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How I Learned To Live Drama-Free

Originally posted on A Mindful Chatterbox:
I used to be a person who created uproar. Not intentionally–in fact, nine times out of ten I did not realize that I was doing it. I would always wonder why I could not…

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Darkness Has Value

“You light a lamp for me. The Lord, my God lights up my darkness” Psalm 18:28    When I was very young, I hid from my darkness. As I got older I both denied and fought against it and eventually … Continue reading

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Taking Out The Garbage of Fixed Narratives

Originally posted on Freedom Through Empowerment:
It’s always liberating to me whenever I get rid of clutter in my house. Whether it’s boxing up things for charity or just taking the trash to the curb, it feels great getting rid…

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Bird Brain Reality

  I’ve always been a bird person and find myself transfixed whenever I stop to watch them.   It could be an exotic toucan swooshing about the rain forest, a pink flamingo lazing in a lagoon, or just my local yard … Continue reading

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