A Needed Reckoning

A recent article in the Atlantic has caused quite a kerfuffle on social media and made me think I’m not a very good Christian. We are called to forgive others as we would ourselves, yet my anger after reading Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty, made me realize how far away I am from forgiving anybody that had anything to do with our disastrous Covid response.

The author’s stance is basically NOBODY KNEW enough about the virus to determine what the right choices were as far as school closures, business shutdowns, masks, etc…so we can’t blame folks who got it wrong and by gosh, can’t we just let bygones be bygones and move on? Well, no, because in fact many of us DID KNOW early on about a lot of this stuff.

For example by April of 2020, we knew that children did not face a serious threat from Covid, nor were they large spreaders of it. A cursory glance at data from other countries that didn’t keep kids home, or just at private schools here that remained open made this clear. Yet public schools in America beholden to the teachers’s unions stayed shut for almost 2 years in some areas.

The same could be said for masks, of which the science behind them NOT WORKING for mitigating viral spread had been well established for years, but which public health weaponized by implying you were a good and unselfish person if you believed in masks and a terrible granny killer if you didn’t.

On and on this went went, with a variety of things where an established narrative with no science to back it up was parroted ad nauseam as the good and virtuous position and anyone questioning it was bad; from natural immunity, to made up 6′ social distance rules, to business/school closures and then finally the grand daddy of virtue signal nonsense, the vaccines.

All of this caused much societal damage, as groups of people were pitted against one another, fracturing relationships which to this day remain broken. More infuriating is none of this did diddly to stop the virus doing what the virus was always going to do, but brought great collateral damage of which we are just now seeing the bill come due.

Massive global poverty, enormous childhood learning loss, particularly in low income groups, a mental health pandemic, sky high levels of addiction/suicide, supply chain issues, high inflation; all of this can be tied directly back to our insane pandemic response, which ended up killing more people than the actual virus did.

Who could have guessed that throwing out 20 + years of standard pandemic planning in favor of China style lockdowns would wreak such havoc and practically incinerate everything required for a healthy societies to thrive A lot of us actually, but we got shouted down, accused of being Covid deniers and kicked off social media.

The word that best sums up our entire pandemic response is is anti-human and to refresh the memory as to why, here is what government and public health officials did:

  • Shamed younger people in to thinking they were dangerous viral vectors to be avoided.
  • Closed business, schools, churches and divided us up as between essential or non essential people.
  • Dehumanized people by mandating they cover their breathing holes and their uniquely identifying facial features, with useless face masks.
  • Made people suffer alone in hospitals while their loved ones watched them die on iPads.
  • Promoted and caused the enactment of vicious, anti-science vaccine mandates, which almost broke society by othering those that didn’t partake as selfish, evil and/or dumb. Many jobs were lost and families were permanently split apart by this dangerous and unprecedented mass psychological manipulation.
  • Lied about the vaccines preventing infection and being safe/effective, while pushing them hard for all age groups. We now know, for example of the myocarditis risk in young males, yet the CDC is STILL recommending shots and boosters for everyone.
  • Banned milestone events like funerals, weddings, proms, birthdays, graduations, baby showers; anything it seems that strengthened societal bonds.
  • Prevented people from getting proper screening procedures, so diseases like cancer progressed unnecessarily to untreatable stages.
  • Banned any non-government approved therapeutic from being used for Covid treatment, lied about their efficacy and fired doctors for prescribing them. This alone caused thousands of needless deaths.

I could go on, but you get the drift. With the casual flip of a switch, our civil liberties went out the window and in came a new dystopian era of medical tyranny, where incompetent, power hungry bureaucrats partnered with Big Pharma/Big Tech to govern the most intimate and personal details of our lives.

This created tremendous harm of which no apologies, nor even the slightest acknowledgment from those that caused it have come about.

So sorry, but not sorry, we are nowhere near the forgiveness stage. Someday, yes, but for now, we need at least an acknowledgment that mistakes were made. And I mean all of us, including those responsible and those who, while maybe not directly responsible, went along with the narrative and treated those that didn’t horribly.

Because you see, this is not just about those that were wronged needing accountability to happen. Those that did the wrongdoing need a chance to come to terms with it, apologize to whoever they need to and perhaps forgive themselves. If not, these unprocessed feelings will haunt them the rest of their lives and come out in unhealthy ways.

Vicious and cruel things happened because public health inexplicably decided to try and eradicate Covid at the cost of everything else. There must be a reckoning for this, society cannot truly heal without one.

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62 Responses to A Needed Reckoning

  1. Salvageable says:

    I agree completely. And, in another place, I read another response to that request for amnesty, written by a basically liberal American woman who feels so betrayed by the malfeasance of the people in charge that she is determined to vote them out of office this month and every chance she gets in the future. The fans of government control may have overplayed their hand this round, and they see themselves dealt out of the game over the coming years. (We can only hope and pray.) J.

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  2. socrates1234 says:

    The hegelian dialectic which is problem (fake virus), reaction (fear porn propaganda media) and solution (depopulation poison vaccine agenda) was used like what the government has done every single time.

    Whatever the government or propaganda media nonsense says, do the opposite.

    If you haven’t figured out a dog smelling another dogs ass gets more factual information that a human does watching CNN or really any mind control msm, it’s time to figure that out.

    I wrote my Orwell poison vaccine piece in April 2020 as I knew this is how it would turn out.

    I used to be called a conspiracy theorist by many, but not anymore!

    The iceberg of evil is much deeper than you realize. Kyrie Irving and Kanye West or Ye are merely telling you the truth!

    Kyrie shared a documentary from Owen Benjamin who promotes family values and to stop watching porn which is a weapon of war. He was attacked for that.

    The world is completely inverted.

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  3. Doug says:

    Perhaps the single “political” takeaway I found from the pandemic is that democracies (yeah, yeah, blah, blah… representative republics too) will fall faster and harder from any broad-ranging disaster, be it a pandemic, massive disaster, economic collapse, etc. simply because democracies have no tolerance for authoritarian rule, even if the designed intent is for the public good. Many of the autocratic countries fared a bit better in the response to infection/death rates per capita because the public was used to listening to someone in charge. And that’s the whole point with a democracy…. we can’t surrender political control an inch simply because we love our freedoms more than life itself… or more to the point, “I love my freedoms more than I love my loved ones, or your loved ones.” because one person calling the shots just can’t possibly know what direction I think the country should go.”, as if I know anything at all about it.
    It’s part of the human condition. It’s one reason there’s no democracy on ships at sea. Emergencies can pop up at a moments notice and there’s no time for counting ballots. There’s also that other little quirk humans have… we fear things we do not understand…. and we even fear things we do understand. Honestly, I think the greater fear is in our losing the status quo. We all expect trials and tragedies to vanish in the normal news cycle, and then we head back to work on Monday morning expecting that Big Mac for lunch. We fear losing that more than anything.

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    • Tricia says:

      “Many of the autocratic countries fared a bit better in the response to infection/death rates per capita because the public was used to listening to someone in charge. And that’s the whole point with a democracy…. we can’t surrender political control an inch simply because we love our freedoms more than life itself… or more to the point, “I love my freedoms more than I love my loved ones, or your loved ones.”

      I get what you’re saying here Doug, but in my opinion it’s untrue that if whe had just given in to authority and locked down harder and masked better and had our doors welded shut as occurred in places like China we would have suffered less Covid deaths.

      As my post explained, the collateral damage of what we DID do with lockdowns, even though it paled in comparison with Chinese O Covid tactics which have been a fat failure on their own, caused unprecedented collateral damage that killed more people than the virus itself, while doing nothing to change the course of it. In fact one could argue we made things worse by delaying herd immunity and transferring the burden of getting Covid from the younger/healthier Zoom population working from home in their pajamas, to less healthy populations who delivered our food and Amazon orders.

      Our response was catastrophic, unprecedented and, in the end, ineffective.

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      • Doug says:

        I am not suggesting all went correctly.. or would have gone correctly if only they listened to… yada yada. I do know this.. when things like this occur in history it’s an upheaval of instinctual survival. We have no previous lessons from which we can prepare for these things. Everything about life becomes collateral damage… and the avoidance of death. In fact…. the pandemic was the greatest turmoil of that last 100 years at least. It affected every aspect of human society across the globe… and still does to this day. And after the effects of the pandemic tapered off, people got their vaccines… or not…. life went on, the masks came off, social distancing is now more or less an afterthought. Doesn’t it seem a bit interesting at all that Congress has not initiated a “pandemic investigation” to determine how effective, or not, processes, procedures, institutional performance.. not so much to assign blame but to be better prepared for such calamities in the future? Nothing. Nada. Hunter Biden, Jan. 6th, the economy (as a result of the pandemic, btw)… hell, the Russians decided to invade Ukraine because the pandemic was all over. The “new” Congress wants to start off revenge investigations. The dead bodies piling up in the trailers, overworked medical staffs, crying relatives looking through windows from outside buildings to watch their loved ones die… all forgotten. The big concern now is who to blame because children lost some school time to the pandemic. The whole thing is a whacked example of priorities-run-amok and humanity at work.
        A new pandemic could occur next week… and all the same crap will happen all over again.

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        • Tricia says:

          Yes, I do wish Congress would conduct a serious review of what happened so we can ensure this never, ever occurs again. That’s why acknowledgement and accountability are so important. IF the R’s take over there is a better chance this happens, but I don’t believe much will change. The problem is too many people were willing to hand over their freedoms for the perceived notion of safety. That is my biggest fear, that they will do it all over again. Too much grift, money and corruption involved at this point.

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          • Doug says:

            No.. people want to be led and it’s human to want to have some level of hope.. and the more urgent and/or drastic the situation they will listen to any voice that fits the bill. Just look at how the quest to save democracy has fallen from importance to the idea of rising prices and people having enough to buy gas, pay the bills, and get the next big screen TV. Your R’s will take over and as you said, nothing will change. The economy will run its course because no one person can control it. Yet the voters are hoping a change in party leadership will make gas cheaper inside of the first 30 days…. as if the Messiah will come down and wiggle His nose and… poof… the status quo is preserved. In the meantime, Americans, the world, are slowly getting tired of the Ukraine war because all the miniscule military aid hasn’t been enough to win it for fear of all of us getting nuked. We help fight a half-assed war with half-assed effort…. thinking we are saving a fledgling democracy from Russian autocracy. That fear again. Pick your priority.

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          • The Night Wind says:

            I’m coming more and more to believe that voting is simply enabling the leaders of both parties (and their Corporate overlords) to pretend that we actually have any semblance of self-government in the United States. Elections are about as much of a scam as the Covid hoax.

            People seem to want to forget in 2022 that in 2020 the GOP went along with all of this. Only ONE Republican Governor (South Dakota) didn’t impose mandates. DeWine, the Republican Governor of Ohio was the first to impose lockdowns, masks, etc. Arizona, Idaho, and Alaska are GOP-run states and they made headlines for their tyranny: jailing people, shutting down businesses, etc. That includes DeSantis who was a tyrant until he flip-flopped.

            Republicans—the big party of ‘school choice’ were the ones demanding re-opening public schools: complete with Vaxx requirements and mask mandates. They turned a blind eye to all of the devastation going on to the families and small businesses that they pretend to represent. Instead, they masked up just like Pelosi ordered them to; let Democrat Governors rule by decree, ran out in the Summer of 2020 and knelt with the rioters—and haven’t said a peep about the railroading of the Minneapolis police officers or the Jan 6th protesters. The Republicans are just Deep State scumbags like the Democrats.

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          • Tricia says:

            The Republican response, or lack of one really has been one my major disappointments from this fiasco. Libertarian writer I read as well turned in to big government mask and vaccine lovers. It was truly bizarre watching Reason Magazine and National Review cave to the govt narrative.

            Kristy Noem may have her issues but on Covid she was spot on and the only one.

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      • Tricia, you and I (along with millions of others) were branded “conspiracy theorists” for saying that the government response to covid would kill more people than covid did, but unfortunately we have been proven correct. Conspiracy theorists are the new fact checkers.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      The autocratic countries fared better, and how do we know. The autocrats, who will lock you up, torture, and hide your body in a nameless grave with 100 others if you disagree, said so.

      If we want to live, we have to be willing to give up our lives for the things that matter more. Jesus expressed this thought in Matthew 16:24-27.

      We should not listen to leaders when they try to scare us into doing something against our values.

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  4. Sue Cass says:

    I’m with you, Tricia. There is no way I will forgive evil and that is exactly what this whole “Pandemic” Covid B.S. was from the very inception of it in the lab. Pure unadulterated EVIL! And now they still push it on even babies. Their intent is pure and simple – murder as many as they can and destroy this country. Forgive them? I don’t think so, so I guess I’m a lousy Christian, too.

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  5. Good post, Tricia! Count me in the, “bad Christian’s club” because I’m not ready to forgive either. Nope to amnesty!

    Funny about the witch cartoon! “Mistakes were made on both sides” is always a red flag for me.

    It’s so ironic too, this is the excuse, “basically NOBODY KNEW enough about the virus to determine what the right choices were.” That’s right! We almost NEVER know enough to determine the right choices for another person. That is why we don’t ever mindlessly pass mandates and apply force, like they did! You don’t have that right, EVER.

    I’ll have to ponder that forgiveness thing some more because at this point I really think amnesty would be a grave injustice, immoral. I want to see some accountability first. Start by resigning.

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    • Tricia says:

      Ok, IB, I’ve got you all signed up in to the BCC! And you’re so right, mindlessly creating mandates with force behind them should never be on the table, when no one has any idea what the right choices are for other people. That was the big issue here, they went the collective route and by trying to protect everybody, they protected no one. Honestly, I don’t even believe most PH were trying to actually help people, a lot of it was following dumb protocols, fragile egos and sunk cost fallacy. What a disaster.

      I do agree too that amnesty without accountability would be deeply immoral.n They are trying to go this rout by sweeping things under the rug and hoping people have short memories. I don’t think reality is going to let that farce continue much longer,.

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    • The fact is that a lot of people truly DIDN’T know, because they get all of their news and information from government-approved sources. When everyone speaking the truth has been deplatformed, ostracized, and demonized, it takes a while for the truth to trickle out. But it’s beginning to now, even to some of the most diehard of the branch covidians.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      If the politicians and the bureaucrats, who insisted upon the COVID lockdowns want to resign in mass, that might be worth and amnesty. Of course, some, like Dr Fauci, are probably guilty of accepting bribes. If so, he belongs in jail, and he need to be deprived of his loot.

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  6. The Night Wind says:

    I’m in the ‘No Amnesty’ camp too. In an ideal world, in fact, I think that many of those who pushed this fraud ought to be put on trial and charged with Treason, Criminal Conspiracy, and Crimes Against Humanity—with most of them duly hanged or imprisoned afterwards. Corporations which profiteered from the Scam would have their assets seized and restitution paid to businesses they destroyed.

    Of course, that has no chance of happening in the real world; in fact, Bill Gates was saying just recently how him and his fellow scum had learned from the last Mass Hysteria how to manage the next ‘crisis’ better.

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  7. It would be nice to get apologies, contrition, and a sense of accountability. I think most parents know to expect that from their children. Forgiveness is a false flag.

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  8. Tricia, one more thought from Jesus.

    “Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him.” Luke 17:3

    We do have permission to rebuke.

    We forgive after repentance.

    I have not seen any repentance yet.

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  10. HAT says:

    @the Night Wind, it’s like Emma Goldman said, “If voting could change anything, they’d make it illegal.” Kind of cynical, but …

    Re the larger post, and the point that People acted like this or that was “the good and virtuous position” – a book by Joseph Bottum, *An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America,* basically argues that social politics has become the new, secular arena for a kind of demonstration that “we are good people” (whoever “we” are). In the wake of the decline of, in particular, mainline Protestantism.

    I think Bottum would say that dynamic definitely showed up in the nation’s response to COVID. Even which facts people regard as factual seem to have become subject to it, at this point.

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  11. sklyjd says:

    “because in fact many of us DID KNOW early on about a lot of this stuff.”
    “we knew that children did not face a serious threat from Covid, nor were they large spreaders of it.”

    That is the problem, everyone suddenly became an expert, people who heard something from Fox, Trump or QAnon thought that sounds right I will believe it.
    6 million children in the US had tested positive to Covid-19 but usually did not face a serious threat from COVID-19, nor were they large spreaders of it. That was simply an observation by the public only.

    One thing the real experts did know was that some children can develop life-threatening inflammatory condition called ” multisystem inflammatory syndrome or MIS-C and they could have longer more subtle effects not yet known by science. some children with asymptomatic or mild infection may go on to develop such long term symptoms as fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and respiratory problems. Researchers are monitoring a 1000 children over 3 years for long term impact.

    How COVID-19 damages the brain is becoming clearer. New evidence suggests that the coronavirus’s assault on the brain could be multipronged: it might attack certain brain cells directly, reduce blood flow to brain tissue or trigger production of immune molecules that can harm brain cells. neurological symptoms appeared in 80% of the people hospitalized with COVID-19 who were surveyed in one study.

    “The same could be said for masks, of which the science behind them NOT WORKING for mitigating viral spread had been well established for years,”

    A large, randomized trial led by researchers at Stanford Medicine and Yale University has found that wearing a surgical face mask over the mouth and nose is an effective way to reduce the occurrence of COVID-19 in community settings.

    Vaccines reduce the risk of COVID-19, including the risk of severe illness and death among people who are fully vaccinated. In addition to data from clinical trials, evidence from real-world vaccine effectiveness studies show that COVID-19 vaccines help protect against COVID-19 infections, with or without symptoms (asymptomatic infections). Vaccine effectiveness against hospitalizations has remained relatively high over time, although it tends to be slightly lower for older adults and for people with weakened immune systems.

    This unknown virus has never been perfectly understood and has been handled with many mistakes, corrupt companies, false information and some disasters but the most studied biological and statistical information has been repeated all over the world by reputable scientists and governments and that is closer to facts than anything else you may decide to believe. How can we all just simply decide to believe in different things we feel is right due to our idealogical beliefs, such as the belief in the control of the masses conspiracy by the “Deep State” or any other dark agency?


    • socrates1234 says:

      ” Common sense is not so common.” Voltaire

      And most definitely those who regurgitate from “authority figures” who LIE for money lacks any critical thinking skills whatsoever.

      A conspiracy theorist is one who believes vegetable Biden not only won the election in 2020 (it was not even close) and has a functioning brain.

      The election results we just witnessed are completely and utterly laughable. Anyone who believes this puppet show at this point is catatonic.

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    • Doug says:

      Very good. I firmly agree. But then, I’m just this blog’s political contrarian.

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    • Tricia says:

      What are you talking about? We knew very early on the age stratification differences in viral complications from C19, which overwhelmingly targeted the very old and and very sick.

      We also had plenty of evidence about kids in schools from other countries that kept them open and then later in our own country when private schools and some states opened them. Big surprise, the kids and teachers were fine.

      Even the most diehard school closure fanatics have run away from this position, crying for “amnesty” because they know what a disaster it was.

      And masks? Sigh, I’ve posted plenty about them, their dehumanizing effects, their physical/psychological drawbacks and utter uselessness at mitigating aerosolized viral particles.

      In fact I’ve posted on all of this before and it’s obvious we won’t have a melding of minds. I do hope you understand someday though that a great injustice was enacted upon us, by a wildly out of control public health bureaucracy, captured by the very companies they were designed to regulate. It was the perfect storm of hubris, massive incompetence and politial grift, whose after effects have killed many more than the virus and we are just getting started.

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      • kokanee101 says:

        So very true, even as Nesta Webster mentioned and warned mankind within that link I provided earlier, and again people really do need to recognize the sobering conclusion that the ‘Jesuit Priests+Freemasonry are the Illuminati’ running this full ‘sh*t show’ with the blessings of the ignorant. These things and their hypnotic forms of black magic are very real and are historically peppered throughout the scriptures as far back as Moses in Genesis. There is nothing hidden. Their own demise is upon them and they will eventually see this, but the real question is how many innocent and ignorant will we allow them to take down with them. This spiritual battle is about the truth, and the truth as it is written will also take them down. Understanding and comprehending this will give any soul the same faith and believing as our Lord. They killed the prophets whom God spoke through for a reason, and now you know why.
        Whether you, I, or anybody likes it or not, the Word of God will come to pass exactly the way it is written, and mankind is quickly approaching Daniel’s 1335 days, whereas the cool heads (wise) will prevail to do His will as it is written.



      • sklyjd says:

        Obviously you do not believe any of the studies or the science and do not believe anyone suffered or died.

        SARS-CoV-2 can attack the body in a range of ways, causing damage to the lungs, heart, nervous system, kidneys, liver and other organs. Mental health problems can arise from grief and loss, unresolved pain or fatigue, or from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after treatment in the intensive care unit (ICU).


  12. sklyjd says:

    Another end of the world and returning of God prediction. I will bet that nothing will happen, sure climate change or a nuclear war may wipe out most of the people but there will not be anything resembling a god to raise the dead or save the Christians. I predict a heap of red faces and recalculations just like every other false prediction.


  13. socrates1234 says:

    I trust eating milk duds off a toilet seat in a dive bar in Tijuana more than I do our elections now 💩


  14. socrates1234 says:

    Biden Fetterman 2024!

    It’s a no brainer!

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  15. BGCT2VA says:

    I’ll leave forgiveness for the Covid and other scams to God. We, on the other hand, must never forget.

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