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Supreme Confusion

I didn’t want to write this post. It’s not like I enjoy having people think I’m a “hater”, “stupid”, “intolerant”, “on the wrong side of history”, etc….because I disagree with the recent Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. In fact … Continue reading

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Just For Today…

  Encourage rather than weaken; Fix instead of complain; Unite, not divide; Speak truth when necessary, keep quiet when not; Respond to the brokenness, not the anger; Bring light to dark; Allow compassion to reign ; Embrace the good; Comfort … Continue reading

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Happy 800th Birthday Magna Carta!

You don’t look a day over 650, really! Signed by England’s King John in the year 1215, Magna Carta was the first state document that stressed that the often tyrannical power of the monarchy be restrained by law and that … Continue reading

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Someone Needs You To Show Up

I have lumpy boobs. They are filled with cysts and thick tissue that make it difficult for doctors to give the all clear sign after routine mammograms. I always get a call back to schedule more testing, because, “the doctor … Continue reading

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