance with the principles I choose to live my life by.

The phrase “fear not” or “do not be afraid” appears in the Bible 365 times because God wants us to discover the wonderfulness of stepping outside the bubble of fear so many of us live in and in to trusting Him for provision.

Fear of what? We all have our own personal list, but the common ones for me are:

Fear of what others think.

Fear of dying.

Fear of being vulnerable.

Fear of being hurt.

Fear of being different.

Fear of change.

I don’t always succeed in overcoming my these fears, trust me when I say I’ve dealt with anxiety about them my entire life. I can tell you though that the stronger my relationship with God has gotten, the more at peace I am with life, people and circumstances.

The more we as a people can understand and appreciate our individual freedom, the better we are able to identify and repel the evilness of the state trying to embed itself in to every aspect of our lives and take away our humanity in the process. Our country was founded on principles of individual freedom and self government and it’s our duty to understand how our own actions or inactions go towards strengthening or weakening that foundation.

So on this day of Thanksgiving, choose freedom over fear and boldly live out your purpose as the beautiful individual you were created to be.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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“My Government Lied To Me…”

Please take 2 minutes to watch this heartbreaking video of Mr. Ernest Ramirez talking about the death of his son from the Pfizer vaccine. We owe it to him and all those whose loved ones have died or been grievously injured from the vaccines; to hear their stories and acknowledge the very real pain and suffering they’ve been needlessly subjected to.

And trust me, there are many, many families going though this. Yet what do we hear from the CDC, FDA and all the other self important health officials who normally never miss a chance to bloviate on anything Covid related? Crickets. And more propaganda of course.

So yes, Mr. Ramirez, you’re government lied to you, me and everyone else about the vaccines being absolutely safe for your son, about the chances of death he and others his age faced from Covid (statistically 0) and about Pfizer’s shoddy methods used during clinical trials.

The absolute worst of all though is their constant drumbeat of fear about kids being dangerous, viral vectors, whose very presence next to grandma will cause her to drop dead and that it is their utmost duty as a citizen to get vaccinated so the world can be free of Covid.

I guess we’ve come full circle and reverted back to the ancient world of child sacrifice. How progressive of us! Throw kids in to the fire and maybe the Covid Gods will be appeased and not strike down neurotic adults who don’t believe in the protection of vaccines they’ve been tripled jabbed with and relentlessly harassing the rest of us to get. Pure, unadulterated evil.

Evil has always been with us of course, but this Covidean era has brought a great expansion of it throughout the world. Like a not so fun house of warped mirrors, morality has been twisted inside out, where loss of freedom, personal agency and body autonomy through government tyranny is somehow a good thing and opposition to it is bad. Very bad and punishable it seems for those that speak out.

I had thought the pinnacle of absurdity had been reached when we shifted from vaccinating vulnerable populations to mass vaccinating everybody, but the vaccine EUA expansion for kids 5-11 raises this absurdity to pure madness, with mandates for this age group surely quick to come. San Francisco (of course!) has already said unvaccinated children will be barred from every day life. Yes, denying a child access to gyms and indoor recreation areas is somehow good for public health.

Pfizer of course has wasted no time with their mass manipulation campaign. Take a look if you can stomach it.

Suffice it to say we are now thoroughly soaked in societal evil and this mindless, mass vaccination is not going to end well. It’s going to take a lot of strong and courageous people to get through this, a biblical Joshua in every corner.

To end this on a more positive note and for evidence that sanity still prevails in this world, watch Dr. Kelly Victory give her always practical and good medical advice as pertains to vaccinating kids

What should parents know before getting their 5-11-year-old child vaccinated?

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Something is Very Wrong in Australia

Did you ever wonder how an educated, free and wealthy country like 1930’s Germany fell in to madness and allowed Hitler and his Nazis goons to take over?  I’ve pondered this question a lot over the years, thinking it must have been an anomaly, or that the people somehow were tricked, or that it was just some crazy one off that and the horrors of the Holocaust would not happen again.

The thing is, Germany’s descent in to tyranny didn’t happen overnight, many things happened before Hitler even took power that primed German citizens to accept this evil madman as their leader and comply with his diktats. The events leading up to this would (and have filled) many novels, but one of the biggest warning signs was the creation of Geheime Staatspolizei, which was the official Secret Police of Nazis Germany, otherwise know as the Gestapo, who played a key role in the Holocaust.

Created by Hermann Göring in 1933, this Nationalized police force had unprecedented power to do as they pleased, without worry of repercussion because thuggish, unlawful brutality was a key part of their job description. At the bidding of their bosses, they beat up people at random, “disappeared” them in to torture sessions, or just put a bullet in their head, sometimes for for no reason at all other than to signal to other folks to not to step out of line. Of course to the Jews, they were particularly atrocious

It takes a special type of person to be able to do these things; someone who has had human empathy knocked right out of their heads, replaced by propaganda that they, the Gestapo are on the side of angels and the people they are roughing up are somehow deserving of such treatment. They were just doing their part to rid humanity don’t ya know, of such wretched creatures like the Jews who were considered flies in the ointment of Germany’s pure race utopia.

It all starts with othering those people as somehow dirty or bad and it could be for any reason at all; race, religion, political party, health status, it doesn’t matter as long as the line is drawn between who is good and acceptable and who most certainly is not.

Yes something is very wrong in Australia and we best pay close attention.

For the record, I no longer wonder how an educated, free and wealthy country can fall in to tyranny.

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9/11 Reflections


Do you remember the Falling Man photo taken on 9/11? Of course you do, if you were alive then and old enough to absorb the news and what was happening, you could not forget this image. It’s stunning how it jars you instantly back 20 years and how quickly the familiar raw emotions of anger and grief pop up.

Time has softened the sharp edges around those emotions though and transformed them to a more reflective stance on the preciousness of life and nostalgia for a more innocent time of national unity, when we truly were all in this together.

Esquire Magazine has a beautiful article about the Falling Man written by Tom Junod. It tells the moments leading up to photographer Richard Drews taking the iconic shot and the lengths to which investigative news reporter Peter Cheney went to find out the man’s identity, which even today remains unknown.

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A Vapid Speech By a Vapid Man

Joe Biden has been in every way, shape and form worse than I expected as President and that was a pretty low bar to begin with. His 6 prong nonsense Covid speech today will do nothing but further divide a nation already at high broil. As far as altering the course of this virus, he has an equal chance of altering the earth’s axis.

We are in unchartered waters here, with a feckless, dementia riddled President who appears to enjoy shredding constitutional norms. Buckle up folks, things are gonna get rough.

Stay tuned…

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Human Ecosystems Need Exposure

This post provides an excellent description on how we are literally soaked with viruses since the day we are born. The relationship between humans and viruses is symbiotic in that viruses need warm bodies as hosts to continue living and in return those bodies benefit from the protective effects exposure to those very same viruses provide.

In short, by trying to “hide” from SARS2 for these last 18 months, we’ve actually made things worse, by forgoing the protective effect exposing children to it provides for the rest os us, as well as hiding them from other viruses which are now exploding.

Basically, we’ve done everything wrong.

As the article states:

“In July 2021 New Zealand and Australia, who have both been lauded for their lockdown and physical distancing practices in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, have reported high rates of children being hospitalised with RSV infection. Lockdown practices may have reduced exposures to SARS-CoV-2, although there are other possibilities for the pattern of Covid-19 disease in this region. However, outbreaks of RSV suggest that respiratory viromes have also had less exposure to other viruses which, when present in enough of the population, normally offer protection to vulnerable groups. Due to a lack of population immunity, these groups now face higher risk of disease. “


By Helen Tindall

We have a simple message to all countries – test, test, test”.
~ WHO Director General, Tedros Gebreyesus, 16.03.2020

In the same press conference, Tedros went on to claim that without the testing of all suspected COVID-19 cases, they could not be isolated and the chain of infection could not be broken. On 24 May 2021, he declared that the pandemic “will not be over until and unless transmission is controlled in every last country”.

As a result of this test and trace idea, mass SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing has been undertaken globally. In unwell individuals there has been a fixation on SARS-CoV-2 testing to the exclusion of other possible diagnoses. Healthy individuals have been forced to take tests, stay home, close businesses, wear masks, physically distance and follow many other locally determined lockdown policies. This response ignores the fact that serious illness occurs…

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Letter To My Employer

Like many of you, I’m starting to get pressure from my company to get the vaccine. They’ve not made it a requirement for employment yet, but you are expected to mask up while on company grounds if not vaccinated. I hate this, but as a remote employee it also doesn’t effect me much.

More recently they implemented a double vaccination requirement to attend our upcoming sales achievement bonus trip, which is an annual event that rewards sales people for meeting their quotas. I’ve always enjoyed these trips, as you get to mingle with colleagues, who for most of the year you only communicate with virtually and everyone feels appreciated and rewarded for all their hard work.

I won’t be attending this year because I have not gotten the vaccine, nor do I plan to.

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The Kids Are Not Alright

Photo Credit:Anonymous Internet Person

Photo Credit: Anonymous Internet Person

The above photo sums up the awfulness of how children have been treated throughout the pandemic and the sheer hypocrisy of our anointed elites. They always claim to be for the children, but their behavior and policy preferences somehow seem to always screw them over for someone else’s benefit.

Coronavirus, unfortunately, has put this concept on steroids; where the welfare of kids and younger people as a whole have been sacrificed to meet the neurotic needs of older people who view children as vectors and spreaders of disease.

As I explained in a previous post,

The most epic public policy failure of our kids though certainly goes to shutting down schools in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  It was not in any way shape or form for their benefit and once it became known that children don’t suffer from nor transmit Covid much, keeping schools closed seemed purposefully cruel.   Continue reading

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Without Freedom There is No Point To Anything

The 6 minute video below features Scottish broadcaster Neil Oliver, who could be my brother from another mother the way he speaks about freedom. Honestly, his words pierced my heart, meeting a deep need I hadn’t known existed.

You see, while I think about freedom a lot and understand its importance to a fulfilled and meaningful life, it can be tricky to define. This makes it difficult to realize it’s gone before it’s too late.

Oliver’s definition is outstanding and he speaks much of how I feel. I’m extremely concerned, as I know many of you are, about the state of liberty in this country. Medical tyrants that we did not elect and have no accountability are making grave decisions that affect the most personal areas of our lives. We seem to be in a moral panic, a permanent state of emergency where eliminating a virus is the ONLY priority at the expense of well, everything else.

All hail to the God of Covid Safety Protocols, for there is nothing that cannot be sacrificed for it.

A few quotes from the Oliver:

For me, it’s always and only about freedom. Without freedom, you don’t have anything.”

Freedom is not negotiable, you’re either free or you’re not”

If your freedom means I might catch Covid from you, then so be it. If my freedom means you might catch Covid from me, then so be it.

Pleas do take a few minutes and give it a watch.

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