Year of the Crybaby

So long 2015! Although you were quite the mixture of good, bad, happy and sad, annoyance is what comes to mind when I think about the booming population of whiners this past year has brought. With complaining having surpassed football as our national pastime, we are now subjected to  almost daily rants about someone, somewhere being offended about something.

The cream of the crop of complainers of course are college students, who are forever howling about some injustice, never grasping the irony of complaining about repression while attending some of the most elite schools in the country. Whaa, whaa this, whaa whaa that, they just never stop.

I’ve written about this in the past, here and here but things have only exploded in to sheer ridiculousness.

Students across the country have swarmed campuses like angry wasps, protesting about all sorts of microagressions. From a perceived lack of diversity at the University of Missouri, to allegedly offensive Halloween costumes at Yale, to the word “American” at the University of New Hampshire to pro nouns like he/him/mankind, etc…at North Carolina State.  I could go on and on and on.

One sorority, Pi Beta Phi, was even forced to cancel their all you can eat “Pi Phiesta” taco bar fundraising events held at chapters across the country because it was deemed culturally insensitive.

Yes, you read that right. Several good charities lost out on donations because somebody decided that a taco bar is offensive to Mexicans. What’s more disturbing is that someone else in a position of authority actually took that person seriously. What else can I say except we are doomed as a society if this continues. As my blogger friend irtfyblog likes to say, this is just pathetic!

I’m not usually a slogan person but if there is one theme I hope takes root in 2016 it’s this, complain less about problems and do more to solve them.

I know it sounds stupidly simple but it really is true that what you focus on becomes your reality. If you think you’re a victim of someone or something, your life takes shape around this narrative and you turn in to one. It becomes your own personal cause célèbre, and sucks up all your time and energy.

What if  some of that focus could be turned it inward? Instead of spending all day at a rally shouting about how unfair things are, you sat quietly by yourself and contemplated what kind of life would make you happy?  What are some steps you can take to get there?

What about career goals? If you could have any dream job, what would it be and does it match up with your financial goals? What does your school guidance counselor have to say?  Do you even know who that person is?

If you’re employed, share those goals with your management and ask how they might assist you in obtaining them. If you don’t feel they would be supportive than start looking for a new job.  Reach out to people in careers that interest you and see if they can meet for an “information interview”.  You’d be surprised how many strangers say yes to this, especially if a free meal is involve.

Yes, life can be horribly unfair and there are those going through extraordinarily bad circumstances through no fault of their own. That’s all the more reason though for those inclined to see injustice in every little thing to just stop it. It belittles the meaning of the word suffering and takes away our empathy and assistance from those that truly deserve and need it.

The bottom line is people feel most empowered when they have some sense of control over their lives. Health and wellness, finances, relationship status, career, social life, these are all areas where making small, incremental changes can make a big difference.

There are some things of course that just can’t be changed and they  just must be accepted. While this can be a bitter pill to swallow, enormous emotional growth and wisdom can flow from the most difficult of circumstances of you allow it to. This requires  letting go of bitterness and replacing it with vulnerability and humbleness.

So, to all you professional complainers out there, it’s time to realize your act is old and tired, that the shark has long been jumped and put out to pasture. We’ve moved on to bigger and better things and so should you.

In other words, suck it up buttercup!



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45 Responses to Year of the Crybaby

  1. Deb says:

    Couldn’t have said it better. Time to man up! Great reading.

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  2. Amen! Great read! The last couple of years shall go down in history as the years we learned how to complain about absolutely everything. Let’s hope we now learn how to get over ourselves and turn some of that “personal is political” stuff into an inward journey. A somewhat quieter one, if you please. 😉

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  3. The happiest aspect of the terminally offended movement is that it is so far beyond parody that even the comedians of the left find it funny. Perhaps that will put the brakes on the process.

    Happy New Year and best wishes.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    “suck it up buttercup”

    That’s actually one of my personal favorite expressions. Either that or, “life sucks then you die.” The first one is better for polite company I suppose.

    After two weeks of almost not blogging at all, I have finally decided to get caught back up. Glad I started here, Tricia. Well said and so true.

    I don’t have much patience with the angry privileged elite.These are sniveling punk kids who get mad when mamma buys them a Chevrolet instead of a BMW. Was that harsh? Oopsy lol.

    Look, I was hardly privileged in any sense for most of my young life. It wasn’t until I finished college and went on Active Duty in the Army that I realized there was a whole world out there where people actually got a decent wage to live on, and didn’t have to worry about crackheads trying to move in their houses with them.

    People just need to get over it. You said that very well. Manage what you can manage, and deal with the rest and learn to live with it. I see this every day. People have parts of their lives that are out of control and persist into letting that creep into the parts of their lives they can control. Oh, my family sucks, so let me toss my job in the trash too!

    Next time I cruise around here, I will say how I really feel LOL.

    Blessings Tricia.

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  5. irtfyblog says:

    HAHAHA! I love your posts!! 🙂 This was a great post and thanks for the mention. ;[-) have a Happy New Year!

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  6. Well said. 🙂

    It’s this type of focus on irrelevant issues such as taco bars offending Mexicans that draws attention away from real issues that affect everyone, such as Congress further eroding our freedoms and privacy due to a wonderful combination of corruption and ignorance, as discussed in this podcast:

    Seriously, I don’t think kids these days know exactly what they should be protesting. Are they okay with losing freedom and privacy so long as they’ll no longer feel offended by the wrong people selling tacos or wearing sombreros? (If white people aren’t allowed to wear sombreros, isn’t that racism against white people?) Everyone should be offended by this country’s lack of competent leadership. But then, maybe lack of leadership, and lack of an informative news media, is why kids these days aren’t well-versed in what’s happening right under their noses. Maybe that’s why they’re so willing to protest any lame issue they can get their hands on.

    By the way, no matter what happens, I’ll always say, “Washington Redskins,” not to purposely offend anyone, but as a reminder of how much energy is wasted on issues that shouldn’t be a high priority for anyone living in this country. Let’s come together and fix the major problems affecting us all before we start bickering about any other stuff that comes up.

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  7. ColorStorm says:

    Way to go trish.

    Let’s get out of the way the soon to be whining over the next American prez. Yea, a pity party may be in order, as 50% will be very unhappy.

    Then again………….Mrs. Clinton? Your ‘bitter pill to swallow……….’ Might be a good reason to resurrect the gripes. 😉

    Good stuff-
    and have a gr8 2016

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  8. jncthedc says:

    Your sentiments mirror many peoples thinking. Most aren’t bold enough to express it as well as you did. My rule is simple; I will only listen to complainers if they offer solutions. Great post to start the New Year. Time for a new productive attitude!

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  9. Reblogged this on My Daily Musing and commented:
    This is brilliant.

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  10. osarobohenry says:

    Happy new year to you and yours Tricia 😆

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  11. Vernon says:

    Hi Tricia,

    I was talking with Nicole yesterday about how 2016 is about removal for me. Removing useless thoughts, routines and people who add no value to my life.

    I noticed people who complain all the time have no willingness to not only get into the solution, but they don’t even want to hear the solution.

    What a timing post for me to read because I’m making those small incremental changes you talked about in the areas of fitness and career. And yes, I feel empowered! 😀

    Thanks for a wonderful and insightful post!!

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    • Tricia says:

      Hi Vernon! Thank you so much for your comment, it’s always nice to get feedback like that. 🙂

      And that’s a great idea about removing useless things from your life, I will have to take that up as well. Life’s too short to waste on negativity, right?

      Have a great day!

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  12. xPraetorius says:

    Such a good post, Tricia! And a great read! This was commonsensical and intelligent; calm and gentle at the same time as it was no-nonsense and blunt and … funny.

    It’s not easy to mix all that together and make it work. Goodness knows I find it difficult to pull off! You did it, and made it seem effortless.

    This was just a fine post in the style of another favorite blogger of mine: InsanityBytes. I’m looking forward to reading a lot more.

    I’m glad you introduced yourself over at my blog.


    — x

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    • Tricia says:

      Oh well thanks again x, I really appreciate you taking the time to come by here and make such generous comments. When I’ve got a moment to concentrate like a sane person I look forward to digging in to your site as well.

      I’m quite glad I connected with you through ColorStorm. His blog is one of my favorites along with IB’s as well.


  13. xPraetorius says:

    Wow! You get moments to concentrate? Where the heck do you find ’em?!? 🙂

    I forgot to mention ColorStorm as well. I thoroughly enjoy his style. Whenever you read his blog, you come away with the impression that (1) it’s particularly well-written, (2) that he has a real feel for the language, and (3) that he’s just a really nice, friendly, genuine guy.

    Quite a talented writer and a top-notch person. Like IB.


    — x

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  14. Finally just catching up on my blog reading. This was so well said Tricia. I couldn’t agree more. Lets hope 2016 and beyond brings some change.

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  15. SAY it! So much of our life and un/happiness is what we have made of it.

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