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Merry Merry….

Ok, I know this song gets old after the 100th hearing but it’s still one of my favorites.  Merry Christmas everyone, peace and blessings to you all!  

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Christmas Joy Does Not Involve a To Do List

Originally posted on Freedom Through Empowerment:
Every year about this time it happens.  I can only procrastinate for so long before it dawns on me that I’m down to days, not weeks, to get all my shopping done, decorations put…

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A Glimpse of Heaven

This evening’s sunset was too stunning not to share.  Thank you God!

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Pear Harbor Must Not Be Forgotten

Originally posted on Freedom Through Empowerment:
It’s difficult to fathom the horrific trauma that occurred when the Japanese attacked Pear Harbor and the huge significance of America entering WWII because of it.  9/11 is the only frame of reference for…

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The Law of Opposition

  “To him who overcomes…” —Revelation 2:7 Do you ever feel you’re in a constant battle? Like life is one long series of struggles, where as soon as one is overcome, another drops right in to the queue?  Sickness, relationship … Continue reading

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Keep The Flame Going

I had the wonderful privilege of spending time this afternoon with a lovely woman of a certain age. You know the type, grandmotherly and always ready with a smile, but with an underlying weariness from having seen and done so … Continue reading

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