My Name is Tricia and I’m a Conservative

Good satire is a lost art , which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the above video so much.  Mainly though, I was just really pleased to see a black woman speaking  publicly about being a Conservative in a smart and funny way that demolishes  stereotypes on who and what they are supposed to be about.

That woman by the way is Candace Owens, who puts out fabulous videos meant to wake up her fellow African Americans to the absurdly hypocritical progressive left and how damaging it has been and still is for black people.

As a politically Conservative woman, I can sympathize. I know my views often raise eyebrows among some people and I’m very familiar with the surprised look that comes after declaring them.   This is often followed either by uncomfortable silence or a drawn out monologue on all the evil ways Conservatives wish to oppress women. How could possibly I be one of them, don’t I know about the patriarchy?

Um, yes I do and I believe its existence as a political wedge issue has been one of the most damaging things for women since being denied the right to vote.  Spun to manipulate us in to blaming sexism and right wing Republicans for everything wrong in our lives, the corrosive effects of this false narrative on women’s empowerment and societal cohesiveness cannot be overstated.

For all the ills of the Internet and social media, it’s also brought about  tremendous change to the political landscape by allowing individuals like the woman in the video to share their views with millions of others without the filter of a news anchor telling us what to think about her.  This destroys the conventional labels the media and politicians like to pin on us and is a very good thing.

For more examples of this Liberal Red Pill phenomenon go here.

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33 Responses to My Name is Tricia and I’m a Conservative

  1. ColorStorm says:

    Hey trish.
    some call me CS, others storm, others color, some john, others jack, but I’d just like to say:

    I approve of this post. lol

    com’n out. too much

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  2. LOL! Oh dear,you know I’m going to start hyperventilating over the very mention of red pills! I do keep in mind however, that the Lord can use anything and take beauty from the ashes of what we create. So there can be some good there. There is the questioning of the media and feminism,
    patriarchy,and other tropes. Questioning narratives and ideology is always a good thing.

    Very cute though, “my name is Tricia and I am a conservative.” Indeed, that is revolutionary stuff. Hard to believe, but in the US today, many of us are in the closet. 🙂

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    Now that’s funny

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  4. Al says:

    This is exactly why I call you my hero of the left coast! I don’t know how you do it dealing with the craziness that comes out of that area. From Hollywood in the south to Nancyville in the north, it boggles the mind what they are capable of doing and saying. As I have said, you’re the beacon of reason in the mist of irrationality that is California politics.

    As you know, Virginia is also “blue” state, although in this particular area it is way more conservative due to the large military and retired military presence. However, thanks to glib Obama, my wife went over to the dark side. Her sister and husband, who live close, are also of that ilk, as is my daughter who is in Charlottesville. Believe it or not, my only conservative ally in this family is my daughter’s husband who is from, of all places, San Francisco! There is hope!

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    • Tricia says:

      Well thanks Al! It can be tough at times but there are a few of us rebels out here in looney CA. Fortunately San Diego is WAY better than Nancyville and Hollywood, probably due to our large military presence too. Still, it gets old being governed by a state legislature that is filled with self identified Marxists!

      I can’t believe your wife went to the dark side! Than be difficult. Good thing you have a good sense of humor. Funny too that that your conservative ally is from San Fran.

      I’ll continue shining light over here if you do the same back there! 🙂


  5. Dennis says:

    Hey Tricia, long time since I’ve commented but been busy. I have read all you post tho’.
    Like the video. I have been noticing more and more black men and women”coming out” as conservative and trying to tell others about how the liberal media and the democrat party has been “using” minorities for decades. It’s so refreshing to see and hear these folks and I hope they are changing some hearts and minds. One can only hope!
    Keep up the great blog!

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  6. My name is Silence of Mind.

    And I can give up conservatism any time I want…


    Why don’t you believe me?!

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  7. David says:

    Awesome, and I mean she is really awesome! I have never understood why any black much less any proper thinking individual would be a Democrat, but of course, I may have just answered my question!

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  8. Love the video. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed. God is with you.

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  10. pamelaparizo says:

    I don’t see her videos as brilliant at all. In fact, I don’t like their tone. I can’t get into this alt-left, red pill political mindset as being patriotic. Her video showed up on my conservative page the other day and I deleted it. I think you can patriotic and conservative and not have this attitude which I find offensive and not offering people real hope. Maybe it’s because I’m Christian. I believe in free speech, I’m not politically correct, but I feel her tone is ugly.

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    • Tricia says:

      Well I can respect that comment Pamela, as her videos certainly come with an “in your face” attitude that can put some folks off. I personally don’t see her as as alt right or left though, but as attempting to connect with a millennial target audience that’s been brainwashed their entire lives about politics and who is on their side. Some edginess here I think is required to get through.

      I haven’t watched all of them but so far have seen no swearing or otherwise inappropriate language in her videos. I enjoy them, but hey are not for everyone, that is for sure.

      Thanks for coming by!

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      • pamelaparizo says:

        I don’t see her tone as being comparable to the tone of the Revolution. One has to ask what her agenda is. I’ve been doing some research on what she has said and some of her interviews and the people who are her target audience. Candace Owens aligns herself with the same crew many of the Red Pill misogynists align with. She has spoken for the Men’s Rights Movement.

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        • Tricia says:

          Is Candace Owens a philosopher in the spirit of John Locke who our Founding Fathers took inspiration from? Does she articulate the essence of Conservatism and its societal benefits as someone like Bill Buckley could? Obviously no, but I do believe she is saying things that desperately need saying to people that desperately need to hear them in a way that, at least for now, has a chance of reaching their intended target.

          She has done some interviews with sites/people I don’t like, but I don’t see her or her videos promoting any type of true Red Pill nonsense ala Stefan Molyneaux types.

          Is that movement attempting to co op her? Probably and it would be a shame if they did and I will be praying for her not to succumb.


  11. M.G. Piety says:

    That video is hilarious! I posted it to Facebook and Twitter. I have to say, though, that while I am completely disgusted with the American Democratic Party, to suggest that the alternative is conservatism is to fall victim to the fallacy of the false dichotomy. The Republicans are really no better on the economy than are the Democrats. The economic policy of this country is dictated by big business and that is, sadly, an inevitable consequence of campaign finance law.

    I lived in Denmark, a country with free higher education and free healthcare and an excellently maintained infrastructure, for eight years. Not only does Denmark, despite its economic challenges, have a healthier economy than does the U.S., and not only does Denmark score higher on ALL the quality of life indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality, literacy, rates of various diseases, etc., Danes also have much more personal liberty than do Americans. They can speak frankly to their employers without fear that they will be fired because 1.) it is very hard to fire people in Denmark, and 2.) even if they were fired, the social welfare system is such that their main challenge would be the boredom and low self esteem that always accompany unemployment. Danes are not chained to a particular employer or job because moving would mean losing health insurance. Entrepreneurs are not forced out of business because they can’t afford the cost of health insurance for their employees (unsurprisingly, there is more entrepreneurial activity in Denmark than in the U.S.)

    Danish women have the freedom to choose to be homemakers if they WANT to, because wages are high and that means a family can support itself on one income, AND even if their husbands leave them, the state will make sure their children are provided for.

    Despite all these social welfare programs and the purportedly high taxes that go with them (I say “purportedly” because Frederik Pryor showed in his book The Future of U.S. Capitalism, that Europeans don’t actually pay higher taxes than do Americans AND I didn’t pay higher taxes when I lived in Denmark than I pay now in the U.S.), there are still both publicly held and privately owned companies in Denmark and there are still rich people. You may have seen Mærsk trucks. Mærsk is a HUGE Danish shipping company, the largest shipping company in the world. Bang and Olufsen is a Danish company. Lego is a Danish company. Danes, individual Danes, are making money hand over fist and yet the country is still able to provide a better quality of life and greater individual liberty for its citizens than is the U.S.

    If you are repulsed by the Democrats, as so many of us are. Don’t go conservative. Go farther left!

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    • Tricia says:

      I thought it was hilarious too! She’s got a talent for this stuff and I hope as she grows and learns more she’ll tighten up her focus a bit more philosophically and as pertains to policies. Actually I’d love to see her on the college speaking circuit. It would be more than hysterical to see how the social justice warriors would react to her.

      As far as Denmark, I would love to go visit there as I’ve always heard great things about it and the people. Becoming a Socialist though, now that made me laugh! Thank you, but I am a liberty gal through and through and believe who heartedly that limited government works best for everyone. What we have here in the U.S. is a quasi socialist country mainly running on crony capitalism, which really is the worst of both worlds. What a mess.

      I am not a Republican by the way as I’m registered Independent. There are few actual Conservative Republicans in Congress. Many on both the left and right repulse me.

      Thanks for dropping in!


  12. Susan Small says:

    I just read some excellent comments from Candace Owens. She’s amazing and I’m very happy to know there are bright, knowledable women such as she, on the right side of reality and truth.
    Every chance I get I ask One Question to anyone who will listen and that is, Why is it that our public schools do not have The very same curriculum as the very best private schools in our country? The Washington DC area Private schools that many of the Washington Elite children attend, for instance. All over our country are excellent schools providing excellent opportunities for their students to be successful. We are devided by our levels of education NOT by the color of our skin. Let’s give All The Children the education that can afford each child the opportunity to pursue his/ her happiness. That’s Constitutional.

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    • Tricia says:

      Such a great comment Susan, thanks so much for contributing! You are so right, education is key and we’ve got to stop following the failed, centralized, union heavy way of doing things. Change is already happening but it will take time.


  13. This video was wonderful. Numerous in a meaningful way. Anytime you can mention the 3 K’s (Ku Klux Klan) and get a chuckle, you’ve accomplished something. Thank you for sharing this!

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  14. Couldn’t agree more. I especially loved this which I’ve only just seen, “I’m weirdly obsessed with individual liberty and feel it’s not given enough credit as being a necessary factor for living a truly empowered and fulfilled life.

    Whether it’s self serving politicians who are constantly trying to make victims out of us, or the negative fixed narratives we impose on ourselves that limit what we can do, we are constantly giving up personal power over to some person or thing which ironically only shrinks our world further. “

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