Integrity is For Suckers

One presidential nominee tells a federal court that she is not to be blamed for compromising national security by using a secret email server in her home for classified material, but it is the fault of her her aides for not telling her it was a bad idea.  The other nominee blames everyone for his tanking poll numbers but his own chronic diarrhea of the mouth that erupts daily.

OH what a fun choice we voters face in November! Our presidential prospects look dim indeed but what does this say about we the people that we ended up with such miserable candidates in the first place?  That the choice for leader of the free world has come down to a systemically corrupt, pathological liar, megalomaniac on the one hand and a possibly insane, pathological liar, megalomaniac on the other?

Sure, there are plenty of people that loath both Trump and Clinton and who voted for someone else in the primaries.  Many of them will hold their noses and pull the lever for an entirely unacceptable presidential candidate only because the other choice is more unacceptable and quite possibly dangerous for the the nation. This is called surrendering to reality and is understandable.

How did it even get to this point though?  A healthy American immune system running on integrity and truth would have coughed up these degenerates early in the primary process. Instead, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump managed to win over millions upon millions of rabid highly enthusiastic, saucer eyed supporters who propelled them to the primary finish line way ahead of their competition.

So what happened?  Enter the entitlement mentality our country marinates in. It breeds resentment and justifies crappy behaviour because the normal rules of engagement don’t apply to its sufferers.  Don’t you know integrity is for suckers? Better to point fingers and shift blame, rather than take personal responsibility for your actions.

I am not saying all Trump/Clinton primary supporters suffer from an entitlement mentality, but I do believe it has played a significant role over the years in shifting the political  landscape.  Politics ain’t beanbag as the saying goes, never has been, but the vitriol against those that disagree, the vilification and demonizing, has reached such  noxious levels, it’s only natural that we ended up with such flawed and selfish candidates.

This stems right from the individual you know, where fulfilling personal needs becomes paramount over integrity and righteousness.   We all have a few people in our lives whose moral compass is a bit off in this area, but I feel like things are getting worse.

A friend tells me it’s not her fault the man she is sleeping with happens to be married because shdeserves to be happy . Uh huh.  A work colleague won’t share useful information with other team members because ya gotta do what ya gotta do to stand out.  Right.  A now ex boyfriend claims damages from a recent fender bender to fix dents he actually caused himself several years ago.  Don’t you know how much those companies like to screw little guys like me?   Besides, they’ll never find out. Hmmmm.

Most of us are guilty of feeling entitled at some point and using it as an excuse to do dumb things.  I certainly have, more times than I care to admit. There used to be a common understanding though, that acting this way was wrong and brought shame that prevented most people from making  a habit out of it.

Not so much anymore.  People seem to wear entitlement as a badge of honor and will use it to justify treating others in the most horrible of ways.

Which brings us back to national politics.  People are understandably upset at the state of the country, but too many have fallen for the demagoguery of their anointed candidate. “Those other people are the cause of your misery, elect me and I will punish them so you can feel better.”

This swung the door wide open for an already balkanized electorate to make poor choices based on emotion, not logic.  Thus Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won their respective primaries and come November one of them will be elected President of the United States.

Lucky us.

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A Cup of Perspective

Cup half full

This past week has been the kind where if my life were a cartoon strip, I’d be the character that had the black thunder and lighting cloud following them around.

Nothing catastrophic going on mind you, all body parts are working as they should and friends and family are ok; seemingly so anyway.  It’s just some every day life events have become unusually complicated and left me feeling like I’d been swimming in a vat of molasses.

A work project implodes out of nowhere.  An Amazon delivery goes to my old address the same day the new tenants leave for a month long vacation, AFTER putting my package inside.  My printer goes kerplunk the night before an important deadline.  The perfect parking spot magically opens up for the guy I allow to cut in front of me.  The on line toll system the state of California uses to extort taxpayers   collect payment was down, forcing me to waste several hours navigating their tortuous phone system.  Three cavities  discovered during what should have been a simple cleaning.

I could whine on, as every day seemed to bring  its own special set of annoyances and by Friday I was done, both physically and mentally.  Lunch on the beach seemed the perfect antidote and so there I sat with my toes in the sand and a homemade tunafish sandwich in hand, when I let my mind drift towards God and what He might be trying to say to me.

Where is Your message in all this?  Is there a point or is it all random?  What am I missing here?  Just then a seagull swooped down, grabbed the bulk of my sandwich and flew off, raining chunks of tuna in his wake.  Really God?

Later that day while out doing errands, I ran in to a neighbor of mine and asked how she was doing.  She said the chronic pain she had been dealing with had gotten much worse and that the doctors can’t seem to find out what’s wrong.  Her disability checks were also screwed up and sometimes showing up weeks late.   She asked if I could take pictures of some items she hoped to sell on Craig’s List so she could pay next month’s rent.  Um, sure, of course I can.

Appreciate what you have, she told me, it can all go away in an instant.

Message received God.  Loud and clear and with a heaping dose of humility.



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Indictment For Thee But Not For Hillary…

FBI Director James Comey announced today the the long awated results of the  investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information during her tenure as Secretary of Sate and whether or not to reccommend an indictment. The decision of course was not to, gee, big surprise.  For the full statement, go here.

What’s galling is that just prior to revealing the non indictment decision, he layed out not one, or two, or even three minor mishaps, but a slew of ways HRC seriously mishandled classified information and threatened our national security.  For Comey to then turn around and say no reccomendation for indictment will be forthcoming was head scratchingly bizarre. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday America!

I saw a video the other day of Americans being asked what the 4th of July means to them and it was stunning to see how many didn’t know why we celebrate it, nor that it’s actually called Independence Day. Depressing, I know!

America has its flaws as all countries do, but its founding principles of citizen rule and system of government for and by the people was a historical first and was what made and still makes the country great and a positive influence around the world.

The only way this greatness continues is if we stay informed of the wisdom our Founding Fathers preached and pass those lessons down to future generations.  Freedom cannot and will not be protected if it is not valued and certainly it will not be fought for if citizens are oblivious to its importance in the founding of our country.

A good article on this written by a former Brit now living as a U.S. citizen can be found here.

Happy Birthday America, may God continue to bless you and your people!



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This Made Me Smile…

So I got my nails done today and after hopping of the chair to leave, I notice one of my sandals is missing. Unbeknownst to anyone it had been mistakenly scooped up by one of the many accessory carts the ladies are constantly whizzing around the shop. Continue reading

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A Brexiting We Go…

What a great day it was for this thing called freedom and the people who care about such things as national sovereignty, economic independence and cultural pride!

Oh there will be cries of economic doom, of racism and xenophobia by elites who once again completely misread the very people they are supposed to represent; lots of tsk, tsking I’m sure going on throughout the Halls of Parliament.  Here in the U.S. we will no doubt soon be lectured by Our own Condescender in Chief on how very small minded the Brexiters are and those that support them.

Something very big is going on which most of us, politicians aside, intuitively know. What happens next is anybody’s guess. It will probably  be chaotic, messy and unpleasant for awhile, but righting a ship is never an easy business.

Plenty of time to deal with all of that. For now, a toast to my fellow freedom lovers across The Pond. Cheers and well done!


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Personal Freedom is a Choice

The May 23rd edition of the Wall Street Journal held a remarkable statement by Cuban poet and human-rights activist Armando Valladares  when accepting the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s Canterbury Medal in New York recently.

He was of course speaking mainly to the brutal political oppression of the Castro regimen and on the dangers of creeping tyranny, but on a deeper level too about the dangers of how a mind can become polluted and actually imprison itself. Continue reading

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A Good Man

My dad died recently.  Needless to say, it’s been a rough week and I’ve been struggling with how to, or even if I should, write about it.  I want to honor him, but it feels exploitive in a way to post about his death.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s ok, as I really don’t care how many people hit the like button or make a comment.  I love my dad and he deserves a public acknowledgement, it’s that simple.  If he were around he would tell me to stop fussing and just publish something for God’s sake.  Ok Pops, done deal. Continue reading

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No Mere Words

“Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”

-Isaiah 41:10

Isn’t it awesome that no matter our situation, we can always turn to God for guidance and comfort?   And that to make things so easy peesy He left a big book of promises behind to help us?  I sure think so.

Words can have enormous power and whether they lift up or tear down depends on the source.  God’s words alway bring light and life, always bring hope.

It’s impossible to go through life and not be afraid.  I seem to have made a career out of it at times, but the more I get to know God, the better I feel about letting go of things I can’t control. God’s promises have power and if that’s all we have to hold on to, well than that’s enough for me.

“For I, the Lord you God, will hold your right hand;  Saying to you, Fear not, I will help you.”

-Isaiah 41:13


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DeHavelle on Trump

I have been wanting to get a post out on Donald Trump for  awhile now, but have had little time to put something proper together. Well cue Keith DeHavelle and his excellent post below which states my thoughts exactly but with much better prose. Be sure to check out his site for the entire read, it’s well worth it!

Trump and the Establishment Trump is being touted as an “anti-Establishment” guy, an outsider. This sounds good in principle; the Republican Establishment (and the fact they they act more Establishment than Republican) has been deeply disappointing. But the Establishment types have based their actions on careers of being bought by special interests. Trump’s career is…

via Trump —

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