Baby It’s Nuts Out There!

My oh my does Western society spend an awful lot of time being upset about things.  Something happening somewhere at sometime, is always offending someone who will then bellyache about it with lighting speed via social media, in turn recruiting a whole bunch more people to moan about it to the rest of us. Our culture it seems is stuck on permanent outrage.

Citizen Tom discusses this in his brilliant post, How Do We Recognize a Bad Idea?, which points out how fighting over such nonsense can be traced directly back to that head honcho of deadly sins, pride.  He links to several other blogs too which touch on the same theme and are very much worth reading.

It seems there’s a lot of offending going on.  Just this past week I’ve learned that the Charlie Brown Christmas special is racist, that the old holiday favorite Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is steeped in misogyny and racial insensitivity and that telling a joke about lingerie on an elevator can derail your career.  And that’s just one week’s worth of grievances!

The nonsense here is almost too much to bear, but now I hear one of my favorite Christmas songs, Baby It’s Cold Outside, has been banned by some radio stations after listeners complained that the lyrics are too date rapey.

I suppose in the era of #MeToo this was inevitable, but pulling it off the air?  Sheesh people get a life.  It’s just a friggin’ song about a playful back and forth that men and women have been doing since Adam first invited Eve over for drinks.  Demanding that it be taken off  the radio is just the type of thing that’s turning #MeToo in to a parody of itself, more like #JumpShark at this point.

I guess I should be happy about all this kerfuffling over dumb things as it must mean life is pretty good otherwise for those doing the complaining.  You know, first world problems and all.  I guess you could also say that I’m contributing to it by being outraged over all this outrage.  Oh well, my blog, my rules.

In closing I’ll leave you with the original Baby It’s Cold outside by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer.

Trigger Warning: Listening to this song may cause extreme dismay and grumpiness when reflecting on how upside down our world has become in the 70+ years since it was released.

Michael Buble and Idina Menzel also have a great video of it done here with children no less in the starring roles!

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48 Responses to Baby It’s Nuts Out There!

  1. Sue Cass says:

    You nailed it! No matter what, how, or where, something is said or done there will be some knot head that finds offense to it. They have nothing better to do than sit around and hunt for something to be “offended” about. It’s a spiritual war but God wins/has already won.

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  2. I was going to add that to my Rudolph post, Tricia, when I heard about the song ban but I thought my brain would already explode over Rudolph and Charlie Brown…let’s do something that might get us banned from the world for life…lets binge watch Rudolph and Charlie Brown while listening to Baby It’s Cold Outside!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

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  3. There really are some people who just aren’t happy unless they’re bitching about something. They are addicted to outrage.

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    • Tricia says:

      They are indeed Bob!

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    • I think it is related to genes. Each child seems to be born with different traits.

      We used the nickname for my youngest daughter, bitch bitch moan moan.

      One of her kids seems to have inherited her genes.

      The difference though is we laughed in front of them when they exhibited their gene traits to signal to hem that no one was paying attention to their childish rants.

      Maybe we need to just laugh at these clown writers desperate like little children for attention?

      These clowns are lucky to live in our contemporary times. Clown “fools” in ancient times that aggravated a King viewing of heir antics used to have them killed if it offended him wound up beign a “dead act” when their heads were ordered to be cut off.

      Regards and good will blogging.


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  4. Ralph says:

    I agree with you throughout Tricia. Banning a 70 year old song is just crazy. I suppose I have joined the social media circus about things like this in my latest post, but in a comical way. 🙂 ❤

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  5. ColorStorm says:

    Just once trish I would love to see national outrage where people say ‘enough already! Shut up. The world does not need to cater to your mind numbing stupidity.’

    Next thing you know, Anderson Cooper will be crying because Alice Cooper shares the same name. ‘Gotta change his name. Can’t have that.’

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  6. I get irritated by the perpetual “I’m offended!” laments … but I think we need to recognize that when things are out of balance for a long time, an over-correction is inevitable. Western culture has given men an awful lot of slack for a LONG time … It’s not so long ago that women were denied basic rights like, oh, the right to say “not tonight, dear” or to vote or to control their own money or … you get it. And in many countries they STILL don’t have those rights. So, yeah, it gets tedious listening to people equate flirting with rape … but if that’s what it takes to make men AWARE that rape is actually not cool, not sexy, isn’t it worth it? If that’s what it takes to make GIRLS aware that being “mastered” by a “powerful man” is actually kind of icky, and it’s okay for them to say no, isn’t it worth it? And the same applies to all the other groups. We have all the statistics we need to know that racism is real and pervasive and no it didn’t suddenly end the day we elected Barack Obama, and until that changes, isn’t it maybe appropriate to keep sounding the racist alarm?

    I think, instead of bitching about the over-correction, we should work on ensuring that it doesn’t over-correct in the opposite direction at the next swing of the pendulum. We CAN love one another, guys … but it takes work, and tolerance, and accepting that sometimes there’s a valid reason lurking in the shadow of a stupid whine.

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    • Tricia says:

      Hey BT, nice to hear from you. I think complaining about nonsense things like lingerie jokes makes things worse for women, as it completely belittles the serious nature of sexual harassment/assault and turns people off fighting for equality. If everything is considered harassment than nothing is, ya know? Plus, did you read the story about it that I linked to?The amount of time and effort put forth in trying to bring this man down a notch and pressure him to apologize for something he didn’t do is stunning and really speaks to a serious societal ill that I think we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface on.

      So no, I don’t think it’s worth it at all to tolerate false accusations from perpetually aggrieved whiners. It sets the cause of true empowerment for women back, destroys communication/relationships between men and women and harms reputations of good men who get unfairly targeted by a movement that seems hell bent on promoting women by putting men down. Such accusations should be pointed out and relentlessly mocked in my book,


      • I missed the link to the elevator story on first reading. Have now read it. Still looking for a hard enough surface to bang my head against. I still think there’s a more productive way to respond to people like that than othering entire groups, but I need to ponder this, maybe respond in a post of my own. Right now it’s Sunday evening and I’m brain dead.

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  7. Citizen Tom says:

    Lots of people get nervous in elevators. To relieve the tension, we laugh at ourselves, and the idea that a whole floor would be devoted to “ladies lingerie” is funny. However, the human race, not women, is the butt of the joke. If men did not like it, women would not go to the trouble of visiting and spending money in the “ladies lingerie” department.

    So what is the real issue? Why don’t some people get the joke? What is wrong with them? Why would anyone get mad at that silly joke?

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    • ColorStorm says:


      I read that whole account of the elevator ‘infraction,’ the so called offended lady, the ensuing bonfire that SHE created because she is a melted snowflake, and the work it took to clear the fellows name and outstanding reputation.

      My kind of guy. Elevators can be usually dry and a place where hunans are afraid to talk to each other. Seems he livened up the place and had a great response, except for one.

      Good for him. Geez, imagine if another guy would have said ‘my brothers in jail and needs a cell phone, 3rd floor electronics,’ the lady would have had a heart attack.

      Unreal though how people are offended. She deserved all the crap and bad PR.

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      • Tricia says:

        Oh she so deserved the blowback CS as well as the spineless professional association that chose to censure him. The whole episode is surreal, hard to believe really.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Let’s then put the blame on her parents who groomed her to think that the world revolved around her………… lol

          My precious snowflake does not deserve to ever be offended. Geez lady, get a grip, and while you are at it, get a life, and worry about things that matter.

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    • Tricia says:

      It’s so dumb Tom, I know. In a weird way getting all offended like that gives an empty person purpose. Like Sue said below it’s a spiritual battle more than anything else.

      And you’re right about lingerie departments, we go there because men like it!

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  8. Ha! “Baby it’s cold outside” is one of my favorites, too. Here I was innocently enjoying some lighthearted fun and come to find out I’m actually being all date rapey. Sheesh.

    Something that bothers me about all this offense, it’s the slaying of innocence, the shaming of lightheartedness,and a complete absence of grace,almost a mandate to see only the bad in things.

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  9. Al says:

    One of your best, Tricia, and dead on. “When Adam first invited Eve over for drinks.” Hilarious! I guess if Adam hadn’t been such a horndog, we wouldn’t be here would we?

    More to your point, this snowflake culture just plain boggles the mind. As soon you think you’ve heard the worst “offense” in their eyes, they come up with another doozy. The only good thing I can think of is that I get a lot of good excercise shaking my head.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Al. I like your positive spin about getting good excersize with the head shaking, I’m getting a lot of it too! I would think being so offended all the time would just be exhausting, I don’t know how or why people continue on with it.


  10. Al says:

    Hi again, Tricia. Thought you might enjoy this one too. Apparently, if your initials ae J-A-P, and you show them in public, you are offensive. What do you say when you are asked to initial a document…”Sorry, I can’t tell you.” Aha! I see your head shaking too!

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  11. Dennis says:

    Great post as usual Tricia.
    If you want to break the tension in a crowded elevator do like I do. Turn to your friend or the stranger next to you and ask,” Isn’t this the elevator that fell last night? ” Loosens everyone right up!!
    This may make me sound like an old curmudgeon but it seems to me there is more of this outrage or being offended since the internet and cell phones have become so prolific. Think about it, in just a few seconds you can let your friends and the whole internet know just what has hacked you off. What a feeling of power! I bet there are snowflakes that are offended twenty times a day. It’s so easy to put the word out that I do not take any of it seriously any more. it’s just crying wolf or the sky is falling nonsense,
    Suck it up butter cup or like I used to tell my guys working for me in the Navy, “go see the Chaplin and let him punch your ‘tough s**t card’ and get back to work”. You would be amazed at how much stress is relieved by this attitude. Oh and get off the phone and pay attention to your surroundings.
    I like the song and sang it often when I was in the frozen north.

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    • Tricia says:

      I love the elevator joke Dennis, I’m gonna have to try it next time I visit my mom who lives on the 21st floor! It’s definitely true that phones and the internet have turned being offended about something in to a cottage industry. It gives people power in a way and makes them feel purposeful I guess. It’s just annoying as all hell for the rest of us to have to endure it.

      Suck it up buttercup is one of my favorite sayings. I like your chaplain one too! Cheers to you Dennis, hope you and Martha are well.


  12. Anonymous says:

    The rap song Rape Rape is OK however. How did Charlies Browns Christmas suddenly become Racist? Things don’t suddenly become Racist, it has to be planted into people minds that it is which obviously it is absurd. To actually believe absolute morally degenerate LGBT or Feminists are good and a loving Nuclear family is bad requires a ton of brainwashing. Everything is inverted and it is extremely obvious. FACTS matter and anyone on the left is FACTUALLY racist just as the person who called Charlie Brown’s Christmas racist IS a racist. It is called projection of calling your opponent what you actually are. This is the inverted Orwellian World from the book 1984.


  13. Canuck Carl says:

    This is actually the 1st time I have actually listened to this song. Found it fun and catchy. I am 60, so am not far off from when the song was originally released. Wasn’t banned or censored or anything like that from listening to it as a kid. I am imagining our family was just too busy on the farm making ends meet to be listening to music. We had a gramophone, but I don’t remember it ever being played.
    Perhaps people nowadays have just much time on their hands and get in a tittle over the most trivial things.
    A great post as always Tricia! 🙂

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  14. Oh, Buble….I believe he is touring again. We have become the FrAcTuRed States of America, arguing over everything – certainly a bad idea! Hope it’s a wonderful season in your corner, T.

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  15. Amen! The song is not about sexual assault or coercion! No more so than all the vulgar vile pop and rap lyrics out there they don’t even bat an eye at!

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