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WordPress Notifications

WordPress has apparently stopped notifying me when someone links a post to my blog or mentions me in a comment, so my apologies to anyone that’s done this who I haven’t acknowledged with thanks.  Has this happened to anyone else? … Continue reading

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The Crybullying Narcissist

I used to think President Obama’s narcissism played a central role in the severe divisiveness that’s tearing this country apart and that getting someone new in office would offer relief, even if not from my preferred political party. I’ve changed … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Frank's Cottage:
Far from being upset or offended, when I read this graphic (helpfully posted in an Internet atheist community), I immediately thought of some people I’ve met since 2002, when I became a Christian. Those…

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Spark of Life

A rusted old chain ignites from the setting sun. A Kiss from the Divine sparks a dead heart.  The world remains unchanged, yet things will never be the same.

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