Reclaim Your Freedom

If you’ve not yet heard of Abigail Shrier, you need to get yourself acquainted with her. She wrote a fantastic book, called Irreversible Damages; the Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, which, as you can imagine, promptly got her banned, censured and trolled by all the fancy people.

At this moment you might be thinking what a terrible place for someone to find themselves in, but Ms. Shrier’s fearless response to her critics and her unabashed refusal to quietly go away leaves the impression that all this hullabaloo has only toughened her resilience and reenergized her passion. Good for her and us.

I’m not going to review her book (although I think you should read it), which dives in to the disturbing world of gender transition among teenage girls, but I’d like to highlight a talk she recently gave to students at Princeton University. Please do yourself a favor and read it, you will not be disappointed. In it, she discusses how she found herself in the unlikely position of being the most hated woman in America in a humble and bluntly honest way.

“I’m not a provocateur. I don’t get a rush from making people angry. You don’t have to be a troll to find yourself in the center of controversy. You need only be two things: effective, and unwilling to back down.”

She also emphasizes the importance of recognizing truth for what it is, not what some want to force it to be. One example she gives the blatant unfairness of allowing transwomen to compete in women’s sports.

“Ellie Marquart swam her heart out for Princeton. When will Princeton fight for her? Where are the student protests to say—enough is enough. When a biological male who has enjoyed the full benefits of male puberty—larger cardiovascular system, 40% more upper body muscle mass, more fast-twitch muscle fiber, more oxygenated blood—decides after three seasons on the men’s team to compete as a woman and smashes the records of the top female swimmers in this country, that is not valor—that’s vandalism.”

Right? It’s a lie that these men don’t have a competitive advantage over women, anyone with half a brain cell can figure this out. Yet no one at Princeton or any other elite institution complains so it’s allowed to continue at the expense of women who have sacrificed and trained hard all their lives only to watch it all go down the drain.

Our culture is soaked in lies like this all wrapped up in a protective bubble of media narrative, big tech censorship and political posturing. This allows the lies to fester, grow and be virtue signaled via the smart set as the truth.

Take these phrases:

All lives matter.

A man can’t become pregnant.

Virus’s stop transmitting when enough people have gotten and recovered from, which protects the herd overall from further viral spread.

A black man is more likely to be murdered by another black man than a police officer.

Differences in pay between men and women in America have nothing to do with sexism.

Fighting perceived racism with racism only creates more of it.

They are all indisputably true and honestly innocuous, yet they’ve become explosive, fighting words. Why is that? It’s because a narrative got set very early on that defined them, what’s acceptable for public discussion, who the “good” and “bad” players are and what the truth is.

Those who dare to speak against prevailing narratives got accused of misinformation and called haters, racists, granny killers and, in the case of rowdy parents protesting critical race theory at school board meetings, domestic terrorists! It’s no wonder people are hesitant to speak up.

But, speak we must because we are truly in a war, one of propaganda and bullying and it’s actively harming people and changing the country for the worse. The only way this stops is if people, lots of people mind you, start sticking up for the truth, no matter the consequences. It really does matter and you really can make a difference. As Ms Shrier states:

I didn’t write Irreversible Damage to be provocative.  In a freer world, nothing in my book would have created controversy. I wrote the book because I knew it was truthful and I believed recording what I found—that there was a social contagion leading many teenage girls to irreversible damage—was the right thing to do. I also believe if I hadn’t written it, thousands more girls would be caught up in an identity movement that was not organic to them but would nonetheless lead them to profound self-harm. But I didn’t write it specifically to stop them. I wrote it simply because it was true.”

I get that people are afraid of losing their jobs, social status or just plain can’t be bothered…but is that really a fulfilling and free existence?

I’ll close with another quote from Ms. Shrier because it’s so perfect.

Whatever freedom is—it isn’t that—and all of the wonderful education you have earned here will have been wasted if you find yourself one day observing some lie predominating in your own field and the best you can do is sit on the phone with me anonymously lamenting the state of things. You will soon be graduates of Princeton. Show some self-respect and reclaim your freedom.”

Amen to that.

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28 Responses to Reclaim Your Freedom

  1. socrates1234 says:

    As a progressive liberal, I think it important to let mentally deranged feminists who are no longer women but inferior men dictate public policy.

    Exactly how else will we be able to continue our dystopian society if we don’t?

    “Those who believe in absurdities, will continue to commit atrocities.” Voltaire

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  2. Reblogged this on Elah Ministries, Inc. and commented:
    The sad story is that people, many many people, don’t want to hear the truth or know the truth. Its easier to close ears and shut eyes but at what cost?

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  3. Abigail Shrier, and you!, are thought provoking ladies.

    One of your closing sentences (“I get that people are afraid of losing their jobs, social status or just plain can’t be bothered…but is that really a fulfilling and free existence?”) triggered some lingering thoughts that I figured I’d send back your way, since I haven’t commented on one of your posts in quite awhile….

    Most of the various woke far-left activist groups are only a very tiny minority of the citizens in the Western democracies. Quite a few are even less that 1-2% of the total citizens. Yet they have mastered the techniques of amplifying the apparent strength of their small voices via their huge efforts to flood the internet’s social media and blogs with their outsized zealotry. Because the leftist mainstream media and leftist politicians are willing accomplices, these fringe groups can easily manufacture a death-blow to the public reputation of any individual person or even a major corporation they wish, because their targets are too afraid to fight back. Often the victims are too afraid even to stay silent. In fact, now the zealots shout that “even silence is a sign of oppression”. Many victims of these woke media assassins end up trying to apologize, which is surrendering and is such a sign of spinelessness that it rarely works.

    But here are some examples of groups whose silence baffles me. I just can’t fathom why they don’t speak out, because they hugely outnumber the far-left fringe zealots. And if they do speak out with sanity and are then assaulted by leftist character assassination campaigns, they don’t fight back:

    1) In the 60s and 70s, first-wave feminists (dare I say you grew up as one, Trish?), championed a cause that was totally righteous. Equality of opportunity, equality of respect/decency, and freedom from sexual harassment, were absolutely 100% good and right. I must assume that 100% of Western females believed in first-wave feminism because its complaints were truthful and its time was long overdue. Women are approximately 50% of Western civ citizens. So why in the world don’t all THOSE voices speak out against the more recent, more radical, more hostile/hateful fringe of third-wave feminists? The third wave feminist fringe has to be less than 15% of all women, and so less than 8% of all citizens. And why in the world don’t ALL waves of feminists speak out decisively against the abysmal oppression of women in radical Islamist cultures and some Asian cultures?

    2) Mainstream gays championed a cause that sought repeal of laws which directly outlawed homosexual activity. They also sought the ability, under the rights of free association and individual liberty, to enter into the legal equivalent of a “marriage” (a civil union contract). These are understandable goals, and have been achieved. So why in the world don’t all THOSE voices speak out against the tiny fringe of transsexual and gender fluidity zealots? That radical fringe is less than 2% of all citizens. And why in the world don’t ALL LGBxxxxxxx advocates, private and public, speak out decisively against the persecution and murder of gays in radical Islamist cultures?

    So in other words, when reasonable causes are won by reasonable people and they settle comfortably into their new acceptance, why do they not push back more vocally and firmly when the new woke leftists hijack their originally sane causes and start pushing WAY beyond the norms in Western civs? Shouldn’t feminists be really pissed off at transgender and gender-fluid biological males literally muscle in on the womens’ competitive sports world? I don’t understand the silence.

    Merry Christmas, Trish.
    – Jeff

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    • Tricia says:

      Always nice to hear from you Jeff and as usual you’ve brought some interesting food for thought to the party. It’s baffling to me as well why these groups are so whipped and not speaking out more. And yes, while I was bit too young to be a participant during it’s prime, 2nd wave feminists I understood and support a lot of their concepts and have been SO disappointed in their inability to push back on the transgender craziness. Women face the most harm from it and yet the 2nd wavers are nowhere to be found.

      I think it’s due to tribal political because the pushback is mainly coming from the right and those groups cannot fathom being affiliated whatsoever with Republicans. It’s just sad. So much of what ails our country has nothing to do with Left or Right issues anymore. It’s down to you’re either pro freedom or pro government control.

      Feel free to come by more often! Hope all is well.

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  4. The Night Wind says:

    I don’t really feel much sympathy for the people criticising what’s happening in transgender sports. None of these people had anything to say a few years ago when the Elites were pushing women into occupations held by men like the military, police, firefighting, construction, etc. Nobody cared then that “a biological male who has enjoyed the full benefits of male puberty—larger cardiovascular system, 40% more upper body muscle mass, more fast-twitch muscle fiber, more oxygenated blood.” was better fitted for these jobs. These same people also had nothing to say when homo ‘equality’ got rammed down our collective throats. NOW that it effects them, biology and traditional gender roles suddenly matter. What did they think was going to happen?

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  5. Abigail Shrier has some great insights. I’ve been following her for a while. Thanks for sharing her article.

    Blessings for a stunning Sunday in paradise.

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  6. Pingback: “Now, imagine, instead, the women’s swimmers had all walked out. Imagine they had stood together and said: We will meet any competitor head on. But we will not grant this travesty the honor of our participation.” ~Abigail Shrier | The Cultur

  7. ColorStorm says:

    Just say what’s true. People’s heads explode. lol

    Love that name Abigail. Good stuff Tricia/

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  8. “Irreversible Damage” is a book everyone should read, and I don’t say that about very many books.

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  9. Awesome, Tricia! I’ve known a few girls who have been victimized by this rubbish and cultural conditioning. Nobody can just be a normal teen ager these days, everything is now a pathology requiring a T shot. “Are you sad today? It’s probably because you were born the wrong gender.” Here in Wa getting a T shot is much like going to get an espresso. Pretty sure parents are not even required to give consent. Everyone is just non binary, everyone is just transitioning. Ironically the only weird ones, the social outcasts, are those who are decidedly female. It is just not okay to be a girl these days.

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  10. irtfyblog says:

    Tricia, well done.

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