This is well worth a read and really describes well what is going on in our country culturally and politically. If commenting please do so on the author’s site.

Citizen Tom

Mankind's Eternal Dilemma: The Choice Between Virtue and Vice by Frans Francken the Younger depicts three choices: heaven, earth, and hell (from here) Mankind’s Eternal Dilemma: The Choice Between Virtue and Vice by Frans Francken the Younger depicts three choices: heaven, earth, and hell (from here)

The American news media has a good business model. Suffering, sex, violence, and so forth attracts viewers, but is the news media’s business model good for us? When they show us suffering, what is the first thought of the news media and its too often mindless admirers? It is a crisis! The government has to do something!

Why the government? Well, it makes for a good story. The reporters can point their cameras at somebody and tell us what he is doing or not doing.

Is our government always supposed to do something? Why? When there is a problem, how far ahead does the news media look? Doesn’t the news media always gravitate to the next crisis? Do they actually give much thought to anything?


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Ya Just Never Know….


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The Higher Self


9/11 is a stand-alone word. Technically it’s not even a word and grammatically it’s a hot mess, but no one misinterprets its meaning; the day nearly 3,000 people were viciously murdered by terrorists as the Twin Towers came toppling down. Today of course marks the 15 year anniversary.

My original thought was to do a reblog from last year that focused on what to me signified the most horrific part of that awful day; the jumpers who faced the impossible choice of whether to die from extreme heat and smoke exposure while their skin melted away, or jumping to certain death thousands of feet below.

Thinking about this now brings up raw emotions; thirst for justice for the dead, sadness for their loved ones and extreme frustration that our leadership seems intent on making the same mistakes that made this possible and a new attack imminent.

Time has softened the edges a bit though and while it’s still important to “never forget”, the words courage and love seem more relevant over hate and anger. Perhaps the ugly partisanship of a particularly divisive and bitter election year has gotten to me, but I think remembering the few spots of good from that awful day offers a better way.

An excellent place to start is Peggy Noonan’s recent Wall street Journal column on the incredible story of Welles Crowther, *Remembering a hero 15 Years After 9/11.

As Noonan writes,

Welles was beloved—bright, joyous, grounded. Family was everything to him. He idolized his father, Jefferson, a banker and volunteer fireman. They went to the firehouse together when Welles was a child. Welles would clean the trucks, getting in close where no one else could fit. One Sunday when Welles was 7 or 8 his mother dressed him for church in his first suit. His father had a white handkerchief in his breast pocket. Could he have one? Jefferson put one in Welles’s front pocket and then took a colored one and put it in Welles’s back pocket. One’s for show, he said, the other’s for blow.

 He carried a red bandanna all his life.” It was a talisman but practical, too. It could clean up a mess. When he’d take it from his pocket at Sandler O’Neill they’d tease him. What are you, a farmer. He’d tease back: “With this bandanna I’m gonna change the world.”

 As Welles went down the stairwell he saw what happened on the 78th floor sky lobby. People trying to escape had been waiting for elevators when the plane hit. It was carnage—fire, smoke, bodies everywhere. A woman named Ling Young, a worker for the state tax department, sat on the floor, badly burned and in shock. From out of the murk she heard a man’s voice: “I found the stairs. Follow me.”

 Apparently Welles kept leading people down from the top floors to the lower ones, where they could make their way out. Then he’d go up to find more. No one knows how many. The fire department credits him with five saved lives.

 They found him six months later, in the lobby of the south tower. He’d made it all the way down. He was found in an area with many firefighters’ remains. It had been the FDNY command post. It was where assistant fire chief Donald Burns was found. He and his men had probably helped evacuate thousands. Welles could have left and saved his own life—they all could have. But they’d all stayed.

 The Crowthers never knew what he’d done until Memorial Day weekend 2002. The New York Times carried a minute-by-minute report of what happened in the towers after the planes hit. Near the end it said: “A mysterious man appeared at one point, his mouth and nose covered with a red handkerchief.” It mentioned Ms. Young and Ms. Wein. The Crowthers sent them pictures of Welles.

 That was him, they said. Ms. Wein had seen his face when he took the bandanna from his face as the air cleared on the lower floors. Ms. Young said: “He saved my life.”

 Welles Crowthers represented the best of who we are; selfless, brave, instilled with a need to protect others. There were many like him there that bright September morning the world came crashing down, too many who like Welles never made it home so that others could live.

The question is why? Where does this courage and sense of duty to put others first come from? Noonan puts it best:

“The way I see it….courage comes from love. There’s a big unseen current of love that hums through the world, and some plug into it more than others, more deeply and surely, and they get more power from it. And it fills them with courage. It makes everything possible.

 People see the fallen, beat-up world around them and ask: What can I do? Maybe: Be like Welles Crowther. Take your bandanna, change the world”.

 Yup. Seems simple enough, no?

*To get behind the WSJ pay wall and view Noonan’s column in full, google the title, “Remembering a Hero 15 Years After 9/11”.







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Alcohol, Sexual Assault and the Death of Common Sense

After Party

It’s not unreasonable to say that loading up on alcohol to the point where personal motor skills are lost will probably lead to poor choices being made. It’s also not absurd to acknowledge that excessive drinking often leads to sexual assault and that a good way to avoid being a victim of it is to not drink so much you can’t feel your face.

Not long ago, say oh, 5 years, the above statements would cause most to nod their heads in agreement and wonder why you are stating the obvious. Today however, speaking such sentiments gets you accused of victim shaming. Continue reading

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I’ll Take The Rose Colored Ones…

Sometimes things seem all shiny and new, don’t they? This photo below of a cool fountain in the Detroit airport struck me that way; fun, bright,and playful.


Another shot of the same fountain with a “negative” effect applied though brings up something very different.  Still very neat, but in a strange way that’s also cold, harsh and unwelcoming.


Life really does depend on the filter your using, doesn’t it?  Choose wisely.

Now off to find those glasses…


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Integrity is For Suckers

One presidential nominee tells a federal court that she is not to be blamed for compromising national security by using a secret email server in her home for classified material, but it is the fault of her her aides for not telling her it was a bad idea.  The other nominee blames everyone for his tanking poll numbers but his own chronic diarrhea of the mouth that erupts daily. Continue reading

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A Cup of Perspective

Cup half full

This past week has been the kind where if my life were a cartoon strip, I’d be the character that had the black thunder and lighting cloud following them around.

Nothing catastrophic going on mind you, all body parts are working as they should and friends and family are ok; seemingly so anyway.  It’s just some every day life events have become unusually complicated and left me feeling like I’d been swimming in a vat of molasses. Continue reading

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Indictment For Thee But Not For Hillary…

FBI Director James Comey announced today the the long awated results of the  investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information during her tenure as Secretary of Sate and whether or not to reccommend an indictment. The decision of course was not to, gee, big surprise.  For the full statement, go here.

What’s galling is that just prior to revealing the non indictment decision, he layed out not one, or two, or even three minor mishaps, but a slew of ways HRC seriously mishandled classified information and threatened our national security.  For Comey to then turn around and say no reccomendation for indictment will be forthcoming was head scratchingly bizarre. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday America!

I saw a video the other day of Americans being asked what the 4th of July means to them and it was stunning to see how many didn’t know why we celebrate it, nor that it’s actually called Independence Day. Depressing, I know!

America has its flaws as all countries do, but its founding principles of citizen rule and system of government for and by the people was a historical first and was what made and still makes the country great and a positive influence around the world.

The only way this greatness continues is if we stay informed of the wisdom our Founding Fathers preached and pass those lessons down to future generations.  Freedom cannot and will not be protected if it is not valued and certainly it will not be fought for if citizens are oblivious to its importance in the founding of our country.

A good article on this written by a former Brit now living as a U.S. citizen can be found here.

Happy Birthday America, may God continue to bless you and your people!



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This Made Me Smile…

So I got my nails done today and after hopping of the chair to leave, I notice one of my sandals is missing. Unbeknownst to anyone it had been mistakenly scooped up by one of the many accessory carts the ladies are constantly whizzing around the shop. Continue reading

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