A Shifting Tide on Covid Vaccines?

I’ve always loved the cartoon strip Dilbert, which follows the life of a cynical office worker dealing with the absurdities of corporate America. Other characters include Dilbert’s clueless, pointy haired boss, his equally cynical colleagues and of course Dogbert, a megalomaniac dog who dreams of conquering the world. I find it eerily similar to real life in the workforce and just hilarious!

What isn’t so funny is Dilbert strip creator, Scott Adams’s, rabidly obnoxious pro Covid 19 vaccination stance and his demonization of “anti vaxxers” as stupid, immoral people. It’s always baffled the heck out of me how someone so creative and seemingly aware of the dark side of human nature could be so off the mark, but that’s been par for the course lately.

Anyway, it appears Mr. Adams has had a change of heart (or more likely is worried about his heart), as the video below makes clear.

The anti vaxxers appear to be right. Now you’ve got natural immunity and you’ve got no vaccination in you. Can we all agree that was the winning path? The thing they’re not worried about is what I have to worry about, which is I wonder if that vaccine 5 years from now….

This is not an “I told you so” post. Rather I wanted to commend Scott Adams for his public about face, I give him a lot of props for that. I also think it’s important that people see these testimonies as surely the mainstream media will not publicize them.

Not yet anyway, but soon they will have no choice. The safe and effective narrative on Covid 19 vaccines is crumbling and many people are expressing regret. Those of you feeling the same way should know you are not alone.

For the record, I don’t feel like I’ve “won” anything either. To the contrary, this unprecedented scientific experiment on 3/4 of the worlds population, the bullying, the shaming, the mandates and atrocious gaslighting around the injuries it has caused; all of this has brought great societal harm. There are no winners here, but rectification will come at some point. The more people like Scott who come forth publicly with their regrets, the quicker it will happen.

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36 Responses to A Shifting Tide on Covid Vaccines?

  1. Stupidity must always be rebuked especially when it is genocidal. For example:

    Mr. Adams, your craven stupidity helped murder millions of people.

    Where it is legal to do so, Covidians like Mr. Adams need to be prosecuted and then thrown into a deep dark hole to live out the rest of their miserable, stupid, murderous lives.

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    • Tricia says:

      Ha, stupidity should be called out and rebuked! But I also believe in grace for those that admit wrong doing, but didn’t play a hand in actually causing it. Punishment for those that did is certainly justified.

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  2. socrates1234 says:

    “Stupidity is not the lack of knowledge, but the illusion you have it.” Grigore

    Headline that absolutely incensed me this morning stated: “They knew: Why didn’t the unvaccinated (proper term is pure blood) do more to warn us (Poisoned leper).

    So the Big Pharma CEO’s (same tribe who runs the propaganda media) are not at fault? If you don’t understand by now they are all LIARS it is time to smell the roses.

    Nobody screamed as much as me to not inject this poison. That is a FACT. While I saved some people, the fear and cognitive dissonance stopped many from listening.

    But I know why they use that headline to distract from who is at fault. Your unconscious KKK slavery lefties are only able to regurgitate what they read so they will actually believe that headline.

    Open minded liberals like myself know the inversion implicitly. I am no soothsayer to say I knew this is exactly how it would turn out from the beginning, I just have critical thinking skills to recognize simple FACTS like the poison ingredients in the clot shot.

    I am here to tell you I told you so. Scott Adam’s pride and arrogance got what he deserved.


  3. My husband (who is 76) and I (who am 68) refused to take the Fauci Ouchie, despite intense pressure to do so. (“You’re old! You’re vulnerable! You’re going to die!”) Now that most of our friends and relatives who took the jab (which, let’s be honest, is most of our friends and relatives) ended up getting covid anyway, their exhortations that we should get vaxxed have been a little more muted. But even though they now have incontrovertible proof that the jab does not prevent infection, many of them are having a very hard time admitting that they were bamboozled. That’s why I admire someone like Scott Adams who is willing to admit his error.

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    • Tricia says:

      So agree with you BB and I’m so glad you and your husband held strong! The pressure was just immense, was it it?I’ve never been more afraid for my country than I was during that dark period of vaccine shaming.

      Luckily my immediate family did not shame or ban my husband and me from gatherings, but they did buy the whole vaccine narrative, hook, line and sinker which appalled and amazed me. We were all mostly on the same page that the government had wildly overreacted to the covid threat and was enacting harmful polices, yet when the vaccines rolled out, they could not wait to roll up their sleeves. These are smart people with science and engineering degrees! I couldn’t believe it. They wouldn’t listen to a thing I said, nor comment on anything I sent them that went against the narrative. They’ve now all had covid at least once, yet I’m still waiting for some sort of acknowledgment that I was right. I think I’ll be waiting a long time. Lol.

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  6. Sue Cass says:

    I have a younger sister that is absolutely brainwashed with the vax crap. She still wears a mask everywhere she goes and will run to get the next shot the minute they announce it’s available. Absolutely nothing I say changes her mind. It’s sad that supposedly intelligent people have fallen head long and knee deep into the gov’s agenda, to kill off as many as they can. Kudo’s to Mr. Adams for admitting he’s wrong.

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    • Tricia says:

      Sorry about your sister Sue. It is just bizarre how so many people fell under a spell. Fear will do that and unfortunately our wonderful govt and public health officials were pumping that narrative 24/7. Your sister and many others have been psychologically abused. We all have really.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      The problem with good students is that they want to believe those in authority. That only works well when those in authority can be trusted and teach their students critical thinking skills.

      Trusting those in authority has become foolhardy. Once I suppose those in authority could be trusted, but that is not true anymore. Hence, many of our best educated people have been unwitting dupes for the propaganda coming out our government and our news media.

      Given how outrageous some of the lies have become (a man can have a baby), it is actually frightening to see how gullible some supposedly intelligent and well-educated people can be. If the worse someone believes is that the COVID vaccine actually works as advertised, we should be thankful, I suppose.

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  7. Crandew says:

    Great post! Not sure if the tide is shifting, but I’m glad he finally came to his senses. Like you said, there are no winners here. I never took the bait (or the poison) but everyone I know did.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Crandew and same here, almost everyone I knew took it! A few have suffered some pretty serious side effects but they still won’t connect the dots.

      I see the tide shifting in that it’s actually ok to talk about vaccine side effects now and people are seeing every day how much of a failure these vaccines have been. It’s not happening quick enough and nobody of course has been held accountable, but it is happening.

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  8. artaxes says:

    I commend him for publicly admitting that he was wrong but, at least in the video, he didn’t ask for forgiveness and he didn’t apologize to the people he demonized.
    However, I don’t know the man. I saw him the first time. So, I don’t know how bad his demonization was.

    Basically, there are three categories of people:
    1. Those who were misled and deceived and who complete bought the narrative.
    2. Those who were misled but who additionally treated the critics and vax-hesitants like subhumans and who enjoyed taking part in making their lives miserable.
    3. Those who knowingly misled people or who simply didn’t care what damage, death, pain and societal division they’ve unleashed.

    Group one doesn’t owe me any apology and they hopefully will learn from the fact that they have been deceived.
    Group 2 and 3 however, are different. I cannot forgive them unless they sincirely repent and ask for forgiveness. Still, all their deeds need to be exposed for all the world to see and those who committed crimes need to be punished.

    I share your view that there are no winners here. As for the “I told you so”, I’d rather be wrong and make a fool of myself than be right. That’s because some of the people I love dearest have taken the vax and the last thing I want is to see them suffer from the vax or have irreversible long term damage just for the sake of showing that I was right.

    One of those people is my brother who has suffered already from severe irreversible damage which may have been caused by the “vax”. 4 to 5 months after the injection he was hospitalized with meningitis, compounded by an autoimmune reaction which was most likely started by the Epstein-Barr virus found in his body and which attacked his nervous system. Even though his initial total paralysis is gone and he can walk and use his hands again, the damage to his nervous system is permanent and irreverisble. He will live with that and the heavy medication the rest of his life.
    All of this may or may not have ben caused by the “vax”. I don’t know and I never will.
    Meningitis is one of the adverse effects mentioned in the documents Pfizer was forced to release by a court and the mechanics of how the “vax” can cause the disease sounds very plausible to me.

    The Epstein-Barr virus is known to be one cause of meningitis and all kinds of autoimmune diseases. Like many other Herpes viruses it is kept in check by a healthy immune system and it “hides” in the body. When the immune system is weak it can be reactivated and do its damage.
    Because the mRNA “vax” needs to smuggle a foreign substance into your cells the immune system has to be shut down/weakened to a certain extent and for a certain amount of time to prevent it from destroying the foreign substance. That’s when the virus is probably activated.

    I’ve told my brother about the Pfizer documents but he still believes that his condition was not caused by the vax. Whatever he says, he tried to convince me on multiple occasions to take the jab but that was prior to his illness. Since then he has never done so again.

    I don’t feel any sense of victory or triumph and if this was victory I’d rather gladly lose.

    I feel sadness because all the misery and destruction whe have experienced these last two years was so unnecessary and so needless.
    I feel anger at the people who knowingly and deliberately unleashed the misery and destruction upon the world.

    I hope that you are right and that this is the beginning of the end of the horror show we have lived through these last years.

    Anyways, whatever happens, it will not bring my spirit down.

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  9. ColorStorm says:

    Thank you.

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  10. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I am a fan of Scott Adams too, but here he illustrates the fact that no one is perfect, except for me. 😉

    Adam’s change of position is not apology. What he says is kind of funny, and all too human. Adams won’t admit he made a serious mistake, but he probably doesn’t understand his mistake.

    Adams admits his decision did not work out, but it is obvious that he still thinks he used a better decision-making process.

    Was taking the vaccine a bad decision? That is where Adams puts his focus. Wrong place. I got the vaccine. Since I live with someone in frail health, it seemed like the best decision at the time.

    What I did not do is promote the vaccine for young people. In particular, I did not insist upon a vaccine mandate, and that was the real problem. We allowed power-hungry government leaders to force/pressure our fellow citizens to take an experimental vaccine. That is why Adams decision-making process was seriously flawed, and still is.

    How did Adams make such a mistake? Well, consider this quote.

    “It definitely discriminates against the freedom of those don’t want to get vaccinated, but isn’t that true of a driving license? Isn’t that true of getting a loan? People who don’t have tax returns don’t get one. Isn’t that true of travel? Can’t travel without a passport,” Adams said. “It discriminates against your freedom, but that’s not a reason [not to have it]. We do that all the time. All of civilization is built on restricting your freedom, that’s what it is. You don’t build a civilization to give people freedom… but it is designed to be a wise restriction. This is just another one of them.” (from https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/03/30/scott_adams_on_naomi_wolfs_slippery_slope_argument_about_vaccine_passport_they_could_misuse_any_system.html)

    How civilized is a civilization that doesn’t protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? A civilization that doesn’t protect our God-given rights is actually quite savage. So, we should desire laws (or restrictions) that protect our God-given rights. In fact, the whole point good laws (or wise restrictions) is that they allow us to build a civilization that gives we the people more freedom. Does anyone want to live in a totalitarian state? Of course not! But Adams puts has forgotten that the purpose of the law is to protect our freedoms, not to eliminate them.

    We don’t exist for civilization. Civilization exists for us. If a law doesn’t enhance our freedoms, we need to rethink it. Consider why we require driver’s licenses. How safe would it be to drive if we allowed five-year olds, blind people, and drunkards to drive? So, to give ourselves more freedom to travel safely, we limit who can drive.

    Initially, the problem with the vaccine is that taking the vaccine involved making a difficult tradeoff. We had to weigh the risk of taking an experimental vaccine versus the protection it provides. Since we knew COVID was dangerous only to a relative few, a vaccine mandate NEVER made sense. That vaccine was experimental, and it is still experimental.

    Now we know our government has covering up the risks of the vaccine itself and that it doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus. So, it is ridiculous to allow our officials to mandate the vaccine. We also have one more reason not to trust Democrats.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Tom for the Re blog. I respect Scott Adams for publicly admitting his error, but I agree he did not apologize and his reasoning is still backwards, as he believes those of us that chose to abstain from the vaccine got “lucky” somehow, which is absurd. So he’s still a bit of an oaf all around.

      It’s his thoughts on freedom that you quote that really get to the heart of things. So many people unfortunately think the same way he does which is why the country willingly went in to a self inflicted tailspin during Covid.

      I just love what you say here, “How civilized is a civilization that doesn’t protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?” Right!

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    • artaxes says:

      “Adams admits his decision did not work out, but it is obvious that he still thinks he used a better decision-making process.”
      Seems irrational to me. If I was him I wouldn’t use the same process that gave me bad results again. At a minimum I would try to improve it.

      His arguments that transparency, competition etc. will prevent restrictions of freedom from getting out of hand relies entirely on the existence of transparency, competition etc. I don’t see that these assumptions reflect reality.

      Many advanced civilizations (Egypt, Persia, China etc.) which didn’t value freedom that much did exist.
      However, Western civilizattion prides itself in its liberal values. Liberal here means literally liberal.
      I’m astonsihed that he, as an American, has so little regard for such values, given that the USA proclaims the guarantee of liberty by its goverment as the very reason of its existence.

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      • Citizen Tom says:

        I can’t speak directly to Scott Adams. I don’t know his views on Christianity. However, America’s traditional values depend upon America’s Christian heritage, and most Americans don’t know much about Christianity anymore.

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  11. Thanks for the update. And, yes, an apology would help. I am sorry goes a long way in life. While we are at it (I know this is wishful thinking), how about POTUS apologizing for telling us if we got the vaccine, we would not get COVID.


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  12. The Night Wind says:

    While a lot of people are (too late) waking up to the Loyalty Vaxx, I don’t believe this is anywhere near over. The Junta and many State Governors are doubling down on not reinstating people who lost their positions and all of the machinery for doing it all over again is still very much in place. It’s part of the ‘Strategy of Tension’ that Regimes will often relax heavy-handed measures after a fake ’emergency’ and tout ‘returning to normal’ (though ‘normal’ defined by them is where we were at a previous ‘crisis’).


    Another problem is that the nitwits in this country fall for these scams every single time. Worse still, they turn into raging fanatics practically on command. I have serious doubts that when the next ‘crisis’ appears, you’ll see any of these Mask/Vaxx warriors behaving any differently.

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    • Tricia says:

      Completely agree with you. All the bones that allowed Covid hysteria/overeaction to happen are all still there. Heck they were there long before Covid happened and. I have no doubt something similar will happen again, probably having to do with climate and/or a war on “misinformation”


  13. Very diplomatic of you to stand where “there are no winners,” T. The gov’t control in schools and the workplace in some states has been scary. CA pivoted in the last decade and got Nazi about school vaccines, requiring proof of a severe reaction or injury before allowing for exemptions as though that makes any sense. Hope you are well. ❤️

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