The Spirit of Light

Jesus Hate

This meme came from a Facebook post of an atheist friend of mine.

Apologies for the swearword, but it emphasizes so well the ugliness of a heart so compelled to post something like this that I left it in. The words used to accompany the meme made it all the more striking, as you could sense the neediness behind them, a desperate plea for relevance.

As stated:

“Please stop fooling yourselves, and honestly consider a more reasonable truth. Demand evidence over fairy tales, because the magic of today is the science of tomorrow.  If the answer is unknown, I beg you to not do yourself a disservice and attribute it to some unsubstantiated spiritual dictator.

 For most of you, I will be preaching to the choir, but If this message happens to offend you? Now we are getting somewhere. THINK.”

Well gosh, this just causes me to completely rethink my spiritual beliefs.  How silly I’ve been to have fallen for this whole God thing in the first place. Insert giant eye roll here.

Later that morning I was sitting in church letting the words of the song “Break Every Chain” wash over me. I was in awe over its powerful message and by the beautiful voices of the band singing it.

“There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain, break every chain, break every chain
To break every chain, break every chain, break every chain”

Love was everywhere; in the cheerful nature of those around me, in the husband and wife announcing their new ministry of helping those with mental illness born out of their own daughter’s struggles, in the preacher reminding us of God’s promises of comfort and healing during tough times, in the ½ dozen booths set up to recruit volunteers for various missions involving helping the homeless, the vets, the hungry, the sick and poor.

A spirit of hope, goodness and light just permeated the atmosphere and the overwhelming presence of God was unavoidable, something a former pastor of mine liked to call Heaven on Earth.

The dichotomy between that experience and my atheist friend’s rant was striking.  One was uplifting and empowering, motivating me to spread joy and love.  The other just sad and empty, inspiring nothing more than pity for someone, whose pride in his own intellect has limited him in ways he can never imagine.

I thought about this some more as I was walking home later.  The sun was bright and warm, the birds were chirping and an abundance of blooming flowers who had apparently forgotten that it’s December and not May lined my path.  God’s glory was on full display, yet another reminder of the beauty his presence brings forth.

None of us knows for sure the absolute truth about God, but I’ll take the light of this  “unsubstantiated spiritual dictator” any day over the darkness of nothingness.

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30 Responses to The Spirit of Light

  1. Running the Race says:

    Do the people who post this kind of thing realize that the vast vast majority of people who see them feel only pity and shame?

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  2. Sue Cass says:

    In reading this I sense a real sadness for this person that wrote that. It’s like reading about a cold deep empty well. It could be full of spring water but the rocks and walls have caved in filling it with nothing more than muck and mire.

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    So sad Tricia. I pray you are able to be a light in your friend’s life

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  4. Citizen Tom says:


    That’s the appropriate reaction, pity for the Atheist and joy in Christ.

    I always capitalize “Atheist”. Disbelief in God is a religious belief system that requires far more faith. If not God, what is there to believe in?

    Will we believe in stuff? Money? The things of this world? Even the finest gold eventually slips our grasp.

    Will we believe in sex, the pleasures of this life? These too are meaningless. What pleasure offers more than a momentary escape.

    Will we believe in the state, the government of a great man? How long will it take for us to realize the emptiness of the promises of such men? The great man can organize. We can all march in lockstep at his command. As Alexander the Great did, the great man can conquer the world. Then, like Alexander, he can die a drunk. Nothing gained, just a dozen cities burned in his wake.

    Will we believe in our self? What can a mere man do to make his existence matter? Accept reality? Point at all that is and say it just happened? That is realism? Or is it just the absurd arrogance of someone too fearful of God to admit He exists? That we need Him?

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    • Tricia says:

      Good points Tom. At the end of the day it all comes down to what we put our faith in. I guess I don’t capitalize atheism for the same reason you do. I do believe it’s a religion but I don’t think it worthy of the caps. I should rethink that though.

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  5. Atheism has become integrally incorporated into the broader ideology of 21st-century Progressivism. It is an anti-tradition movement that is now so aggressive that it is really a full-fledged secular religion. They attack anyone who disagrees with them. Members of this secular religion are the new lynch mobs. They don’t believe in “live and let live”. They expect us to leave them alone, but they go out of their way to disrupt our lives.

    – Jeff

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  6. ColorStorm says:

    I’ve always said trish that atheism would go out of business if it were not for Christianity to give it wheels.

    What better excuse to provide for ‘the great nothingness’ than to form confederacies against the one thing that proves atheism irrelevant.

    Scripture IS true, and the science of Genesis being equally true, is loathsome to my term term for that religion aka atheism: Mulery, with apologies of course to good donkeys everywhere.


  7. Rolling my eyes and trying hard to contain my Irish ire

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  8. xPraetorius says:

    I love this, Tricia!


    — x

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  9. Tricia, it is shocking. Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father and the Master Jesus the Messiah. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of eternal life to which you were called and about which you have made a good confession in the presence of many witnesses. Amen

    I am very active on Twitter and attacked daily by the Twitter atheist trolls. This meme is mild compared to what I see. They are a part of what is called new atheists. They are a sad group for sure.

    Here’s how to tell that the new New Atheism is fallacious:

    1 You can think and reason.

    2 Christmas still feels better than April 1 (National Atheist Day).

    3 Visiting your favorite atheist blog is more depressing than anything except your life as an atheist.

    4 You watch the Christians dismantle atheism, playing an altogether different sport.

    5 You read your favorite atheist site and it doesn’t read like they are defending atheism. Its reaction to Christian truth looks as if they are dizzier than a monkey on a merry-go-round.

    6 You’re quite certain your Christian teens could beat atheist professors in a debate.

    7 Your atheistic rant sounds like somebody stepping on a zombie. I mean, it almost sounds like somebody stepping on a rat, but you also must plug your nose and run.

    8 You no longer have the heart to tattoo your entire body in anti-Christian displays; you’re simply buying atheist stickers and sticking them on your moped as you go weeping softly into the night.

    9 Thank goodness at least false religionists will still debate.

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  10. Chris Warren says:

    If this is the way your atheist friends feel, then I’d say you need some new friends! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  11. All you can do is sow seeds… it’s funny how we as human create things for a purpose, but can believe humans are accidents. yet in his image the creator we are able to create with purpose. It is that simple, yet we complicate life with creating mystic mysterious… it is only due to being a rebellious child, saying the Father is not the Father. The creator is not my creator. May the peace of God be upon you and he bless your efforts.

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  12. As an atheist myself, such bitterness and militant attitude gives atheists a bad name… Many are willing to embrace and accept people of faith, such has I am and do have many conservative allies of faith 🙂

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