Something is Very Wrong in Australia

Did you ever wonder how an educated, free and wealthy country like 1930’s Germany fell in to madness and allowed Hitler and his Nazis goons to take over?  I’ve pondered this question a lot over the years, thinking it must have been an anomaly, or that the people somehow were tricked, or that it was just some crazy one off that and the horrors of the Holocaust would not happen again.

The thing is, Germany’s descent in to tyranny didn’t happen overnight, many things happened before Hitler even took power that primed German citizens to accept this evil madman as their leader and comply with his diktats. The events leading up to this would (and have filled) many novels, but one of the biggest warning signs was the creation of Geheime Staatspolizei, which was the official Secret Police of Nazis Germany, otherwise know as the Gestapo, who played a key role in the Holocaust.

Created by Hermann Göring in 1933, this Nationalized police force had unprecedented power to do as they pleased, without worry of repercussion because thuggish, unlawful brutality was a key part of their job description. At the bidding of their bosses, they beat up people at random, “disappeared” them in to torture sessions, or just put a bullet in their head, sometimes for for no reason at all other than to signal to other folks to not to step out of line. Of course to the Jews, they were particularly atrocious

It takes a special type of person to be able to do these things; someone who has had human empathy knocked right out of their heads, replaced by propaganda that they, the Gestapo are on the side of angels and the people they are roughing up are somehow deserving of such treatment. They were just doing their part to rid humanity don’t ya know, of such wretched creatures like the Jews who were considered flies in the ointment of Germany’s pure race utopia.

It all starts with othering those people as somehow dirty or bad and it could be for any reason at all; race, religion, political party, health status, it doesn’t matter as long as the line is drawn between who is good and acceptable and who most certainly is not.

Yes something is very wrong in Australia and we best pay close attention.

For the record, I no longer wonder how an educated, free and wealthy country can fall in to tyranny.

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34 Responses to Something is Very Wrong in Australia

  1. Salvageable says:

    It’s hard to accept the reality that this is happening in our time. J.

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  2. This sounds very familiar. Its happening here but its just not full blown YET.

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  3. irtfyblog says:

    Tricia, thanks for this post. This was the first I’d heard about what was going on in Australia.
    I’m sure videos like this will soon be captured on a street corner in hometown USA very soon.

    The spiritual war is ramping up and getting pretty intense. I know it’s kind of cliché, but all the garbage that is happening around the world is just the beginning of birth pangs and the hardcore, really bad stuff is right around the corner.

    Things are gonna get even worse before it gets better.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks irfty and I feel the same. America will have its own videos of tyranny and brutality as the Biden administration and public health gclamp down harder on vaccine mandates and in keeping the Covid fear alive. The narrative is collapsing but that just means they will get more desperate.

      Yeah, things will get worse for sure, as we are in such a bad place. I like your idea of brith pangs though. God is working hard behind the scenesand will bring about a new and better reality.

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  4. sklyjd says:

    This is not police harassment and the journalist guy is lucky he had some tolerant cops. This guy is a mouthy idiot who could not shut up and claims the virus is a “scamdemic” The police have been handling lots of these kinds (wankers we call them here) who publicise false information about the virus and support anti vax riots. Who in their right mind waves at cops, he deserves to be targeted by the cops who have a hard job and then have to put up with his BS.


  5. Howdy Tricia, thanks for highlighting this. I have been following it on Twitter. This is a great summary.

    This is very dangerous.


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  6. Totally agree Tricia— I too have vocalized the ‘how in the world?!’
    But by watching our world today, we know—
    We must be those voices of opposition!!!

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  7. The Night Wind says:

    Australia is even building Concentration Camps. The psychopath Governor of Victoria said in a press conference that once his Loyalty Vaxx Quota of 70% is reached; he’ll lift the lockdowns but “lock out the other 30% from participation in society.” Canada is building camps too, BTW.
    I have a suspicion that the Elites are crafting their New Empire to be built upon the Anglosphere. It would make sense for One-World types to want a universal language. Also, if one does the math, 30% of the English-speaking world plus the rest of the world removed would about equal their stated goal of reducing the Earth’s population to 1/2 billion by 2050.

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  8. It’s so maddening, Tricia! The US is not quite at that tipping point yet, except for small pockets of insanity. My county did arrest a mom from not wearing a mask in the grocery store and they are taking it to trial. We can’t go into bar or restaurant without a vax passport. Me and many others are currently unemployed.

    Tell you the truth, I think Australia might have it better. At least it’s bad enough that people are protesting and fighting back.

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    • Tricia says:

      While neither I nor I’m sure you is much surprised on how quickly this slide in to tyranny is happening it sure is SO maddening! And yes, you’re area is making California look good which says a lot. I can’t believe they arrested that mom. Vax passports I’m sure are coming my way soon enough. It’s just oppressive really to live in states like this. The constant state of emergency, the stupid covid theater protocols that we have to follow but the elites don’t, the impending feeling of doom as to what’s coming next. Each press conference it seems brings another nonsense mandate.

      Not only are people not protesting much out this way, the majority I believe enjoys this state of fear and government crackdowns.

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  9. artaxes says:

    Tricia, thanks for continuing to identify the madness and the descent into tyranny.
    What happens in Australia is nothing but brutal, fascistic tyranny and their goverment is a bunch of lunatics who think that they can achieve zero covid. Human hubris and abject stupidity at its worst.
    Nutjobs like sklyd, who are justifying this insanity here in this comment section give us a glimpse into the mind of the fanatic nazi.

    In June I wrote a post on “Critical race theory” and genocide.In that post I addressed the same question that always plagued me until the wuhan virus happened. Here’s a part of it.

    “I’ve visited the Dachau concentration camp twice. First time as a boy, next time as a teenager. I’ve read books about the 3rd Reich. I’ve watched tons of videos and films dealing with the holocaust and world war II. In school we were taught about this dark era in German history. I’ve read books on racism, antisemitism and xenophobia. I’ve been living in this country for decades knowing the culture fairly well. And yet, and yet I could not really understand how a country that was one of the most scientifically, technologically and culturally advanced countries in the world could descend into murder, barbarism and insanity.

    I could not really understand why people would so willingly give up their freedom, so easily accept being ruled by a dictatorship and so blindly follow irrational, idiotic and arbitrary rules until the wuhan virus happened. Fear and panic brought out the ugliest, most primitive sides of man.
    Things prior unimaginable happened with a swiftness that took most by surprise, leaving many in disbelief about the very reality happening right in front of their eyes.
    Those who kept a modicum of sanity, refusing to fear a virus not much more dangerous than a bad flu, were made to fear the state which, in authoritarian, dictatorial style, enforced irrational, idiotic and arbitrary rules.”

    Fear and panic is the key, I think. In the case of Germany we must add the fact that the goverment first allowed and encouraged and later mandated the dehumanisation of group of people. We’re on the same frightening path.

    We must and we will fight,
    And we will win.

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    • Tricia says:

      This is an excellent comment artaxes and expresses perfectly what I’ve been thinking since nearly the start of the pandemic.

      In hindsight it seems everything has been about mass vaccination which if you had suggested this to me a year ago I would have thought you were crazy.

      Yes we are in a bad place and a lot of what’s going on is similarly to the seeds of Nazism and the insanity that lead to Hitler.

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    • sklyjd says:

      “Nutjobs like sklyd, who are justifying this insanity here in this comment section give us a glimpse into the mind of the fanatic nazi.”

      fanatic Nazi, ? how do you know I am not a Jew or have lost family members in the Holocaust? obviously you do not care because it had no real impact on you.

      You rave on about Australian violence when you condone gun ownership for all including the nutters who extract vengeance with an automatic weapon in schools and shopping centres and then also condemn the people who demonstrate against your own US police brutality when deaths have occurred. Double standards I would say.

      “Those who kept a modicum of sanity, refusing to fear a virus not much more dangerous than a bad flu,”

      Facts do matter, but you clearly do not want to learn anything and understand the facts, whatever your source of information and your belief this is not the flu.

      You should go to the you tube videos or talk to a nurse who works in a Covid effected area where people are dying and regretting not getting vaccinated, in Victoria people are begging for a vaccination as they are put onto a ventilator while hospital beds are used up preventing other sick people from cancers and heart diseases who cannot be treated. Many who beat the virus have ongoing medical problems for life. Yes if I am a fanatic Nazi you are simply uncaring and wanting to stay an ignorant freedom fighting foolish man.

      Absolutely nothing is 100% safe. These and every other vaccine can and will cause some adverse reactions in a small percentage of people, so does eating food, because one in 100,000 people will die from a food related illness in the USA every year. Crossing the road 6,721 pedestrians were killed on U.S. roads in 2020.

      Taking a vaccine is a very small amount of personal risk exactly comparable with the everyday things we do. The benefit of the greater society and loved family and friends matter and are just as important as your own health. People would be able to understand that in the past but it appears today some people are just too self absorbed in their own selfish agenda to care.


  10. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Do you wonder why Liberal Democrat politicians hate America’s police men and women? Do you wonder why they are pressuring so many police men and women to quit? Then consider how police forces are used by authoritarian regimes. Our police men and women don’t qualify for that sort of work.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Tom for the re blog. The Biden administration and other powers that be are actively purging out of police forces and the military those that understand freedom and who would never brutally enforce the unethical directives coming from above. The left over ones will fall in line much more easily.

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  11. boudicaus says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    H/T Citizen Tom


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  13. Canuck Carl says:

    It is very disturbing what happened in Nazi Germany. As you mentioned, Tricia, it didn’t happen overnight. So important to be aware at all times.

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    • Tricia says:

      It is Carl so important to be aware and that’s one of the reasons why my blog has kind of turned in to Covid central. So much of the government’s response to this virus around the world has been wrong and disturbingly anti science and with the intent it seems of drastically increasing the power of the state and destroying civil liberties. The most horrible of times in history all start this way and people need to wake up.

      Ok, enough of that. I hope you’re doing well Carl, I need to get over to your always inspiring and uplifting blog!

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