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Something is Very Wrong in Australia

Did you ever wonder how an educated, free and wealthy country like 1930’s Germany fell in to madness and allowed Hitler and his Nazis goons to take over?  I’ve pondered this question a lot over the years, thinking it must … Continue reading

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9/11 Reflections

Do you remember the Falling Man photo taken on 9/11? Of course you do, if you were alive then and old enough to absorb the news and what was happening, you could not forget this image. It’s stunning how it … Continue reading

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A Vapid Speech By a Vapid Man

Joe Biden has been in every way, shape and form worse than I expected as President and that was a pretty low bar to begin with. His 6 prong nonsense Covid speech today will do nothing but further divide a … Continue reading

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Human Ecosystems Need Exposure

Originally posted on alicespringstomind:
By Helen Tindall “We have a simple message to all countries – test, test, test”.~ WHO Director General, Tedros Gebreyesus, 16.03.2020 In the same press conference, Tedros went on to claim that without the testing of…

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Letter To My Employer

Like many of you, I’m starting to get pressure from my company to get the vaccine. They’ve not made it a requirement for employment yet, but you are expected to mask up while on company grounds if not vaccinated. I … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Not Alright

Photo Credit: Anonymous Internet Person The above photo sums up the awfulness of how children have been treated throughout the pandemic and the sheer hypocrisy of our anointed elites. They always claim to be for the children, but their behavior and policy … Continue reading

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Without Freedom There is No Point To Anything

The 6 minute video below features Scottish broadcaster Neil Oliver, who could be my brother from another mother the way he speaks about freedom. Honestly, his words pierced my heart, meeting a deep need I hadn’t known existed. You see, … Continue reading

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They Won’t Stop Until We Tell Them To

In light of the CDC’s absolute face plant yesterday in announcing new guidelines for vaccinated folks to mask up and blue state governors threatening Coronavirus restrictions redux over the delta scariant, I thought I’d reblog this post from January. The … Continue reading

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We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident…

The Declaration of Independence expresses the ideals necessary to America’s foundation and its separation from Great Britain, “to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God … Continue reading

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Public Health Jumps the Shark

I’m so very sorry for the 3 minutes of life wasted if you watched this video all the way through. Personally I couldn’t stomach it past 30 seconds, but I posted it because it exemplifies perfectly the absolute clown world … Continue reading

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