Intersectionality and Radical Grace

There was a  fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal recently written by Robert L. Woodson Sr.  The title, Even the Fiercest Social-Justice Warrior Should Learn Mercy, sums up well the goal of the author, which is to get today’s racial grievance mongers to stop focusing so much on righting wrongs from the past and instead employ the radical grace championed by Mr. Woodson and others during civil rights era struggles against real entrenched societal oppression and horrific acts of racial violence.

He writes:

As a veteran of the civil-rights movement, I remember how our most effective weapon against bigotry, hatred and oppression was radical grace. If social activists want to mimic us, let them follow in this direction rather than demand the elevation of their particular tribal interests above all others. Activists’ focus on group identity and past wrongs fuels anger and resentment, deepening divisions instead of erasing them. The only antidote to the growing conflict is for black America to take back its historical victories against injustice from those repurposing them as ammunition for an anti-American agenda.”

At this point you might be asking what does a what does a middle aged white girl from the burbs know about black racism?  Nothing of course.  I would never pretend to understand what it’s like as a black person to be discriminated against, nor am I denying that racism exists today.

What I do know a lot about unfortunately is what Mr. Woodson alludes to in that last sentence about people perverting once noble causes and “repurposing them as ammunition for an anti-American agenda.”  Anyone paying attention to today’s culture wars can clearly see that is the norm for social justice groups claiming to be fighting for the oppressed, but who are in reality pushing political agendas that have nothing to do with helping anyone but the people in power that run these groups.

The Women’s March is a fine example of this.  It promotes itself as a champion of women’s interests and empowerment, yet it’s really about getting progressive candidates in to office to enact a far left agenda that I believe is harmful to women and squelches empowerment.  At their core, the Women’s March and other grievance movements run counter to our Founding Fathers insistence that all men area created equal and that individual rights take precedence over those of the collective.

How so?  By their adherence to intersectionality-the belief that societal oppression intersects among various tribes whose powerlessness is based on the the number of victim points they have.   A transgender, black woman under this system garners more sympathy than a white gay man who only has 1 grievance box checked to her 3. There’s no accounting for a person’s unique background and character traits and no individuality, just balkanized groups assigned different spots on the hierarchy ladder of oppression .

Intersectionality has become a religion to its followers.  It’s a cancer that encourages people to make assumptions about others based on race, sexual orientation and gender. It’s identity politics on steroids, which I’ve written about before here, here and here and it’s turning the progress we’ve made on racial discrimination and women’s empowerment on its head.

It’s a growing threat too because what was once contained to quirky liberal arts colleges, has spread like wildfire to the broader culture, as indoctrinated students graduated and moved on to positions of power in corporations and government. It’s a big reason why we live in a state of constant outrage, where people feel traumatized over the slightest of things and receive cultural validation for it if they belong to the “correct” tribe.

There is little grace in this and no mercy at all for the accused; no room for discussion, and absolutely no forgiveness for an honest mistake made.  Societal chaos and divisiveness continue to grow and individual freedom shrinks as the power of the state gets called upon to “right” so many “wrongs.”

This does nothing for the truly oppressed, the poor and those that have been dealt  crappy life cards.  Chaining them them to a victimhood mentality of course only makes things worse, but no matter because it increases the constituency of the modern day grievance industry.  The collateral damage of ruined, stunted lives is less important then the increased power and status gained by the movement.

It’s unclear where this will all lead.  I’m hoping the asininity of intersectionality becomes the achilles heal that eventually kills it.  As more and more groups claim victimhood status and the grievances become pettier and more absurd,  a chain reaction  of “eating their own” seems to be kicking in.  The favored group of today becomes the micro aggressor of tomorrow and gets booted from the club.  We can only hope the collapse comes soon.

In the meantime we could do worse than to study Robert Woodson’s ideas on forgiveness and self reflection as a path to empowerment and changed lives. As he says:

“This is a model for anyone seriously interested in erasing injustice and promoting equality. Nobody grows when activists are intolerant of others’ flaws or demand the end of careers because of past wrongs. Emphasizing past evil—let alone manufacturing racial attacks to satiate the media’s appetite—inflames anger on both sides. Let us wisely choose grace instead.”

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36 Responses to Intersectionality and Radical Grace

  1. Wow! Stunningly well said. Love the idea of radical grace. We need more of it. We should all learn to pray “Master Jesus the Messiah, have mercy on me, a sinner.”


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  2. Doug says:

    I tend to agree here, Tricia. As recent as this morning I read some goofy blurb that because of racial remarks made by John Wayne for some interview that were racial back in 1971.. his name should be removed from the airport bearing his name in Orange County. Jeez Louise…
    I perfectly enjoyed the guy as an early hero before the Stallones, Eastwoods, Schwarzeneggers, etc. came into view. In spite of me not being overly fond of his farther right political views than my own, he was a great action actor in the day… and became tongue-in-cheek synonymous with being heroic (until “Rambo”). But isn’t all this getting ridiculous petty?
    I’ve been putting off a post like your’s here for a long time.. I’m in a slow burn over all this “I’m white Christian background and a gotta apologize for everyone’s persecution???” I wanna point this out….
    You said.. “At this point you might be asking what does a middle aged white girl from the burbs know about black racism?”
    Perhaps we should ask… just how many contemporary black Americans suffered in any sort of slavery to relate to that experience? Yes, there is racism… but with each passing decade it does get less… for any number of reasons. Current black millennials never experienced the Jim Crow South, although their parents very well could have… and passing on the stories is very important for cultural awareness… and the “never forget” thing like the Holocaust. But the funny thing is… no one compares the now with the past. The “now” still becomes the issue. But with each passing generation of black Americans, things have seemed to get better… yet the cries of racism seem to get louder. I’m not apologizing at all for any part of white entitlement I inherited just because of the chance of the draw being born white.
    But here’s the thing… if I were seeking public office, that last remark would have killed my chances. And who knows some reader/follower won’t dismiss all I said as yet another racist white guy.

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    • Tricia says:

      You know Doug, this may be the first time this has happened but I agree with everything you say here! 😉 I had heard that stupid thing about John Wayne too and had the same reaction. I’m hoping these are jump the shark episodes where normal people finally say enough is enough, but things seem to be getting worse and more crazy.

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  3. Oh,good post Tricia! There’s a tale I love from “unbossed and unbought,” Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm’s story. She was a black woman dealing with some genuine racism back in 1968 and George Wallace was her ideological opposite. When he got shot, she went to visit him in the hospital, believing no one should be shot and left alone. They prayed and cried together, and from that day on, everything changed between them. That is how you heal racism,with radical grace and a soft heart towards those who have hurt you.

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  4. Way to go, Tricia—this is what makes me nuts!
    Radical Grace—what a novel idea.
    Grace, even more so.
    But rather then Grace—accusation replaces Grace.
    Anger replaces Grace.
    Lies replace Grace.
    Inuendos replace Grace.
    Man replaces Grace.
    May we seek Grace…

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    • Tricia says:

      Right Julie? Anger, lies, and innuendos are so prevalent these days. May we seek Grace indeed, all of us.

      I know this kind of stuff drives you as crazy as it does me. Some day we will look back a this time as the era when the Western world lost its collective mind. The same culture that produced the classics is now publicly shaming people for wearing politically incorrect Halloween Costumes. Sigh….

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  5. Elihu says:

    Tricia, this is a fantastic post! These things have been bothering me for some time now, and you articulated it beautifully.

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  6. Al says:

    In spite of your superb argument against it and the fact that neither I nor any of my direct antecedents were personally responsible, I realize as a white male I am nontheless accountable. With the way things are going, I’m afraid I’m just going to bite the bullet and start a savings account for reparations. I’ve figured out how my reparations dollar will be divided. 1. 33% to Native Americans. 2. 33% to blacks. 3. 33% to women. and 1% to the family of Billy Haynes, whose feelings I once hurt in 2nd grade. And yes, if anyone is a black woman with strong Native American roots, she may triple dip.

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  7. Citizen Tom says:


    Excellent! Just because we have a tendency to overlook it, I would just add the obvious.Jesus was full of both grace and truth.

    Consider that we have Muslim black women getting away with bigotry in Congress. Intersectionality explains why. If a Republican white, male, Christian puts his foot in mouth and says something he probably shouldn’t have said, he end up voting for his own censure. If someone with a intersectionality rating of 3 says something blatantly bigoted, her “apology” strangely sounds like a reaffirmation of he bigotry. I fear that poor lady needs a healthy dose of both radical grace and truth. Instead, her associates are ignoring and thereby enabling her abominable behavior.

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    • Tricia says:

      Yes Tom, thank you for the reminder that Jesus certainly was and is the ultimate giver of grace and truth. Speaking of truth what you say about a Muslim black woman getting away with outlandish bigotry and anti Semitism in Congress is spot on. Good God, if that was a Republican man he would be hanging from the rafters already. I think even her fellow Democrat colleagues are getting annoyed because it makes them look bad to be in the same party of such an ignorant fool.

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      • Doug says:

        Makes one wonder about her district. Parts of Minnesota does have cluster of immigrant Somalis these days, although I am unaware of her district. But it’s curious.. did they vote her in because she was a woman, a Muslim, an American with the usual agenda for change, or D. All of the above? Now, I easily could research that I suppose but there’s a part of me that’s too lazy to bother at this juncture of media coverage. Kinda borders on the “who cares.. the House will take care of their own.” BUT… she does carry a subliminal message in that we really do need to explore in greater detail the Israeli/Palestinian relationship.. and our relationship within that relationship. But that’s not our national priority right now.. and Netanyahu has got is own Trump-like issues going on in his country to work through. When the dust settles in our respective country’s leadership, perhaps… and we get Kushner outta there for some real diplomats.

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  8. Trica,

    I heartily concur with the ending words, “inflames anger on both sides. Let us wisely choose grace instead.”

    We all could use less anger and more wisdom and love in our lives, and the end result is grace

    How to “get past Trump” should be the first goal of a lot of angry people who somehow forgot how he became President which was through the “grace, blessing, and good fortune” of God to allow us to live in a Republic. .

    Regards and good will blogging..,

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  10. Chris Warren says:

    I was once having a (respectful) discussion with someone whose politics are the exact opposite
    of mine. I commented that all these left-wing marches and protests seldom accomplish anything. Not one single cause has ever been won because of people walking around in circles chanting and waving signs.

    She pointed out the civil rights marches and Vietnam protests of earlier days, which ultimately did accomplish the intended result. My response was that the civil rights and Vietnam causes were not won because of protests, or at least not directly. They were achieved by one side persuading the other.

    That’s not to say marches and protests have no purpose. It’s a form of free speech and should be accommodated. But the civil rights/Vietnam protesters actually DID believe in the causes they were supporting. They had no ulterior motives. And perhaps more importantly, they did not have big name celebrities and corporations sponsoring them. In those times, it took serious dedication & sacrifice to fight for a cause.

    How many of those high school kids who showed up for the “March For Our Lives” anti-gun protest last year would have gone on their own dime if they did not have Oprah and Levi Strauss & others paying for their bus tickets and hotel rooms? What sixteen year old would turn down an offer for an all-expense paid adult-free weekend in DC to party with 100,000 other kids, and all they have to do in return is show up on the mall and Tweet hashtags for a few hours?

    Back then, the purpose was to win over the other side. Today, the purpose is to destroy the other side. That’s the difference between the protests of the 60’s & 70’s and the protests now.

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    • Doug says:

      A number of things here.. and maybe I have a little edge given I lived during those turbulent 60’s… but civil demonstrations are all about making a loud “noise” to get the attention of a) political leaders, and b) the general public, of a particular cause. Point of fact, as the anti-war movement during the Nam years showed, public perceptions, and subsequently elected officials responding to that pressure, CAN change things… and nowadays with social media this kind of thing can be coordinated across the country in quick time and real time. Social media alone can and will result in more change as time goes on.
      Ulterior motives? Ok.. let’s add to that “hidden agendas”.. conspiracies.. deep state… C’mon… it’s a pretty good case that if a demonstration crowd reaches into the thousands and most certainly millions… no one person or secret-handshake organization is calling the shots. You get a couple Tiki torch-carrying neo-Nazis in a demonstration they are certainly making a political noise but like looking for toward a TV confrontation to illustrate them being victims.
      I think you’re trying to suggest that Oprah, Speilberg, Clooney, et all contributing mega-thousands to the “March For Our Lives” is some sort of hidden agenda… what hidden agenda? The agenda was obvious. Any under aged kids were very likely traveling with adults. No.. there were no unaccompanied kids in huge numbers jumping onto a free bus trip. To hold a legal demonstration of any kind anywhere in the U.S. there must be some organized representation for legal responsibility. All the donations to that March paid for permits, insurance policies if required, etc. Now.. yes.. some demonstrations are spontaneous and many have been marches in D.C. but are subject to being broken up… in the past, sometimes by the military when it got big enough (learning a bit of history helps). Generally the larger is the more effective.
      You are correct in that the purpose of demonstrations is to win support by convincing people to a cause. But thinking someone will board a bus to go to a D.C. demonstration to “destroy” someone or some issue… that’s a bit off the mark.

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      • Chris Warren says:

        You make a lot of assumptions and at least indirectly put a lot of words in my mouth. I’m not going to address everything point by point, but here are a few thoughts:

        I would never imply there was a “hidden agenda” regarding Oprah and others supporting gun control. In fact, I believe the exact opposite: They may have ulterior motives but they’re not good at hiding them. They openly and proudly support gun control. Even dumbass CNN gets that part right. Celebrities made speeches at March For Our Lives and appeared in commercials supporting gun control. How astonishingly out of touch does one have to be to think they are subtle about it?

        I’ll let others split hairs over how many adults were actually there. It’s somewhat beside the point. The main idea I was pushing is that the turnout would not have been anywhere close to what it was if those kids did not have big buck donors picking up the tab. Most of them were there not out of some deep conviction, but only because Auntie Oprah & Uncle Mike (Bloomberg) threw a big party complete with celebrity appearances. Let’s get real: Most of those kids were there for the free Fall Out Boy concert. Take out the donated bling and you have an event that is about as interesting to a teenager as driving grandma to a podiatrist appointment.

        Lastly, I have to point out something liberals always blow off, I think on purpose: The civil rights and Vietnam protesters were fighting for their rights and did so with their own resources. The March For Our Lives protesters were “fighting,” if that’s what one can call it, to have fewer rights. And they won’t even do that unless someone else pays their fare. It’s a huge distinction.

        There were teenagers begging the government to outlaw most modern guns and raise the age to buy whatever’s left to 21, among other things. I’ll bet it was the first time in US history where citizens protested to have their rights taken away.

        So yes, the left really does want to destroy the other side. It’s not paranoia and conspiracy theories. They are very open and transparent about their intentions.

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    • Tricia says:

      Those are really good points Chris. And not to mention so many of today’s “movements” are controlled at a much higher level by highly partisan people with an agenda. The people like those high school kids are being played without even knowing it.

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  11. Chalk me up with the crowd that doesn’t think the SJW radicals are really interested in social justice. They’re merely leveraging the past against a particular group – orthodox Christians and Jews. That’s why their platform is a point-by-point refutation of Scriptural philosophy, even down to the lesser-known stuff (2. Thess 3:10 vs. AOC’s “unwilling to work”).

    That’s why they have no grace to offer those they truly oppose. In their minds, orthodox Christians and Jews continue to offend even today just by holding the beliefs we do. The social justice cause is a convenient scapegoat.

    Even the non-radical leftists are carrying outrage that’s disproportional to the progress that’s been made. It used to be that only a single-digit percentage of Americans approved of interracial marriage. Today it’s up to almost 90. Yet the leftist church would have me believe we’re still in the 60s, and inject racism into EVERY conversation accordingly.

    I, too, am hoping intersectionality will implode under its own weight. But we know the hatred for the religious never will, so I’m not optimistic.

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    • Tricia says:

      Hey Brandon, thanks for you well thought out comment. It’s so true what you say, the “outrage” factor is sky high and wildly disproportionate to how things really are in America today. There are so many factors contributing to this but I think social media is a big driver.

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