Indictment For Thee But Not For Hillary…

FBI Director James Comey announced today the the long awated results of the  investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information during her tenure as Secretary of Sate and whether or not to reccommend an indictment. The decision of course was not to, gee, big surprise.  For the full statement, go here.

What’s galling is that just prior to revealing the non indictment decision, he layed out not one, or two, or even three minor mishaps, but a slew of ways HRC seriously mishandled classified information and threatened our national security.  For Comey to then turn around and say no reccomendation for indictment will be forthcoming was head scratchingly bizarre.

He also said this doesn’t mean these offenses would not warrant security or administrative sanctions in other cases (i.e. if the “little people” were involved).

This comes but 5 days after a so called impromptu meeting on a private jet with Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch (hey, fancy meeting you here!), the person who holds the final say on whether or not to file charges.   All this, coincidentally, came a days prior to HRC meeting with the FBI, on a Saturday no less.  And oh, did I mention that Ms. Clinton now states she is considering retaining Ms. Lynch as Attorney General?

This is disturbing on many levels, but the most appalling thing is the absolute blatant disregard for even making a slight attempt to make it appear that due process is being followed. The powers that be don’t think we are stupid, they know it just doesn’t matter as nothing will impede Hillary Clinton’s cornoration.

I enjoy shopping at Banana Republic, not so much living in one.

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42 Responses to Indictment For Thee But Not For Hillary…

  1. From my perspective Comey received enormous political pressure to make a recommendation not to prosecute. I get the feeling his “compromise” was to provide a laundry list of fabrications Hilary made to fuel the campaign trail. All he was mandated to do was say that charges would not be recommended based on the facts and testimony. Instead he chose to accept responsibility for the heat he faces in lieu of taking the easy way out. The reality of challenging our political system by filing criminal charges against the democratic representative for President could have caused serious, unforeseen and destabilizing affects to our country. Our country, in its dishonesty, is unwilling to admit that different standards exist both legally and economically for the wealthy elite class. It becomes the responsibility of the citizens to determine whether we wish to continue following this undemocratic path.

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    • Tricia says:

      I do agree with a lot of what you say Jonathan and I am sure the pressure on Comey was tremendous. I didn’t think Hillary would be indicted but the listing of all the reasons why she should and then recommending no indictment was too much for me. Either stand up for what you believe and do the right thing or cave completely and slink off stage. I know, dream on Tricia! 😉

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      • I’ll bet he will receive criticism from the government for revealing a “laundry list” he was not required to expose. He was in a difficult place and probably did more to “reveal the truth” than many others in his position would have done. He was, literally, in a no win situation. I am no Hillary fan, but the possible negative impact at this point in the political process may have been more harmful to our country causing greater instability than gain from criminal prosecution that would have cost the tax payers even more with an unlikely conviction.

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Just food for thought here.

    I get that maybe an indictment would not have been forthcoming for a regular person, and will concede that.

    Looking back to when I handled classified information, however, I can say my access to such would have been revoked as the result of such conduct. How, then, could I have done that job? I could not, of course.

    Just sayin.

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    • Tricia says:

      In your infamous words Wally, “Yup.” 😉 For the record I trust your judgement as President far more than I do Ms. Clinton…

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      • Wally Fry says:

        Well..hmm. That might have been a compliment, but the standard is pretty low, so maybe it wasn’t? Kind of like telling somebody they smell somewhat better than dog poo LOL.

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        • Tricia says:

          Ha ha ha Wally! I didn’t mean it like that but I see what you are saying. 😉

          Ok, how about, I trust your judgement ALOT more than ANY of the candidates running……Raises the bar by about a half an inch I think….

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Even the store Banana Republic is no longer what once made it distinctive trish. 😉

    But the solid thinking Allen West had an interesting take on Mr Comeys decision to find ‘no fault.’ He wrote that the Dems have to now live with a tarnished candidate, who was proven reckless, and that this would come back to bite her and them.

    Anyway, the Clintons and kind have always had a different set of rules, and the commoners, aka, we the people, have seen enough, and pretty much should rise in a revolt because of this yet one more instance of lawlessness.

    Maybe Comey is smarter than people are giving him credit for. He opened the window for a peek and said Ms Clinton is unworthy of handling sensitive intel, and is quite careless. Like her husband, her judgment is impaired. Not the kind of person that would make a good prez.

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    • Tricia says:

      Ha, you are sure about shopping at BR ColorStorm, it has gone downhill quite a bit over the years. I hadn’t heard that perspective by Allen West but it make sense.

      I dunno though CS, I am just so honest to God sick of the moral rot that runs through our govt at all levels and people being so afraid of losing their jobs and power that they stay mum about the most obvious of corruption. Our leaders are getting more and more brazen about openly bad behavior as they know they won’t be punished for it. Not a good things.

      But, there is always hope going forward and I now this latest drama has really energized a lot of people on the opposition. This may indeed come back to bite Team Clinton quite hard.

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  4. irtfyblog says:

    this whole election year makes me want to leave the planet.

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  5. Dennis says:

    When Bill Clinton left the aircraft in Arizona the “fix” was in. Comey just gave voice to the problem and let himself stay employed. These people will do or say anything to retain their power.
    Hey Doc Johnathan,” The reality of challenging our political system by filing criminal charges against the democratic representative for President could have caused serious, unforeseen and destabilizing affects to our country” is exactly what we need. The criminal would go to prison and the dems would put Biden up for their nominee. Win win I think.
    The Clinton’s do not care about their reputations being “tarnished”. Look at all the the things the Clinton’s have done in the past and are now multi-millionaires and no one in the democratic party or those who vote democrat cares.
    I say give the case to a Grand Jury and let the people decide. That is the only fair way to handle the problem. Won’t happen but it should.
    If you don’t vote for Trump you vote for the liar. Shame on you if you vote for a liar.

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    • Tricia says:

      Dennis, Jonathan does have a point about the political realities involved although I do agree with you that it should not have outweighed a decision to indict.

      True too, the fix was in since the tarmac meeting. It is my opinion that the original plan was the FBI would recommend an indictment to save its reputation and then AG Lynch would come out (after much thought and careful analysis, blah, blah, blah) and decide not to. They underestimated just how horrible that airport meeting looked though and so Lynch had to make that stupid statement about deferring to the FBI’s opinion which of course put Comey in a bad position and threw his dept. under the bus which the Clintons could care less about.

      There was never a doubt in my mind that Clinton would have actually been indicted but it’s just the outright brazenness of the corruption that has my goat. Things are getting worse.

      Don’t get me started on Trump…;)


  6. This latest Clinton debacle of justice is further proof that America is a full blown tyranny and as such, the American Republic is gone.

    Now, justice is always to the advantage of the stronger (might makes right).

    If I had kids, I’d keep them worlds away from military service which has now become the whipping hand of the Ruling Class.

    There is no country to believe in.

    America, like every other land is simply a playground for the rich and powerful.

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    • Tricia says:

      Well, I am not sure I agree we are at full blown tyranny yet Silence, but we are certainly well on the way. It is just galling though the corrupt and corrosive nature of the administrative state.

      Keep the faith though my friend as a slow burn has been building for awhile. People are just fed up and this latest episode I think has put things at a tipping point. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess.

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      • The proof of tyranny in a government is the lack of separation of powers.

        The Supreme Court took on legislative power to rewrite ObamaCare.

        And the executive under President Obama has been creating law (legislative power) for the last eight years.

        And Congress, the legislative body has allowed it all to happen.

        Tricia, this is simple political science.

        Yes, that would be science.

        Liberty is caused by the laws of nature.

        Most Americans, you included, think like atheists in that you believe liberty happens all by itself.

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        • Tricia says:

          Well I do agree our separation of powers is severely lacking in this country, lower than it’s been in decades, but I doubt any more serious than during Woodrow Wilson or FDR. And I do think too that we have a serious problem with Executive overreach and that President Obama understands exactly what he is doing by stretching and contouring the boundaries of his Presidency that would make any Yogi proud. And yes I do think we are on a bad road.

          But Silence, come on now, do you in all honesty believe that I don’t understand the importance of liberty? It is, um, kind of the main theme here of the blog….lol.

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          • Tricia,

            While the Progressive assault on the American Republic did begin in the 19th century with Woodrow Wilson, Charles Goodnow and John Dewey (the Big Three of Progressivism), the tyrants did their best to keep their criminality hidden.

            But 20 years ago with the Clintons, a sea change occurred.

            As the tyrants created their taxpayer funded organized crime syndicate in Washington and nearly every state capital they gained so much power and influence that they could begin coming out in the open.

            Whereas Nixon minion Charles Colson got sent up the river for possessing 2 FBI files on political enemies, the Clintons were caught with literally hundreds of FBI files on their political enemies.

            And nothing happened.

            They got away with it.

            And more recently, the IRS, the most powerful Federal bureau in the US government was caught suppressing American citizens who wanted to organize politically to counter the Democrat Party.

            And nothing happened.

            Tyrants know that as long as the dummies they rule are fed, clothed and entertained, they can pretty much get away with anything.

            Your comment above is proof positive of that.


  7. Julie says:

    If playing fast and loose with our national security is not enough to disqualify a person from being commander-in-chief in the eyes of the politically beholden, then please God, make it crystal clear in the eyes of the voters.

    Benghazi is the thing that has me on my knees crying out for justice, though. Abel’s blood cried out and God sent Cain packing. Uriah’s blood was shed to cover up a scandal and David was disqualified from building the temple. I’m praying precedence. I’m praying for a divine disqualification.

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  8. Al says:

    Now there lives a woman named Hill,
    Who has a husband named Bill.
    His dealings are shady,
    But no more than the lady,
    They both prove that lying’s a skill.

    As the bimbo eruptions occur.
    The women are dealt a quick slur.
    And as scandals emerge,
    They’re no problem to purge,
    And justice will evermore blur.

    So the outcome of this is, I guess,
    That the lady who won’t wear a dress,
    Is soon to be feared,
    As the way is now cleared
    By the auspices of the press.

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  9. Chris Warren says:

    I really, REALLY want to believe that James Comey did play it totally straight and came to an unbiased conclusion based on facts and law. But while letting Hillary off the (legal) hook, he places his own credibility in the toilet. Since he’s not an elected official I guess Comey had nothing to gain or lose with his decision. Is there some magic potion that makes otherwise respected people smear crap all over themselves to protect the Clintons’?

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    • Tricia says:

      I know, I want to believe it too Chris about Comey andI think he was trying it both ways to save his job perhaps. Who knows you’re right, he has lost all credibility.

      Lol on the crap smearing potion! Seems to be an ample supply of people willing to take it and smear away….

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