Spring Has Sprung

Spring has officially sprung in America, where a sense of renewal and freshness excites the spirit, no matter what the weather outside may be.

The same goes for the heart too, despite its condition. As the page turns from one season to another, that which was growing in darkness blooms in to light as a new creation and hope is restored.

Happy spring everyone!

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Yes, That’s Exactly Right!

We Pray

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White Male Privilege A Myth?

The video above shows a fascinating dialogue between “Louder With Crowder” host Steven Crowder and students at Texas Christian University.  It touches on a number of cultural hot topics, like white male privilege, oppression of minorities and women, whether systemic racism/sexism is real, victimhood mentality, acting “white” and factors other than race and gender that determine success.

At first I had it playing in the background while doing some other work.  After a few minutes though, I was completely transfixed and couldn’t pull my eyes away.  Not only from the participants, but from the reactions of the crowd that had gathered to watch, which shifted between prideful smirking, to uncomfortable stillness, to cheering for the other side  as the truth of the words being spoke sunk in.  It was all so captivating.

The first half involves two female college students; one black and one white, who hold the Leftist views you  typically find with young people on a college campus.  The women were pleasant and obviously not stupid,  but their comments were filled with emotionally charged statements with nothing backing them up.  Yet they were adamant that what they were saying was true simply because they believed it to be. To paraphrase:

Our country was built by white males for white males only.

The hardships white men suffer from can never compare to what minorities go through.

Women can never truly get ahead because of sexism.

White male privilege definitely exists.

In the second half we see a discussion with two male students, one black and one Asian.  They talk about actual life experiences and the things they feel have either held them back or helped them to succeed and completely refute everything said by the women before them.  A lot of powerful statements were spoken, but this one really stood out to me for its stark truth:

When you tell people you can’t do anything in life because of this overlord above you that’s oppressing you, you’re not gonna have any optimism, you’re not gonna have any aspirations to achieve anything in life, what’s the point?

Hello hammer, meet nail, this is exactly the problem with victimhood culture.  It’s not merely that it’s annoying to watch extremely privileged people whine about all the things holding them back in life, because it most certainly is.  It’s the corrosive effect this type of “what’s the point” perspective has on a person’s thought process and how they navigate their way in the world.

It’s a national catastrophe really, when you think about how many people are being indoctrinated with this crap in schools around the country.  How much anger and resentment between racial groups and the sexes has this caused and, most tragically, how many lives have gone unfulfilled because this phony racist/sexist bogeyman made people feel it was pointless to even try?

To hear these taboo subjects being discussed so openly and respectfully was just so refreshing compared to the usual nonsense PC jargon we get bombarded with when it comes to race and gender issues.

I know it’s asking a lot of folks to devote an hour of time watching a video.  Cue it up to the 5 minute mark and just play it in the background while you do something else…..

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Now What?


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The massacre at a Florida High School by nineteen year old Nikolas Cruz begs us yet again to address the growing horror of mass shootings in America. Children should never have to watch their fellow classmates be mowed down by a crazed gunman, nor should any parent ever lose a child this way.  It happens though and no, it’s not too early to talk about gun control and other possible methods of prevention.

While mass shootings are not occurring as often as the wildly misleading headline, “18 School Shootings in 2018” would have you believe, they have gotten more deadly, as the number of people shot per incident has increased.

In my view the question isn’t if anything should be done, but what? What new policies or laws could be enacted that would help prevent another tragedy like this?

Would New Gun Laws be Effective?

Many think more restrictions on guns are the answer, but are they? It’s way too early to tell in this case, but a 2015 analysis by the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler of other high profile shootings offers some interesting insight.  Kessler did a detailed fact check of Marco Rubio’s claim that new gun laws wouldn’t have prevented any recent mass shootings and came to the conclusion that Rubio was right.

Starting with the Newtown tragedy in 2012 and ending with the Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik San Bernardino terrorist attacks in 2015, Kessler lists how the guns were obtained for each incident and an analysis as to why stricter gun regulations would not have prevented this.

In each case the perpetrators either bought their guns legally, stole them from someone else who obtained them legally, or should have been stopped by existing laws but the system failed. Four out of twelve shootings by the way were committed in California, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

Kessler’s article is not the end all be all study on gun control of course, but it offers up points that anyone serious about pro active prevention of mass shooters needs to digest.  It’s a good read and can be found here.

Gun Violence is Down

Keep in mind too that overall rates of gun crime and violence have gone down dramatically over the last two decades; while at the same time many states were reducing gun control regulations.

As Nick Gillespie states in this post on Reason.com

“In the wake of last fall’s Las Vegas shooting, I wrote “‘From 1993 to 2015, the rate of violent crime declined from 79.8 to 18.6 victimizations per 1,000 persons age 12 or older, says the Bureau of Justice Statistics in its most recent comprehensive report (published last October, using data through 2015).

 Over the same period, rates for crimes using guns dropped from 7.3 per 1,000 people to 1.1 per 1,000 people. The homicide rate is down from 7.4 to 4.9. These are not simply good things, they are great things. They are the essential backdrop of all discussions about gun crime and mass shootings, even as we grieve the people killed nonsensically in Vegas.

 None of that takes away an iota of the pain and terror of what is still unfolding in Florida, but the most basic argument for gun control remains that reducing the number of guns in circulation will reduce the amount of gun violence in society. Yet since the mid-1990s, states and localities (and certainly Florida) have mostly made it easier for more people to buy and carry guns in more sorts of situations. The correlation has been with vast reductions in gun crime and gun violence.”

Red Flags Ignored

The thing about mass shootings is that they tend to be premeditated, giving the shooter plenty of time to map out a plan and obtain needed supplies. Someone intent on murdering people is going to find ways to get those items, illegal or not.

Wouldn’t perhaps a better strategy at prevention be to improve how we respond to the numerous red flags that usually arise long before the crime occurs?

Apparently it was no surprise to anyone that knew Nikolas Cruz that he ended up a mass murderer. He even stated in a YouTube comments section, “I’m going to be a professional school shooter…” prompting the account holder to notify the FBI.

He’d also been expelled from school for numerous fights and possession of ammunition, had tried to poison a neighborhood dog and left a trail of disturbing social media posts. Could not some type of intervention have happened? Did anyone say anything to anyone of authority that might have been able to do something?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know that focusing just on gun control to prevent mass shootings is simplistic and in fact may even be counter productive.  If the end game is to DO SOMETHING effective, than passing rushed and probably crappy legislation based on the understandably raw emotions of the moment is not going to get us there.

So yes, let’s talk about gun control, but let’s be honest about its limits and the negative trade off of sacrificing civil liberties  for public safety.

Stop Demonizing Others

And for God’s sake stop demonizing those who are skeptical about its effectiveness as “not caring about dead children.” That’s so needlessly divisive and just makes moving towards a successful solution less likely.

The problem of mass shootings is complex and requires more than just looking at gun control.  Mental health issues, effective red flag response methods, enforcing existing gun laws already on the books,  new ideas on school security and having better channels of support for parents dealing with extremely problematic kids all need to be a part of the discussion.

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That Smile!

Meet Lucas , the 2018 Spokesbaby for Gerber brand baby foods! One year old Lucas Warren  was chosen among over 140,000 entries to the annual contest.  Of course, who could resist that smile?  Oh and did I mention Lucas has Down Syndrome?

This is good news in a post modern world where “eliminating” Down Syndrome babies through pre natal testing and abortion is becoming more and more the norm.  Yes this is very good news indeed.  Well done Gerber.

And congratulations Baby Lucas!

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“I Didn’t Need the Nazi, I Had One in Me”

In honor of today being Holocaust Remembrance Day, I am reblogging a post I did on the amazing Judith Eva Eger, whose story exemplifies how one can overcome adversity through the most horrific of circumstances. May we never forgot the horrors of the Holocaust and the the evil that both spawned and enabled it to continue.

Freedom Through Empowerment


Edith Eva Eger was starved, beaten and terrorized on a daily basis during her brutal stay at a WWII Nazi death camp, even forced to dance with Josef Mengele, the infamous Angel of Death who murdered her parents along with countless others.  She survived that horrible time by clinging to her mother’s last words before being sent to the gas chamber, “I want you to remember, no one can change what is in your own mind”.

That brief sentence became a personal mantra for Eger, both during her time at Auschwitz and while battling the post-traumatic stress disorder she suffered for years after the war.  In fact she built an entire career around it, as a highly successful clinical psychologist, helping thousands overcome trauma by accessing what’s inside of them to make the shift from victimhood to empowerment.

This took time though, as survivor’s guilt messed with her thinking…

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God’s Perfect Timing

God has a way of barging right in to our lives sometimes by providing moments of such sheer beauty they take your breath away. This happened to me in church today while the band played Revelation Song, one of my favorites.

A distinguished looking older gentleman was sitting a few rows in front of me and I couldn’t help but notice the tremor in his right hand every time he lifted it. Parkinson’s probably, which the man appeared understandably self-conscious about. As quick as his hand jutted out, he would instantly pull it back once it started to move.

Yet as the band played on and the delicate lyrics seeped in to our hearts, the length of time the man’s arm remained up, hand shaking violently for all to see, became longer and longer.

Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing, praise to the King of Kings
You are my everything and I will adore You

I was literally brought to tears as I watched this man do battle with inner fears and insecurities and let his faith and desire to visibly worship God take over. I was a bit embarrassed too by my own inhibitions about public worship with two perfectly good arms.

The beauty of man’s weakness made perfect by God’s grace, balanced with a humility grounded in acknowledgement of my own flaws, it was all so perfect.

Thank you God for intruding in my life the way you do.

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About That S***hole Comment…

  1. The comment rings true.  The term “third world country ” is used today to denote nations that are still developing and where poverty and corruption run rampant. It’s an understatement to say that the people residing in such countries lead vastly different lives than those in Western nations and that the respective cultures are opposite in many ways.  Many good people come from such s**thole places, but we need to be selective about who and how many we choose allow to live in America.

  2. It was not racist. Pointing out the obvious fact that there are some countries we would rather encourage people to immigrate from over others is smart policy and not something out of a KKK handbook. If the Left would drop the racist prism they view everything about Trump through, they would see this. Ironically they would actually be more effective too as this would allow them to debate the man on issues as opposed to just calling him names.

  3. He should not have said s**thole.” I realize that part of Trump’s appeal is his authenticity, but the man is President of the United States, where standards of decency apply. I don’t care what other politicians have said or done, the fact is our ever growing harsh and narcissistic culture is in vast need of leaders who can communicate civilly with one another. Demanding that our president speak with some sense of restraint is not a very high bar to meet.

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The Thirst For Freedom

The world is once again witnessing many brave acts by the Iranian people who have been protesting for almost week now against their own government.  Tens of thousands of them have taken to the streets to rise up against the Islamist clerics and oppressed system of limited social, political and economic freedoms they are forced to live under.

At least 20 people have died already, a number sure to rise if the Revolutionary Guard comes on the scene as they did in 2009 when they brought those demonstrations to an abrupt halt by killing dozens of protestors. Continue reading

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A Simple Reflection

A friend sent me this quote that I thought was the perfect sentiment for the New Year, simple, yet direct.

“I release this past year and bless it with love and  am grateful for all the experiences and lessons it brought.  Tomorrow brings a new adventure which I eagerly embrace.”

Happy New Year!

Beach Water


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