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A Primal Scream For Sanity

    “When Did Flattenng the Curve Turn in to Finding a Cure?”-Dave Portnoy My apologies for the profane language in the video, but it’s a delicious primal scream from Dave Portney, owner of and extremely cathartic for those … Continue reading

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Contact Tracing & Forced Home Removal

The kind looking man with the gentle voice in the video is Dr. Robert Levin, Health Director for Ventura County, CA.  In it, the doctor explains the new “Test & Trace” program being implemented across the state and how it … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Studies Bring Some Good News

                              Photo Credit: COVID-19 studies done in CA, MA and NY are starting to confirm what’s long been suspected, that there are vastly more asymptomatic or … Continue reading

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Corona Crazy

Gas·light /ˈɡaslīt/ verb To manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. WE MUST FLATTEN THE CURVE so our healthcare system doesn’t get overrun!!  Flatten the curve, flatten the curve, STAY HOME TO FLATTEN THE CURVE!!!  But now … Continue reading

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A Broken Economy Means Broken People

“It was like a 98% drop in revenue overnight.  All the bills keep coming in, it’s hard to pay those bills.”–John Rudolph, co-owner of Harry’s Coffee Shop and Diner. “As of this afternoon, we’ve been forced to lay off our … Continue reading

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The Uncertainty Virus

This is an absolutely fascinating interview with Stanford University Professor of Medicine Doctor Jay Bhattacharya.  He discusses why knowing the true lethality rate of COVID-19 is so important, as we cannot know what that rate is without a definitive number … Continue reading

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Social Distance ≠ Emotional Distance

At least it shouldn’t. I daresay the technology our culture is absurdly blessed with was made for these very strange times, where we’re forced to live life from our living room couches and in person contact with others is vastly … Continue reading

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So Call it the Xi Virus Then….

Or call it whatever you wish, COVID-19, China Virus, Beer Virus, or the Wuhan Flu, I really don’t care.  But please do not let the Chinese government off the hook for this and get away with its by now familiar … Continue reading

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Pandora’s Pandemic

  Stephen King wrote a popular book awhile back called The Stand about a rapidly spreading virus that started as a common cold and ended up killing almost everyone it infected.  I read  it not once, not twice, but three … Continue reading

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Racist, Sexist Patients

                            According to this Jerusalem Post article, The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is set to “deny medical services to racist, sexist patients”.  Now, I’m not sticking … Continue reading

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