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Civility For Thee

Citizen Tom has a good post up called “Why Such Hatred For Donald Trump?”, that discusses the irrationality behind the Left’s visceral reaction to everything he does. CT essentially makes the argument that Trump is a master at pushing the … Continue reading

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Bringing Good Cheer

Just a quick post to say I’m sorry if I haven’t been by your site lately.  I’m a bit foggy headed due to a bad cold and the regular craziness of the holidays has left me with very little free … Continue reading

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A Magical Night

A very strange and other worldly occurrence happened in Southern California last night. As I was out for a walk with family, we noticed two orbs of light pulsating and slowly moving through the sky like no airplane or helicopter … Continue reading

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“It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present in us; it is the very sign of His presence.” ~C.S. Lewis I’ve run away from home.  My vacation had  officially started last Wednesday, yet weirdly enough my … Continue reading

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A Simple Sunset

I had a ridiculous day at work today, one so filled with bureaucratic double speak and nonsense, that I began to wonder if it was me that was the moron for merely getting out of bed.  A likely possibility. After … Continue reading

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Justice Denied

I’m often asked how Donald Trump got elected.  Kate Steinle’s tragic and entirely preventable death at the hands of illegal immigrant Garcia Zarate is one very big reason. Thursday’s atrocious jury decision to acquit Zarate of homicide and charge him … Continue reading

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