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A Couple of Recommendations….

I follow many, many outstanding blogs on WordPress and am always truly humbled by the incredible pool of talent I witness whenever I dive in to the day’s Reader offerings. I would feel perfectly comfortable recommending any one of them, … Continue reading

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To Take a Life-Part 2

For part 1 of this post please go here. I watched as she stabbed a piece of potato with a fork and gently placed it to his lips. “Ready for one more bite?” my mom asks, before sliding the potato … Continue reading

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To Take a Life-Part 1

I recently had to do something I hope never to repeat, but I know I will. I put my cat down. A big, fat punch to the gut pretty much sums up the entire experience. Kitty came in to my … Continue reading

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The Freedom to be Wrong

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing and that is that I know nothing”-Socrates Have you ever been in a discussion with someone where they always have something to prove? Where no matter what you say or … Continue reading

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