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The Year The Cake Went Down In Flames

Well ok, there weren’t any actual flames but the figurative smack down of my spiritual arch enemy called “Making The Gâteau Basque” held its own excitement, with dramatic highs and lows that left me breathless.  It was epic. Gâteau Basque is … Continue reading

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Christmas Joy Does Not Involve a To Do List

Every year about this time it happens.  I can only procrastinate for so long before it dawns on me that I’m down to days, not weeks, to get all my shopping done, decorations put up, gifts wrapped, menus planned and … Continue reading

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Because Freedom Means Something

Senator Tom Coburn, R -Oklahoma, who is retiring come January gave a farewell speech that epitomizes my thoughts on political freedom and why it’s so important.  Here’s an excerpt…. “I think about my father. He had a fifth-grade education. A … Continue reading

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Bad JuJu vs Being Grateful

Max Lucado has a wonderful book out called Before Amen.  It’s about how to get closer to God by being simple and humble with prayer.  If you’re a non believer,  please  don’t be turned off as his advice is spot on … Continue reading

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Pear Harbor Must Not Be Forgotten

It’s difficult to fathom the horrific trauma that occurred when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the huge significance of America entering WWII because of it.  9/11 is the only frame of reference for me and though there are many … Continue reading

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Big Government Means Big Police

Eric Garner should not have died that day in July. He was originally approached by officers for suspicion of selling “loosies”, which are single cigarettes from packs without tax stamps. New York State deems this a high crime because no … Continue reading

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Drop The Entitlement Mentality & Get Greedy

Feeling entitled to something is like a prison.  If you want it bad enough, you start to think anything else is somehow less and it blinds you to the value of the things you do have.  The more you concentrate … Continue reading

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