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The Myth of Toxic Masculinity

As a girl raised by a strong father, I really enjoyed this article, “Masculine Dads Raise Confident Daughters” by Abigail Shrier.  It’s a heaping dose of refreshing common sense actually, that dares to question the prevailing cultural view on the … Continue reading

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Comfort From Above

I caught this shot the other night of Venus and the moon and it reminded me not only of the celestial glory God provides for our entertainment, but of the many ways He leaves big flashing dots for us to … Continue reading

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The Birth of Liberty-Day 4

                      Photo Credit: Library of Congress, painting by J. Trumbell It’s the 4thof July and so today we celebrate America’s separation from British rule, formally ratified through the Declaration of Independence. … Continue reading

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The Birth of Liberty-Day 3

Did you know that nobody really knows exactly how many federal criminal laws/regulations there are on the books? And that each day the average person is breaking at least 3 of them without even knowing it?  And that every year … Continue reading

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The Birth of Liberty-Day 2

As we move on from Day 1 in this series of quotes from our Founding Fathers, we come to Samuel Adams, second cousin to John Adams and a major architect of the American Revolution and in helping to shape the … Continue reading

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The Birth of Liberty-Day 1

                                  Photo Credit: On July 4th, 1776, the Continental Congress of the 13 U.S. Colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence, which was the … Continue reading

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