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Does Society Still Value Freedom?

The theme of freedom has been popping up several times lately,  which for me usually signals the beginning labor pains of a  blog post struggling to be released. The sooner I tackle it, the quicker I can get some relief, … Continue reading

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Ducking A Funeral

So President Obama has decided not to attend the funeral of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Is this notable? I would say so. A man’s character is defined by his actions, which stem from the condition of his heart. This … Continue reading

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Happy Silly Made Up Hallmark Holiday

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Trapped in Your Own Mind

I had an unexpected visit from a hummingbird, who was waiting for me in the kitchen after I returned from a walk. How he got inside is still a mystery but what was interesting was that he perched himself directly … Continue reading

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Coyote Visiting Yosemite

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What is a Conservative? Hint, Not Trump!

This is not a hit piece on Donald Trump. Now that his supposed inevitability as the Republican nominee for President has been stymied by a powerful Ted Cruz win in Iowa however, it’s time for some serious talk about conservative … Continue reading

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