As The World Burns….

Just a quick look back at some recent events.

The stock market started the New Year by promptly dropping 400 points; Iran test fired a ballistic missile wherein the Obama Administration threatened sanctions but took it back an hour later; North Korea claimed it tested a hydrogen bomb and threatened war with South Korea over its anti Pyongyang propaganda; Iran and Saudi Arabia have completely broken off ties, with further escalation a certainty over the execution of Shiite cleric Nimir al-Nim; Cologne Germany and other parts of Europe are dealing with roving gangs of rapists more than likely than made up of recent Syrian refugees; a man claiming loyalty to ISIS ambushes a Philadelphia policeman in a failed attempt to assassinate him and the Chinese economy is tanking.

Oh and a U.S. missile meant for training purposes in Europe was sent to Cuba by mistake and authorities fear they are sharing its technology with North Korea Russia and China.

Fear not though my friends, our man in the White House has a mighty pen and a phone and is not afraid to use them.

Happy weekend everyone!

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26 Responses to As The World Burns….

  1. I think he could do the State of the Union Address in three words: Glub…glub…glub…:0(

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  2. irtfyblog says:

    I thought he was in Hawaii on another “much needed” vacation?

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    It is the Phone of Fear! Back off world

    Nice Tricia

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  4. jncthedc says:

    So I am guessing you are not in favor of extending presidential terms to give our current President another shot at 4 more years! 😀 I am hoping my belief in cycles is accurate. We are going through crazy times. I don’t know how long it lasts (just like we never know how long bull and bear markets last) but I do believe we are more likely to experience trends than linear unidirectional devastation.
    I love your wit and humor (and sarcasm) because you do it with such wonderful style! Your thoughts are definitely worth sharing. They provoke all of us to think! Thank you.

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    • Tricia says:

      No, not in favor at all! 😉 You could be right about cycles and I hope we are near turning the corner to better times. I do believe those cycles though, good and bad, can be influenced by momentous decisions made by men with great power. I just hope this next cycle brings much more wisdom in our leaders. I try to keep things light because I don’t want to alienate those that disagree, but some things just need to be said and I can’t help it!

      I really appreciate your comments, they are always encouraging and add much value. As always, thanks for coming by.

      I watched that vitamin video you posted and will be by later to add my comments. Good stuff there as usual!

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      One theory about cycles says we go through a crisis about every 80 years. That’s about how it takes for the folks who remember the last crisis to die off.

      WWII started in 1939. WWIII or whatever we choose to call it should start in about 2019.

      So far we have bunches of tyrants acting up and hordes of Muslims invading Europe. The grasping and greedy leaders we have are useless. They just want to reward their cronies with government dollars and then get their cut. Either we learn our lesson (both us and Europe) and replace our leaders with decent people or we are history.

      We also need to pray a lot. Even with decent leadership, trouble is ahead.

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      • Tricia says:

        That’s interesting Tom about the 80 year cycle, I guess we shall see. Political leaders around the world have failed their constituents miserably in just the ways you state. That all has to come to fruition sooner or later and it won’t be pretty I fear.


  5. Chris Warren says:

    Some dingbat on TV (didn’t catch who it was, I was listening on SiriusXM radio) said that conservatives were overreacting to North Korea’s H-bomb test because Western experts are saying that it probably wasn’t an H-bomb and North Korea is lying.

    While I do agree that North Korea lies about pretty much everything, our dingbat du jour misses the point: The fact that North Korea is blowing up ANYTHING should be a cause for alarm.

    And that is the mentality of liberals: Pick at the minutiae while ignoring the bigger picture, then accuse the other side of being alarmists.

    The Titanic is sinking while the liberal left complains that the champaign is warm.

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    • Tricia says:

      So true Chris! They are following the classic strategy of gas lighting which is to make it seem like the other person is the crazy one. We’ve got serious issues that need addressing by sober adults and champagne, warm or not, can come later. Great line on that btw! 😉

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  6. xPraetorius says:

    You do “biting” pretty well too, Tricia! Great post!


    — x

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  7. Dennis says:

    Great encapsulation of the first week of 2015 Tricia. Here’s a sobering thought: we still have 11 mos and 22 days or so until 2017.

    It’s going to be interesting to watch all the democrats carp and complain when a Republican President is sworn in. Nothing will be good enough for them and you dare not criticize the Obama administration or you will be called a racist or worse. Of course our RINO’s will do nothing to help a Trump or Cruz president after the first year. I read an article today that said the Republican Nominee no matter who it is will take 47 states. The last guy that won in a landslide set the country up very well and fought the democrats and some republicans to get his agenda passed. Good thing he was a “Great Communicator”!

    We’ll see!

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    • Tricia says:

      Good thoughts Dennis! And 11 months and 22 more days? Well that’s a bit depressing!

      I think it’s going to be extraordinarily difficult for any president to effectively govern, no matter who gets in. The country is so divided, even among political parties that whoever gets in is bound to be despised by a great many others who didn’t vote for him. But yes, you are right the far left will be particularly to an R president.

      I really do hope we get another Great Communicator that can help bring the country together. We shall see, interesting times!

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  9. Al says:

    I think history will reveal that the Obama presidency will be remarkable for two things: 1. He was America’s first black President. 2. It was the worst, most devastating administration in history and set our country’s position in the world back decades.

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    • Tricia says:

      Couldn’t agree more Al. You know I didn’t vote for Obama, but after the first election I actually had high hopes that he would help with race relations and be the guy to stand up for poor minorities trapped in ad schools by going against the unions. Only took about a month to realize that was just not gonna happen!


      • madblog says:

        It would be weirdly satisfying to start a list of the things Obama DIDN’T do, and include the things we thought he was gonna. I’ll start:
        Ease racial tension and bring the races together
        Improve the plight of minority kids in public schools
        Make gov’t transparent
        Lower the oceans…

        Somebody take over the list please…

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        • Tricia says:

          Make peace in the world, reduce income inequality, bring dignity to the political process…oh my we really could go on and on, couldn’t we? I sense a future blog post in the making madblog?

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  10. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Chinese economy is tanking.” – It couldn’t be tanking TOO badly, China just bought General Electric.

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