A Cup of Perspective

Cup half full

This past week has been the kind where if my life were a cartoon strip, I’d be the character that had the black thunder and lighting cloud following them around.

Nothing catastrophic going on mind you, all body parts are working as they should and friends and family are ok; seemingly so anyway.  It’s just some every day life events have become unusually complicated and left me feeling like I’d been swimming in a vat of molasses.

A work project implodes out of nowhere.  An Amazon delivery goes to my old address the same day the new tenants leave for a month long vacation, AFTER putting my package inside.  My printer goes kerplunk the night before an important deadline.  The perfect parking spot magically opens up for the guy I allow to cut in front of me.  The on line toll system the state of California uses to extort taxpayers   collect payment was down, forcing me to waste several hours navigating their tortuous phone system.  Three cavities  discovered during what should have been a simple cleaning.

I could whine on, as every day seemed to bring  its own special set of annoyances and by Friday I was done, both physically and mentally.  Lunch on the beach seemed the perfect antidote and so there I sat with my toes in the sand and a homemade tunafish sandwich in hand, when I let my mind drift towards God and what He might be trying to say to me.

Where is Your message in all this?  Is there a point or is it all random?  What am I missing here?  Just then a seagull swooped down, grabbed the bulk of my sandwich and flew off, raining chunks of tuna in his wake.  Really God?

Later that day while out doing errands, I ran in to a neighbor of mine and asked how she was doing.  She said the chronic pain she had been dealing with had gotten much worse and that the doctors can’t seem to find out what’s wrong.  Her disability checks were also screwed up and sometimes showing up weeks late.   She asked if I could take pictures of some items she hoped to sell on Craig’s List so she could pay next month’s rent.  Um, sure, of course I can.

Appreciate what you have, she told me, it can all go away in an instant.

Message received God.  Loud and clear and with a heaping dose of humility.



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58 Responses to A Cup of Perspective

  1. Wally Fry says:

    ” swimming in a vat of molasses.” Yes, and everybody is dumping more on top.

    Very powerful, Tricia. Nothing like realizing that we don’t have it as bad as we think we do.

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  2. Jim says:

    don’t you hate it when everything for work just goes on dump for you? ugh!

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  3. I like this, so well said. I sometimes feel as if I’m trying to jog underwater. A few months ago, I too was at the beach in my car with my hand out the window. All of the sudden this seagull swooped down and bit me. I guess he thought I was a tuna sandwich. They have powerful beaks and my hand was all bruised up for weeks. Sheesh, even the seagulls were out to get me 🙂

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Tricia I know exactly where your coming from. Some day’s and even some weeks go by and nothing seems to go according to our plan(s).
    What’s the saying “Man proposes and God disposes”?
    My week was goofy too. Locked my keys in my truck at the casino with no spare. Cost $100.00 to get in. Area lakes too high to launch my boat and it’s too hot to fish anyway. Putter aren’t dropping and drives going right and left and did I mention it’s HOT? Didn’tt win the Lotto either!
    Life is just life. Guess I’ll just plod along and trust it will get better!
    We need a hug!!

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    • Tricia says:

      Yup, and it is so easy to get caught up in these 1st world problems but really not problems at all when you think about it. Thanks for coming by, I call group hug!


  5. Dennis says:

    That last was from me-Dennis. Guess my Kindle isn’t logged in.

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  6. David Ross says:

    God is telling you relax and don’t sweat the small stuff. Count your blessings and realize your cup is at least half full!

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  8. irtfyblog says:

    A seagull stole your sandwich?

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  9. @Tricia, who wrote:

    Appreciate what you have, she told me, it can all go away in an instant.

    Message received God. Loud and clear and with a heaping dose of humility.

    I would echo this. When you wrote “all body parts working” I thought “wow, what would that be like?” And when you wrote of friends and family being okay I was struck with a moment of wistfulness for my lost Lady Anne.

    You know my story, and I will vehemently redouble the message. For me, it was one fateful dinner in celebration two years ago that took it all away. It gives one … a little perspective.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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    • Tricia says:

      Yeah Keith, I know you’ve experienced deep loss and it’s probably hard to listen to people like me complain about the silly annoyances life dishes up. Condolences again for the loss of your Lady Anne. Thanks for dropping by, hope you’re well.


      • I don’t mind, but sometimes the reaction is not quite what you or other writers intended.

        I’m struggling a bit at the moment — average restroom visit is now an unpleasant 9 hours, with a 15+ hour record. But this is now improving, if slowly.

        Thank you, and best wishes to you and all you hold dear.

        ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

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  10. Canuck Carl says:

    Wow, Tricia. This is so well written. I have been there….and far too often, caught up in my own little world. Unbeknown that another person near may be going through something far, far worse.

    Thank you for sharing this, and for putting things back in perspective.

    God bless, and have a great week! 🙂


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  11. Julie says:

    Sorry that my laugh re: the raining chunks of tuna came at the expense of your frustrating week. Good lesson.

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  12. Just as we believe things can be worse, we should finish the sentence with “things could be better as well.” Let the brain determine the direction and follow its lead. If we “think we can, or think we can’t, we’re probably RIGHT!”
    Wishing you a mindset that helps you achieve the direction in life you wish to follow.

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  13. archaeopteryx1 says:

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  14. Can all be pulled out from under us in a blink. ‘S why we need to stay on solid ground.

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    • Tricia says:

      It sure can Diana, it very much can. I’ve ben so meaning drop by your blog by the way! Thanks for commenting here and reminding me to do so. Love the new pic. 🙂


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