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White Male Privilege A Myth?

The video above shows a fascinating dialogue between “Louder With Crowder” host Steven Crowder and students at Texas Christian University.  It touches on a number of cultural hot topics, like white male privilege, oppression of minorities and women, whether systemic … Continue reading

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Real Change For Real People

“It’s gonna be a journey where we’re gonna pour in to you, but you’re also going to pour in to your kids and you’re going to change the course of your life forever”–Chris Megison, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Solutions … Continue reading

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A Couple of Recommendations….

I follow many, many outstanding blogs on WordPress and am always truly humbled by the incredible pool of talent I witness whenever I dive in to the day’s Reader offerings. I would feel perfectly comfortable recommending any one of them, … Continue reading

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Year of the Crybaby

So long 2015! Although you were quite the mixture of good, bad, happy and sad, annoyance is what comes to mind when I think about the booming population of whiners this past year has brought. With complaining having surpassed football … Continue reading

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