Mike the Headless Chicken

There once was an amazing chicken named Mike, who actually lived for several months with no head. Really, I kid you not! Watch the video if you like.

Like all old sayings, the phrase ”running around like a chicken with its head cut off” has a kernel of truth to it. I remember my grandmother telling stories about “prepping” the house chickens for dinner and how after neck and ax had their inevitable meeting, the chickens would run around in circles, flapping their wings and bumping in to things for several minutes before finally succumbing.

Kids often do this symbolically too, as they jump, dance and scream while oblivious to their surroundings; sometimes ending up with a scraped knee or bump on the head as the price for not paying attention to what’s in front of them.

My pastor brought up Mike’s story during a recent sermon on Revelations 6:12-17 of all things. His message on this was on keeping focused during times of chaos, of which we certainly seem to be in an extended period of.

The beginning verses describe what happens after the sixth seal is opened, which brings on great tribulation and what seems like the end of times.

There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wins. The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up and every mountain and island was removed from its place.”

It then moves on to how the people reacted:

“Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the rich, the mighty and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne of the Lamb!. For the great day of their wrath has come and who can withstand it?”

Ha, I love how the people were so fearful they completely lost their senses and actually did the worst thing possible. Instead of repenting and turning to God, they hid from him and put their faith in other things. They even begged the mountains to rain rocks on them, so fearful were they of God’s judgement. In a nutshell, they panicked and behaved like dumb, headless chickens.

My pastor went on to say that we have no idea if we are in the end of times stage and whether God is about to roll up the carpet of our existence. It’s pointless even to wonder about it. We are definitely in a time of tribulation and chaos, but this should prompt us to pause and really think about how we are responding to the craziness.

Are we like chickens with no heads, running around frantically in different directions and haphazardly bumping in to things? Are we addicted to the news and arguing over politics? Are we consumed with anxiety as the government and media continue to stoke fears over whatever the next “big thing” is? (Hello, Monkey Pox!).

Or are we focused on the things that matter like listening to God, building up our relationships and cleaning up our corner of the world where we actually have influence?

Chaos, division, panic, fear, anger; these traits tend to dominate when we’ve lost focus. Adjusting your lens to the things that matter will bring peace, clarity, unity and righteousness.

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What Abortion Does to Us

I wrote this several years ago, and obviously before Roe was overturned. The case against abortion rightly focuses on the harm to the unborn. But …

What Abortion Does to Us

I really like what madblog writes here about the deeper truths of rampant abortion and how it changes us as a people. It’s very thought provoking and offers some much needed depth to the hollowness of the usual strawman arguments that saturate abortion debates today. Please click on the link above and give it a read, it’s well worth your time.

For the record, my personal views are the same as Bill and Hillary Clinton’s, at least the 1990s Billary who coined the phrase, “safe, legal and rare.”

How quaint, right? We are far, far away from this today, where abortion is too commonly accepted as birth control and where pregnancies in most blue states can be terminated at any time up until birth. That is not a sign of a healthy society.

The SCOTUS ruling is good for the country, as it transfers power away from judges and back to the people, who can finally have real debates about it and decide for themselves if they want their state to have it and vote accordingly.

For that to happen we need better discussions with a focus on truly improving the situation for women and society as a whole, not emotional hyperbole to score political points. Madblog’s post is a great place to start.

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Spare Me Your Empty Platitudes

Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute has a great post on the hypocrisy of western leaders hyperventilating about Putin’s thuggish take over of Ukraine, while conveniently side stepping their own horribleness with authoritative COVID measures. As Tucker states:

“The “free world” has lost the moral high ground to preach to the “unfree” world about rights, liberties, and democracy. For two years, most every government in the West experimented with new forms of servitude in the name of public health. They showed how emergency powers can be deployed to lock people in their homes, shut businesses, cancel church, close parks, ban travel, censor speech – massive attacks on essential freedoms all justified simply because the people in power said it was justified.”

And he’s right, such glowing words we’ve been hearing lately about freedom, democracy and human rights from people who have at times trashed these same principles in their own countries in the name of public health.

Joe Biden vows “freedom will prevail” and “America stands up to bullies.  We stand up for freedom.  This is who we are.”

French President Emmanuel Macron, “We must not give up our unity around our principles of freedom, sovereignty and democracy”. “Their (the Ukrainian people) freedom is ours.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, “Putin’s moves are “an attack on democracy and freedom in east Europe and around the world.” and, “The “flame of freedom” would return in time to Ukraine.”

Gag, cough, spit, yuck.

As Tucker stated, after 2 years of business shutdowns, school closures, travel restrictions, forced masking, vaccine mandates and the visceral demonization of the unvaccinated, there is just no moral authority left for these people to call out brutal power grabs by authoritarian tyrants. None. 0, zilch.

President Biden for example wanted to lockdown and mask up the entire country as if King of America until someone explained to him what federalism and states rights are. He also openly championed for the firing of people who weren’t keen on injecting experimental drugs in their bodies until the Supreme Court slapped him down. He’s still pushing for it with federal workers, which includes our armed forces by the way, who may be forced to fight in a war soon he played very little in helping to prevent.

Macron, instituted harsh, authoritarian shutdowns/vaccine mandates and has caused unprecedented divisiveness among his own citizens by openly targeting the unvaccinated as immoral, even saying “they are not French citizens” and that “he hopes to make their lives so complicated they would end up getting jabbed.”

And Johnson, who somehow manages to look perpetually drunk and hungover at the same time, seems to appreciates freedom, but only for himself and cabinet members who frequently broke their own COVID rules by hosting lavish holiday parties while citizens were still under lockdown with limits even on the amount of people allowed in their homes.

The best performance (or worst) however goes to Canada’s Prime Minister, the insufferable, petty man child Justin Trudeau. It’s been sad and a bit unreal watching our friendly neighbor to the north devolve in to tyranny. Canada under Trudeau had (and still has in many areas) long and harsh lockdowns, with strict vaccine mandates, even for domestic travel.

Trudeau also enacted Canada’s emergency powers act during the trucker convoy protests; an unprecedented move that gave his government powers normally reserved for wartime matters. He then promptly directed private companies to halt funding for the truckers and had their bank accounts (and anyone affiliated with them) frozen. Such a freedom fighter that man, eh?

He then has the gall to say this about Ukraine:

“Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s egregious attack on Ukraine. Canada is taking strong action to stand up for what is right and protect the rights and freedoms of the Ukrainian people. Let me be clear: there will be serious consequences for Russia’s actions. Together with our allies and partners, we will continue to take decisive action to support the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of Ukraine and by extension, democratic principles, freedom, and human rights around the world.”

Really? Here’s a tip, if you want to be known as someone who walks, talks and quacks freedom, then you must walk, talk and quack freedom when it matters, not just when it’s politically beneficial.

I will end with another quote from Tucker’s article which ties things together perfectly:

“The last two years have revealed to us what we would rather not have discovered, namely that freedom and rights, along with enlightened ideals and good science, are extraordinarily fragile. They are only guaranteed by a public that believes in them and is willing to stand up for them. When the cultural consensus in favor of liberty decays, terrible beasts are unleashed on the world.”

Quite right. And now that the beasts are unleashed, who has the moral authority, talent and gravitas to challenge them?

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They Lied, Now What?

Are we finally shifting from the dystopian madness of ZERO Covid in to acceptance of the virus’s endemicity and therefore living with it, or are tighter mandates, shutdowns and masks inevitable as Omicron numbers tick up and cowardly politicians once again draw from the just DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING so I don’t look bad playbook.

Regardless of which direction things go, it’s painfully clear that “public health” really has little to do with personal health and that you can’t rely on them for guidance. Seriously, the sooner you realize this, the more empowered you become, as you gain knowledge that might contradict “expert” opinion but actually makes sense for you and your family.

This is understandably difficult for many, because government health agencies did at one time do a lot of good work and so it’s only natural to look to them in a crisis. Something happened over years though, where an infusion of huge amounts of research dollars combined with the lobbying efforts of Big Pharma and the natural politicization of government agencies has created a mess of a system that’s doing more harm than good.

Case in point is the level of gaslighting we’ve suffered from people who are supposed to be working in our best interest. It’s been so incessant and exponentially brazen that it’s safer just to assume nearly everything you’ve heard from them to be false.

The most obvious example are with the C19 vaccines, which we were told by all the smart people would prevent infection from the virus and stop the spread in its tracks. Watch the video below for a recap:

Of course now they are saying just the opposite, that the vaccines were never designed to prevent infection and we are the crazy ones for thinking otherwise. Classic gaslighting.

Seems we were also similarly misled on the effectiveness of face masks, whoops.

“Cloth masks are not appropriate for this pandemic, it’s not appropriate for Omicron, it was not appropriate for Delta, Alpha or any of the previous variants either because we’re dealing with something that’s airborne.” -Dr. Lena Wen, Former Baltimore Health Comissioner

The most mind blowing and in my view disgusting saga of this whole sorry episode has been the abuse of faulty PCR tests that jack up positive “case” numbers due to dead viral matter that can linger in the nose for months, but that poses no danger of transmission.

Metrics to shut down businesses and schools were based off those #’s, causing millions of people to be tossed out of their jobs, kids to lose 2 years of schooling and basically turn life as we know it upside down.

The inaccuracy of PCR tests have been known since at least summer of 2020. In fact, I wrote a blog post referencing this called Pro Lockdown Politicians Remain Stuck In March. If I knew about it, you can be darn sure the CDC, Fauci, etc… did, yet they continued to push them anyway, causing a casedemic of meaningless positive test results. WHY?

On top of all this, the CDC still:

Artificially inflates Covid death numbers due to not differentiating between those having died of something else but WITH a positive test result for Covid and those dying BECAUSE OF Covid.

Denies natural immunity exists for the Covid recovered even though 100+ studies show it to be long lasting, robust and to actually prevent re infection.

Insists on mass vaccination of all age groups even though we know Covid risk is vastly stratified between age groups, causing vaccine induced side effects and even death in those whom Covid never posed a risk for.

Continues to needlessly create societal division and disruption by promoting the vaccines as a way to protect others, even though it’s abundantly clear that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmittal and are probably dampening immune systems so vaccinated people are more apt to get the virus.

Fortunately the narrative is crumbling and the facade of successfully hiding from a virus is in shambles, but it’s more important than ever that people realize how badly government politicians and health agencies have failed them. We CANNOT let this happen again.

Covid and all its nonsense will be gone someday, hopefully sooner than later. The structure that allowed the disastrous response to it though is still solidly in place. By structure I mean both bad politicians making horrible decisions and a citizenry with an unhealthy reliance on government telling them what to do and how to think.

For example, California is STILL in an indefinite state of emergency and the people here started masking up again seconds after a stupid memo by a neurotic state health official came out that merely suggested indoor masking. Honestly it leaves me pretty disheartened for the future. There will always be some new emergency and people seem conditioned to just let this disaster happen all over again.

We’ve learned some good lessons from the pandemic on the dangers of government overreach, but unfortunately politicians have also discovered how easy it is to use fear to get people to willingly give away their civil liberties.

The best defense against that is an informed public who doesn’t take the word of “experts” over their own intuition of what’s best for themselves and that understands that government officials will always do what’s in their own best interest, not yours.

Hopefully the one good thing to come out of this is enough people have woken up to this to cause lasting change. We have a lot of work to do that’s for sure.

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Imagine being the Innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary? I mean, it was no doubt a busy time in Bethlehem, with people pouring in from all over to get counted as per the Roman census, but couldn’t something be found to accommodate this despondent young couple? Wasn’t there an open closet somewhere, or couldn’t a hallway bed be set up at least for the obviously very pregnant Mary to lay on?

The Innkeeper of course was clueless to the miracle he was being invited to participate in. Having been been slammed all day with loads of arriving guests, many who were cranky and hungry after long days of travel, the Innkeeper could not see the divine magic theater playing out right in front of him.

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Reclaim Your Freedom

If you’ve not yet heard of Abigail Shrier, you need to get yourself acquainted with her. She wrote a fantastic book, called Irreversible Damages; the Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, which, as you can imagine, promptly got her banned, censured and trolled by all the fancy people.

At this moment you might be thinking what a terrible place for someone to find themselves in, but Ms. Shrier’s fearless response to her critics and her unabashed refusal to quietly go away leaves the impression that all this hullabaloo has only toughened her resilience and reenergized her passion. Good for her and us.

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What Lurks Beneath the Covid Madness?

Insanitybytes22 has a fabulous post up called Cognitive Dissonance and Trauma? that discusses the mass psychological manipulation our government and public health officials have reigned down on us these past 20 months. It’s deliciously satisfying in the way it explains so much of what many of us have been feeling but might have had trouble putting in to coherent thoughts. In IB’s words:

“I think in part my own history has given me eyes to see the psy/ops, the psychological abuse being imposed on people over the past couple of years. I’m just more sensitive to it. It’s been triggering, it’s been traumatic to bear witness to. This is extreme psychological abuse, this is gaslighting, this is propaganda, this is abuse and trauma. This is fear based power and control.”

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Do You Feel Free?

I’m feeling incredibly grateful today and full of thanksgiving for my individual freedom of self agency, granted not by any government official, but by God Himself. No matter what chaos may be going on around me and in our world, I have the freedom to choose the thoughts I want to dwell on, the words I want to speak/write and the actions I take in accordance with the principles I choose to live my life by.

The phrase “fear not” or “do not be afraid” appears in the Bible 365 times because God wants us to discover the wonderfulness of stepping outside the bubble of fear so many of us live in and in to trusting Him for provision.

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“My Government Lied To Me…”

Please take 2 minutes to watch this heartbreaking video of Mr. Ernest Ramirez talking about the death of his son from the Pfizer vaccine. We owe it to him and all those whose loved ones have died or been grievously injured from the vaccines; to hear their stories and acknowledge the very real pain and suffering they’ve been needlessly subjected to.

And trust me, there are many, many families going though this. Yet what do we hear from the CDC, FDA and all the other self important health officials who normally never miss a chance to bloviate on anything Covid related? Crickets. And more propaganda of course.

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Something is Very Wrong in Australia

Did you ever wonder how an educated, free and wealthy country like 1930’s Germany fell in to madness and allowed Hitler and his Nazis goons to take over?  I’ve pondered this question a lot over the years, thinking it must have been an anomaly, or that the people somehow were tricked, or that it was just some crazy one off that and the horrors of the Holocaust would not happen again.

The thing is, Germany’s descent in to tyranny didn’t happen overnight, many things happened before Hitler even took power that primed German citizens to accept this evil madman as their leader and comply with his diktats. The events leading up to this would (and have filled) many novels, but one of the biggest warning signs was the creation of Geheime Staatspolizei, which was the official Secret Police of Nazis Germany, otherwise know as the Gestapo, who played a key role in the Holocaust.

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