Imagine being the Innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary? I mean, it was no doubt a busy time in Bethlehem, with people pouring in from all over to get counted as per the Roman census, but couldn’t something be found to accommodate this despondent young couple? Wasn’t there an open closet somewhere, or couldn’t a hallway bed be set up at least for the obviously very pregnant Mary to lay on?

The Innkeeper of course was clueless to the miracle he was being invited to participate in. Having been been slammed all day with loads of arriving guests, many who were cranky and hungry after long days of travel, the Innkeeper could not see the divine magic theater playing out right in front of him.

Two weary travelers, both likely covered in road dust and not smelling very pretty asked the Innkeeper for a room he just did not have and that they probably could not afford. The logical and understandable answer was a quick and easy no.

I mean, how on earth was the Innkeeper to know he was rejecting the mother to be of Jesus Christ Himself? That he had just willingly refused to allow the use of his establishment to bring in to being the future Son of God?

What if though our Innkeeper had looked in to Mary’s eyes and seen the tears just beginning to form and sensed her fear? What if he hadn’t ignored the increasing desperation in Joseph’s voice as he pleaded for a room? What if at that very moment, the busy Innkeeper had simply paused for a moment and thought, what could be done here to help this young couple out and prayed to God for guidance?

Surely at that moment God, who had brought Joseph and Mary to the Innkeeper’s door, would have opened a way forward for them to be taken care of. But no. Our busy Innkeeper’s head was too filled with the busyness of business instead of the business of humanity and so was not open to what God was trying to do.

It was not even on his radar.

And so, the invitation to participate in the greatest miracle our world has ever seen was not only declined but never even noticed to begin with.

Compare this to how Mary responded to Gabriel the angel, sent by God with the frankly insane news that she was to become pregnant with and give birth to God’s son and oh by the way her husband to be will not be the father. This baby will somehow just manifest in her womb.

Mary might have been young but she was not dumb and so fully understood the trouble being unmarried and pregnant would bring her. Her response to this divine appointment?

“Yes, I am a servant of the Lord, let this happen to me according to your word,” Luke 1:38.

Now, I could be wrong but I’m thinking that for most of us, God won’t send such an obvious sign as an angel giving explicit instructions on what we are to do. He does however leave clues for us all the time. Simple ones like:

The person behind you in line who for no reason at all opens up to you about their problems.

That nagging thought in your head about a loved one who you’ve been meaning to reach out to.

Random problems that come in your life that, while unpleasant, open doors of opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Listen to that person, call that loved one, go through that door of opportunity!

We always have a choice whether or not to acknowledge the divine frequency playing out behind the scenes of our lives, something God practically begs us to jump in to. Of course, it will not thwart His plans one iota if we do not because He always finds a way to bring them to fruition. He will work with you and through you like Mary, or around you like the Innkeeper.

The world needs more Mary’s and less Innkeepers.

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20 Responses to Signs

  1. Just a thought – What if the Lord made sure the Inn was full so His Son would be born in a feed trough? Hmmm

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  2. Doug says:

    If that innkeeper had let them in we’d not have Nativity scenes.. but rather a closet inside the future “Saint Abdul the Innkeeper” ‘s inn… and a lot less privacy for Mary to give birth. Just sayin’.

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  3. Howdy! Thanks for the great insight. Love this: “The world needs more Mary’s and less Innkeepers.” Amen to that.


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  4. The Night Wind says:

    I’ve had many of those moments all throughout my life. It’s like a feeling comes—almost like an inner voice—that you need to do something. When I think of past good deeds those times are the first thing I think of; conversely when I think of sins to confess, the times I didn’t act on them are the things I feel most guilty about. I wonder if anyone experiences this?

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    • Tricia says:

      I appreciate your honesty NW and yes, I have experienced this as well! That faint inner voice, that nudge to DO something. I’ve never rnever ben disapoited obeying those nudges and always regretted when I refused.

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  5. Ahh, great post, Tricia! Amen. We are all innkeepers and Jesus is always knocking at our door. We all get to decide if we’re going to let Him in. The world surely does need more Marys and less innkeepers. “My sheep know my voice.”

    Long ago I got to chat with some women about germs and how it was probably safer to give birth in a stable. Back before germ theory, an inn was probably just filthy and packed with people germs. In ancient days it was often the upper classes who suffered infections because they were carried in by doctors, servants, and midwives. Ironically the best person to deliver a baby is probably the dad who mom and baby have already grown immune to. I try to remember the Lord works in mysterious ways and even rotten innkeepers can serve His purpose.

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    • Tricia says:

      Ooh I love your point IB about germs and the safety of a stable over a busy inn, that makes a lot of sense. God will
      always find the right spot to bring about his plan. I do like the contrast of Mary’s yes over the innkeeper’s obliviousness though, good lesson for me!

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  6. Amen Tricia—I can never hear God nearly as clearly as I wish I could. A 2 x 4 on the head would help, but He doesn’t even do that…ever the gentleman…looking for more Mary Tricia, and less innkeeper indeed!!!

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  8. Dawn Marie says:

    Warm hugs to you, Tricia for gifting such a meaningful pause for all of us to ponder over during the Christmas Season. I shall pray this year to be more of a Mary than an Innkeeper. Thank you for delivery the message He laid in your heart to us….

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  9. Canuck Carl says:

    There are volumes to be said behind those 8 words, “For there was no room in the inn” Tricia. When we walk in the shoes of Mary and Joseph as they searched for shelter for the birth of Jesus, I can’t imagine the emotions they would have been feeling. You shone a light on this so incredibly well. Thank you, Tricia. Wishing you an amazing 2022! 🙏

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