Thinking About Evil

Artaxes has an awesome post up featuring a 12 minute video by satirist/realist JP called, Why I Changed MY mind About Evil! (I Was WRONG). Because WordPress has absolutely butchered how shared posts are viewed, I’m going to cut and paste Artaxes commentary, along with the video below.

From Artaxes:

“JP is known for his funny videos and his political satire. He is no theologian but he gives a very useful working definition of evil. He gives also very good advice on how to recognize eivil and how to deal with it. Although not theologically accurate on some points, this video is much more useful than the stuff that comes from many theologians.”

My own perspective is that JP nails it. I’ve been thinking a lot about good and evil lately so his video was timely. Just how exactly does evil manifest in real life and in what areas am I myself being deceived? Also, how to differentiate between true evil and just dumb, opportunistic people unknowingly playing the devil’s hand?

JP explains why knowing God helps us with discernment on these things and how to better understand what His truth is. When we base our principles on this and stick to them, this helps inoculate against against being horribly misled and eventually doing evil things ourselves, perhaps without even knowing.

JP’s words:

I think there are those who see evil and those who are blind to it. And those who can see it, can rise above it because they can see what they need to rise above. But those who can’t see evil, are not only more susceptible to being controlled by it, but probably will be.”

Yes, makes sense. I know so many otherwise very smart people who either fell hook, line and sinker for the Covid hysteria and all its absurdities (one way grocery aisles I’m looking at you), or who didn’t quite believe in the nonsense but still had faith our public health overlords would not lead us astray.

Another quote by JP addresses this:

“Making the assumption that evil people would be honest I think comes from a noble place in people’s hearts where they always try to see the best in humanity. It might surprise you that evil people willing to kill men, women and children are also willing to lie.”

It’s hard for most people to fathom that there are bad people, many in positions of leadership, doing evil things. How JP defines evil I think is a good guidepost for recognizing it and ultimately defeating it.

Evil, from my point of view is anyone trying to control someone else in a way that is not in their best interest. Satan is all about control and God is all about freedom. That’s why God gives you free will and Satan tries to get you to consent to enslavement,”

You can’t get out of an evil influence that you can’t recognize, so learn to see how evil shows up and trust what you’re seeing. The more you and I can allow our words and actions to stay in impeccable alignment with our heart and our own critical thinking, the more we’re allowing ourselves to express the will of God.

How he closes is perfect.

We know freedom wins, because freedom is God’s way. What you and I get to do as proactive freedom lovers is accelerate the time line in which freedom wins.”

Watch the whole video, it’s well worth it.

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19 Responses to Thinking About Evil

  1. Sue Cass says:

    Reblogged this on Sue's Pen 2 Paper Blog and commented:
    There is so much wisdom in this. Be sure to watch the short video, too.

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  2. Sue Cass says:

    I really like how he presented this in a laid back, “hey guys” way. Much wisdom here. Thanks for sharing and I’m doing the same. People need to hear this.

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  3. Thanks so very much. I have enjoyed JP’s videos in the past. This one nails it.


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  4. The major theme of Exodus in the Old Testament was Moses freeing God’s Chosen People from slavery to Pharaoh. The major theme of the New Testament was Jesus sacrificing himself to free all mankind from slavery to sin.

    Freedom is the bedrock teaching of the Christian religion. Therefore, if men want to be free, their culture must be a Christian culture.

    The ancient Greeks and Roman understood good and evil. The human response to good and evil is living a life of virtue (moral excellence). This outstanding understanding of human nature did not begin to bear fruit until Jesus’ Apostles started teaching that freedom and virtue come from God. God put those needs within us.

    The Greco-Roman world drank up the Gospel because it had been thirsting for it for centuries. The ancient Greco-Roman world eventually became Christian Western Civilization.

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  5. socrates1234 says:

    I am reading City of God by St. Augustine written in the 4th century after Rome was sacked.

    While I am not done with the whole book it is exactly how my philosophy has developed over time. You have the City of God where virtue and happiness is where true freedom is, and the City of the World where you have financial riches that control the self (materialism, sex, drugs) or narcissism where they are slaves.

    It should be more than apparent that the world is controlled by evil psychopaths who are complete LIARS at this point, and they obviously have control of the propaganda media which is pure mind control. TV “programming” is called that for a reason.

    “The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” St Augustine of Hippo

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  6. artaxes says:

    Thanks for the link and for your very valuable additions

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  7. The Night Wind says:

    “Making the assumption that evil people would be honest I think comes from a noble place in people’s hearts where they always try to see the best in humanity.”

    I wonder how much of it is, though, people simply not wanting to believe. I’ve pointed out many times that most the ‘conspiracy theories’ I get accused of promoting are based on the ‘conspirators’ own admissions.

    I remember reading an interview with an ex-Nazi official who defected to the West in 1936, just before the war. He was telling about a State dinner with Hitler and some high-ranking pro-Nazi British academics. They were praising the Nazis’ speed in unifying the country. Goebbels, the Propaganda Minister said, “The bigger the lie, the more the more willing the people are to believe it.” Hitler looked up and smiled, and said: “What’s served us better, though, is the fact that the bigger the truth is, the less people are willing to believe it!”

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    • Tricia says:

      Ya know you bring up some good points NW. I think people just don’t like facing ugly realities, whether or not that comes from a noble place or just fear. Thus, there are many times I wish I could live life with my head stuck in the sand. Deep down though I’m glad I cannot.

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