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Now What?

The massacre at a Florida High School by nineteen year old Nikolas Cruz begs us yet again to address the growing horror of mass shootings in America. Children should never have to watch their fellow classmates be mowed down by … Continue reading

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That Smile!

Meet Lucas , the 2018 Spokesbaby for Gerber brand baby foods! One year old Lucas Warren  was chosen among over 140,000 entries to the annual contest.  Of course, who could resist that smile?  Oh and did I mention Lucas has … Continue reading

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“I Didn’t Need the Nazi, I Had One in Me”

Originally posted on Freedom Through Empowerment:
? Edith Eva Eger was starved, beaten and terrorized on a daily basis during her brutal stay at a WWII Nazi death camp, even forced to dance with Josef Mengele, the infamous Angel of…

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God’s Perfect Timing

God has a way of barging right in to our lives sometimes by providing moments of such sheer beauty they take your breath away. This happened to me in church today while the band played Revelation Song, one of my … Continue reading

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About That S***hole Comment…

The comment rings true.  The term “third world country ” is used today to denote nations that are still developing and where poverty and corruption run rampant. It’s an understatement to say that the people residing in such countries lead … Continue reading

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The Thirst For Freedom

The world is once again witnessing many brave acts by the Iranian people who have been protesting for almost week now against their own government.  Tens of thousands of them have taken to the streets to rise up against the … Continue reading

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A Simple Reflection

A friend sent me this quote that I thought was the perfect sentiment for the New Year, simple, yet direct. “I release this past year and bless it with love and  am grateful for all the experiences and lessons it … Continue reading

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Civility For Thee

Citizen Tom has a good post up called “Why Such Hatred For Donald Trump?”, that discusses the irrationality behind the Left’s visceral reaction to everything he does. CT essentially makes the argument that Trump is a master at pushing the … Continue reading

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Bringing Good Cheer

Just a quick post to say I’m sorry if I haven’t been by your site lately.  I’m a bit foggy headed due to a bad cold and the regular craziness of the holidays has left me with very little free … Continue reading

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A Magical Night

A very strange and other worldly occurrence happened in Southern California last night. As I was out for a walk with family, we noticed two orbs of light pulsating and slowly moving through the sky like no airplane or helicopter … Continue reading

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