A Few Quick Things….

Hello WordPress World, so sorry I’ve been gone so long. My poor time management skills combined with a wicked ability to procrastinate has unfortunately left me little availability for writing, or even just reading posts from my fellow bloggers who I’ve missed dearly.  To be honest, even just thinking straight at times has been a challenge.

A recent seven hour car ride  though turned out to be just the thing to clear my head a bit and allow some semi cohesive thoughts to form.  I’ll leave it to you whether or not they make sense.

  • Coffee makes any road trip much better.
  • Fake news is here to stay and collective outrage over this or that issue will continue to grow bigger and nastier, as we fight over things that never actually happened.  Since the media has dropped any sense of objectivity (and self respect), they now freely indulge in outright lying as long as the story fits a narrative they know their audience wants desperately to believe.  Thus Buzzfeed’s  false tale about Trump directing Cohen to lie to Congress.  And those MAGA hat wearing Christian boys harassing a Native American? Turns out it was the other way around!
  • Low caffeine makes me really itchy.  Whoops, better add a letter b to that.
  • Gillette execs virtue signaling their wokeness with its”toxic masculinity” ad was the most poorly thought out campaign since the New Coke fiasco of 1985.  Why they felt it was more important to cater to people that don’t use their products by insulting those that do is beyond baffling.  The best result was this rebuttal ad  from the Edgar Watch company.
  • People who clean their car wind shields knowing full well  the wiper fluid will get blasted on the one behind them are just mean.  Or careless, or clueless, or take your pick.  Not that I’m holding a grudge or anything…..
  • Social media is turning us in to dumb, petty animals.   Politicians and the media play a big role in this of course, but it’s up to us to demonstrate that God didn’t make a mistake putting us at the top of the food chain.  He gave us wisdom, compassion and logic for a reason, let’s use them all abundantly.
  • We really do need to be on guard against being manipulated by those who think nothing of pitting us against one another.   The best way to combat this is to stop thinking the worst of other people. Give them space to be human instead of putting them in pre-labeled boxes based on who they voted for or what their race/sex/religion is.  Give yourself permission to be wrong about things too.
  • If you you play island music while driving through farm country in California’s central coast while wishing real hard you were in Hawaii, it’s just like you were there.  Especially so if you’re also drinking good coffee and eating macadamia nuts.  Yup, just like Hawaii!

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22 Responses to A Few Quick Things….

  1. You are missed! Be well. Have some coffee for me. 🙂

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Drink extra for me too Tricia

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  3. Great post! I noticed only one small typo. You said these are semi coherent thoughts? I believe you meant to say super coherent.

    This thought is my favorite:
    “We really do need to be on guard against being manipulated by those who think nothing of pitting us against one another. The best way to combat this is to stop thinking the worst of other people. Give them space to be human instead of putting them in pre-labeled boxes based on who they voted for or what their race/sex/religion is. Give yourself permission to be wrong about things too.”

    My least favorite is the one about cleaning my windshield with the washer fluid. Because… Oops…. Sorry!

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  4. Welcome back. You have been missed for sure. Blessings.

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  5. Al says:

    Road trip! Yeah! Missed ya gal.

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  6. SOAR says:

    Random thoughts (minus the coffee because caffeine makes me ill) …

    Fake news is not new. John Adams, decrying the virtue of a free press, wrote this:

    “There has been more new error propagated by the press in the last ten years than in a hundred years before 1798.”

    What is propagated error?


    “Social media is turning us in to dumb, petty animals.”

    Fact check: People are dumb, petty animals. That;s why they are so easily manipulated by propaganda.

    “We really do need to be on guard against being manipulated.” 

    Movies, television, magazines, newspapers, social media, music and entertainment … it’s all propaganda. It is so pervasive and overt that it is actually more effective than the notorious subliminal advertising of the 1950’s.

    Historically, the greater population has been enslaved by dictators and tyrants because people are so easily manipulated. The Bible properly depicts humans as sheep because we are so dumb and stupid.

    It is the inherent nature of man — as with most animal species — to be led by the dominant member of the society.

    So we are told what to think and what to believe — imagine political correctness. In the case of war, truth is always defined by the victor.

    Perhaps the most entrenched institution of propaganda is public education. Lenin said:

    “Give me four years to educate the children and the seed I’ve sown will never be uprooted.”

    Make no mistake — the younger generation is the target of public education. The Communists, Fascists and Progressives recognized this in the 1920’s.

    Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini understood the power of a lie — if told often enough it becomes the truth.

    The left believes the Buzzfeed story that President Trump suborned perjury. They believe that Trump colluded with the Russians even though the man who wrote the accusing document, paid for by Hillary Clinton, has admitted that the allegations were blatantly false.

    Facts be damned. The FBI based their investigation of collusion on the phony dossier. In the wake of an unwarranted investigation, people’s careers have been ruined.

    With the exception of talk radio, the left controls all avenues of information, communication, education and entertainment. However, within every herd there are independent thinkers who dare to say, “The emperor has no clothes.”

    Frankly, I’m surprised that even half the population has the moxie to stand up and declare:

    “I will not be told what to think. I will not be told how to live my life.”

    That is the character of the people who founded this country and made it great — and of the people who voted for Trump, and applaud his efforts to make America great … again.

    The Democrat Party, as evidenced by President Obama’s World Apology Tour, never believed in America’s greatness.

    Short of civil war, I see no end to the stalemate.

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  7. Sorry for being late to the party…but it sure is good to see you my friend 🙂
    Happy trails

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  8. Citizen Tom says:

    Hope things are going better.

    Given the cold weather, Hawaii sounds good. With snow on the ground I would have to close my eyes to pretend. Cannot drive that way, but I could do with hot tea and macadamia nuts. Coffee doesn’t agree with my tummy.

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    • Tricia says:

      I know your area is getting some pretty atrocious weather CT and I’m sure some hot tea and academia nuts would be just the ticket if a literal one to Hawaii could not be had.

      Things are fine out here, just pressed for time a lot which I’m hoping to resolve soon.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    It is more important to unlearn than to learn in today’s world. It is also important to never believe anything you read or see on TV. Because we are truly living in the Brave New World! Remember, Aldous Huxley’s brother Julian was the first director of the United Nations. You know, the organization who has Saudi Arabia head women’s rights! “Those who can be made to believe in absurdities, can be made to commit atrocities!” Voltaire

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  10. “it’s up to us to demonstrate that God didn’t make a mistake putting us at the top of the food chain.”
    Even animals know what’s good for them…and isn’t. *shake head*

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