Upside Down Clown World

We truly live in an upside down clown world; where right is wrong and up is down. The most insane, ridiculous things are being fed to us in a crap sandwich, whereupon declining or pointing out the obvious crappiness of said sandwich, we are scolded as being hateful or racist or a domestic terrorist or whatever.

insanitybytes wrote a couple of spectacular posts recently that really drilled this point home; in fact one was literally called Clown World! The other Meanwhile, in the 9th Circuit of Hell and I highly recommend you read both, as they highlight the sheer absurdity of the times we live in.

I’ve got my own running list of absurdities, as I’m sure you all do too. At the top are:

  • Pushing “gender affirming” surgeries on children/teenagers, which bring irreversible mental and physical damages as a cure for common psychological issues. Kids are literally being sacrificed on the alter of transgenderism for political gain and parents who object risk losing custody of them. This is an abomination of which we will see the catastrophic results played out for years to come.
  • Our abysmal public health officials complete and utter failure in all things Covid, especially in properly evaluating the C19 vaccines for safety/effectiveness and their continued ignoring of data showing adverse events to be much higher than we were told. Unknown causes of death, as well as excess deaths between 2021/2022 are up at enormous rates around the world, as are disability claims along with plummeting fertility levels. Could it be because of the vaccines? Maybe, or maybe not, but we just don’t know because the CDC refuses to even acknowledge this, let alone look in to it.
  • Mandates for the C19 vaccines that do not prevent infection nor transmittal for a virus that for most people is not life threatening. Thousands have gotten fired because of these mandates that made no sense when they first came out and especially do not not now. This is anti-human, immoral and non scientific, yet mandates still remain in place for many, including the military and healthcare workers.
  • The attempted elimination of fossil fuels, which powered the industrial revolution, brought millions out of poverty and increased human health and welfare the world over. If fully enacted, the utopian carbon 0 policies being promoted to “fight” climate change would bring immense poverty and suffering. Current restrictions on fossil fuels have already caused much chaos with sky high energy prices, food scarcity and quality of life reductions, yet politicians tell us with a straight face that their unicorn, pie in the sky nonsense if for our own good.
  • The aggressive campaign by woke district attorneys to decriminalize violence in the name of social justice. Compound this with governors/legislatures actively releasing thousands of violent felons from prison and “solving” the homeless problem by allowing people to live on the streets and do pretty much as they please. An oasis of crime, drug use, public defecation and overdosing has erupted as a result, but hey at least they have a place to live, right?
  • The billions upon billions of dollars of tax payer money that the ruinous Inflation Reduction Act will waste that will result in sky rocketing inflation. All of us will be affected negatively by this, but especially and yet again, poor people. But, they do this because they are power hungry, greedy people with 0 knowledge on how economies actually work they care I suppose……..
  • The weaponization of politics by federal law enforcement agencies. Yes, this has to do with the absurd Mar-a-Lago raid, but the depth and ;length of this problem goes so much deeper than that and requires a separate blog post on its own.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. The craziness is far beyond mere political disagreements, it’s centralized, authoritarian control by large intrusive government vs individual freedom for normal people. The negative results of these bad policies are not mistakes by people who mean well, they are baked in on purpose.

The more chaos, division and fear that results, the easier it is to lay groundwork for an ever increasing and oppressive government to extend its reaches in to every area of our lives. It’s like the old saying goes, first the government breaks your legs and tells you your neighbor is responsible, then they give you crutches because they care and if you’re not appropriately grateful they declare you an enemy of the state.

Be in guard folks, we are actively being lied to every day by people who are supposed to have our best interests at heart. I hate saying this because it means we are in a very bad place in this country, but our institutions at all levels have failed us and cannot be trusted. Act accordingly.

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37 Responses to Upside Down Clown World

  1. Crandew says:

    Great post! It’s sad but we do live in an upside-down word, a clown world. The country won’t last much longer.

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  2. kokanee101 says:

    “There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed”
    The historical context of the scriptures concerning all that happened, why it happened, where it happened, and continues to happen is clearly in our face (reasoning) if the christian mindset will seek to uncover and understand the most basic aspects behind the tribes of Israel… excluding the concept of 1948 Israel, and even those mentioned within Revelation 3:8,9
    Follow the tribe of Dan, and ask yourself why there is no mention of their family history nor are they mentioned in Revelation. Consider the beast, 7 heads, and ten horns. Above all after looking into these things sanctify (keep) the fact that the truth will set you free.

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  3. From the looks of it, we are returning to a pre-United States of America world where a few filthy rich 1%’ers rule it over an entire population of dirt poor serfs.

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  4. Great post.

    “18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. 19 For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. 20 For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world,[g] in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse. 21 For although they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools, 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man and birds and animals and creeping things.”

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  5. ColorStorm says:

    I would love to see u and ib as guests on a segment of cnn——heads would explode.
    Can’t stand the daily ‘sky is falling’ because of coal and oil. But good collation of info, and it’s nice to show reblogs of good people.

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    • Tricia says:

      Well now that would be a CNN ratings buster for sure! I don’t think the sky is falling per say yet due to coal and oil but to the people who will experience power outages during the winter it will sure seem like it.


  6. Salvageable says:

    I completely and enthusiastically agree. (But I have to be very careful where and how I say so.) J.

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  7. Great post, Tricia. Thanks for the mention, too. I take comfort in your words, they make me feel less crazy. It’s crazy making when so many people just ignore what is obvious and apparent.

    We just lost another friend and I can’t even ask the question, why did a healthy 60 year old just die of natural causes? It’s always possible, it does happen, but shoot, not this many, not this often.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks IB. As I mentioned recently to a friend, it’s been a tough few years for logical people, we have to stick together! As to the question that must not be asked, it’s happening too often and at some point a reconciliation will happen.

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    • Tricia says:

      And I’m sorry about your friend.

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    • As we old folks are prone to do, I check out the obituaries in the newspaper regularly, and they are positively littered with obits for young, apparently healthy people who died “suddenly” or “unexpectedly,” with no cause of death noted. Some were probably suicides, but certainly not all. I notice the same depressing phenomenon in recent issues of my alma mater’s alumni magazine. In the class news section, there used to be lots of weddings and births listed, along with a smaller number of deaths, the latter mostly of older folks. Now the weddings and births are far fewer, while the deaths have exploded, and a shocking number of the latter are of younger people.

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  8. sklyjd says:

    Why do you not just come out and say America’s problems are all down to Democrats and atheists. Donald Trump was God’s choice to be the American saviour but the election was stolen from Trump by evil atheist Democrats. Pure fantasy.


    • Tricia says:

      You said it, not me. America’s problems are much more complex and and run far deeper than than your simplistic statement implies. The far left is very much involved but many Republicans are just as complicit. As I stated in the post things are quite far gone from mere political differences.

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      • socrates1234 says:

        The false left vs right paradigm is over and done.

        When Trump pardons a RACIST rapper who sings to kill all white people it is pretty clear he is still being run by the criminal banksters.

        It is way far beyond RACIST comatose prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats at this point.

        Open minded liberals who care about women and children like myself understand this Brave New World very well!


  9. Lisa V says:

    Fear is a terrible thing to waste, isn’t it? They want us afraid. Every day my decision for no C19 vax for my family is reaffirmed. I’ve always been skeptical of the pharmaceutical companies and some of their peddlers, but now even more so. I think it was Reagan who put it best with his ten most dangerous words: “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

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  11. con says:

    Only cricitism. List was a bit short. But the whole list would expose the vortex of insanity we are currently in.

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