Behold, The Amazing California Newt!


No, not of the Gingrich kind but from the salamander family, which the California Newt is one strain of.  Fun side note, a newt is always a salamander but a salamander is not always a newt.

Ignore the hairy knuckles in the photo above. While they might remind us of the more primitive and perhaps dangerous side of man, it’s the tiny animal clasped between the fingers that we should pay heed to.

The toothy grin and small stature of the California Newt convey cuteness and innocence, yet that Dr. Seuss like orange body is drenched in poison hundreds of times more toxic than cyanide. Harmless to its host, this neurotoxin is strong enough to kill most predators, including humans, but only if ingested.

Think on this before judging someone as weak, incapable or easy to manipulate. Meekness on the outside quite often belies a strong spirit made of many hard fought battles from the past. One who has tamed their interior poison to work for them instead of against, so it no longer spews at random but only when gravely threatened.

So admire the Newt, treat it with respect and dignity but never underestimate it and certainly never, ever try to eat one! Things will not turn out well as this poor frog below discovers too late.

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29 Responses to Behold, The Amazing California Newt!

  1. ColorStorm says:

    ‘One who has tamed their interior poison………………’ Great insight, but easier said than done.
    Reminded me of Jonah in the belly of the whale, after his poison was dealt with; but cool vid, the little guy walks away as if nothing happened.

    Now the frog……….maybe he should have done his homework, and asked around as to the nutritional value and odds of staying alive. 😉

    By the way Trish, liked too how you highlighted meekness and battles.

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Wow you win best illustration of the month!

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  3. LOL! Wow, well said. Strength in weakness, indeed. Beware the mighty newt!

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  4. Al says:

    What’s the big deal? I’ve thrown up many a meal and felt like I was dead, too.

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  5. Julie says:

    The meek shall crawl from the mouths of the stupid frogs and inherit the earth.

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  6. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Well, that was newts to me —

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  7. Dennis says:

    Please please please tell me that wasn’t your hand holding the newt Tricia! 🙂
    Aren’t most bully’s loud and boisterous right before some one puts them in their place?
    Wonder how hard it would be to start the rumor that licking the newt belly would make you high just like certain mushrooms and other plants and animals? Might be a good way to teach some folks a lesson in trying everything they hear or see on the internet. Darwin’s law might kick in too!

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  8. jncthedc says:

    A great lesson we can all learn from. I had never even heard of a newt prior to this posting. As far as the hairy knuckles are concerned, it is my professional opinion you may want to have a testosterone panel run to determine whether your PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) need modifications! 😀
    Seriously, I enjoyed the info and the moral of this terrific story.

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    • Tricia says:

      Lol on hairy knuckles! I just don’t know what to do bout them so thx for the advice…;) I’d never heard of a newt either until I ran across tons of them in Yosemite recently. Amazing little creatures they are, deadly at that!

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  9. Silent, small, deadly. =)

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  10. Citizen Tom says:

    Great post with a valuable lesson!

    I have taken lots of biology courses, but I have never heard of that newt before.

    The video is shocking. That frog died almost immediately. Then the newt crawled almost casually out of its mouth.What a unique way to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat!

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  11. WOW, so incredible how quickly the frog succumbed to the poison, and then to actually watch the newt crawl out of the frogs mouth.
    Nothing like that in Canada that I am aware of. If I ever return to California to go backpacking, I’ll definitely remember to shake my hiking boots out in the morning.
    They do look so meek and harmless. What a great lesson you left us Tricia! 🙂

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