The Kids Are Not Alright

Photo Credit:Anonymous Internet Person

Photo Credit: Anonymous Internet Person

The above photo sums up the awfulness of how children have been treated throughout the pandemic and the sheer hypocrisy of our anointed elites. They always claim to be for the children, but their behavior and policy preferences somehow seem to always screw them over for someone else’s benefit.

Coronavirus, unfortunately, has put this concept on steroids; where the welfare of kids and younger people as a whole have been sacrificed to meet the neurotic needs of older people who view children as vectors and spreaders of disease.

As I explained in a previous post,

The most epic public policy failure of our kids though certainly goes to shutting down schools in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  It was not in any way shape or form for their benefit and once it became known that children don’t suffer from nor transmit Covid much, keeping schools closed seemed purposefully cruel.  

As with school closures, since we know cloth masks do diddly at mitigating aerosolized viral particles, forcing kids to wear them is equally purposefully cruel. We also know that thankfully kids don’t suffer much from Covid, nor do they seem to spread it. There is no scientific reason to mask children; it brings both physical and psychological harms to the wearer and offers no benefit.

Of course none of this matters to ignorant government and public health officials who are implementing mask mandates again for the new school year.

This madness has to stop and Emily Burns from The Smile Project can help. She created a very thorough and science based letter that you can use to send to the policy people in your district. I’ve cut and paster the it below, but you can also download it and others here.

You can also follow her on Twitter under @Emily_Burns_V where she regularly posts fantastic, stats/studies on masks.

I’d like to encourage all of you who don’t want your kids masked for another year, but are stuck in a school district that’s requiring them to please get proactive and start hammering your local school boards.

I don’t have kids, but I’ll be sending letters because this issue effects all of us. As Emily states in her letter, if they can require masks be worn now based on current Covid metrics for kids, there is no off ramp as there is nothing to stop them for doing this for the flu.

The sad fact of the matterthe Coronavirus anti-human mitigation measures are not going to stop until significant pushback happens.

Here is Emily’s letter full of lots of stats and graphs:

Dear [Name], 

First of all, I want to thank you both for a wonderful year, and for the flexibility you’ve offered on masks during summer camps.

With that in mind, as schools are making decisions around what to do with masks in the fall, I’d like to share our preferences. This has become such a polarizing topic, that I think many people who might not want to have their kids in masks, will be shy about standing up. So, I’m going to stand up and share my thoughts 😊

As you are no doubt aware both DESE and the governor have not mandated masks, but have instead made a strong recommendation that students and staff mask. Governor Baker reiterated this in his recent press conference. There is a world of difference between a mandate and a strong recommendation. The CDC strongly recommends that people not eat raw fish or under-cooked meat, and yet many people—especially in this state—choose to enjoy our oysters raw. My hope is that [your school] will embrace the flexibility offered in this “strong recommendation” and not mandate masks—or distancing—for students in any setting.

I believe the data is firmly on the side of this position. The policy response to COVID—particularly as applied to children—has been wickedly inept. We now have nearly a year-and-a-half’s worth of data. Not to use that data to craft better policies and create better outcomes for our children, would be simply wicked.

That data tells us several key things that argue strongly against masking children. To wit (all of these claims are supported with data and links below):

  • Children are at extremely low risk from death, hospitalization, or other adverse events due to COVID-19. They face a 3-4x higher mortality risk from flu vs. COVID, and a 10x risk of suicide.
  • Even with Delta, children are at extremely low risk, with some data suggesting that pediatric hospitalization rates for Delta are less than half what they were for earlier variants.
  • Children are NOT super-spreaders. They are not the reservoir of COVID-19 that is “prolonging the pandemic”. Multiple contact tracing studies have shown that the R0 for children is actually BELOW one, meaning it is mathematically impossible for them to drive this epidemic. They are epidemiological dead ends.
  • Mask mandates–especially in schools–do not reduce school or community transmission. 

With these facts in hand, it becomes clear that if we are to continue masking children for COVID with vaccines universally available to the at-risk, there will be no logical point at which we can un-mask them. Even with widespread vaccination of children for COVID-19, using the arguments currently in vogue, the greater lethality of flu would council permanent masking to limit its spread (never mind CDC analyses showing that doing so does not limit its transmission). If we do not take this off-ramp for masking, there will be no other.

Supporting data: 

Children are extremely low risk from COVID: 

As of now, there are 332 deaths of children with COVID in the U.S. This compares to about 450/year in a normal flu season—and remember, these 332 deaths occurred during TWO COVID seasons. Beyond this, the CDC has noted that 35% of these deaths could not possibly have had anything to do with COVID (e.g., they were car accidents, suicides, etc., etc..). Thus, the actual number is not possibly above 219. Of these, virtually all were extremely ill. Researchers from Johns Hopkins recently found a mortality rate of zero for children who were not extremely ill with prior conditions, like leukemia. Nor does this reflect lower spread due to our world-breaking interventions. The CDC estimates that through May, 2021 there were 27 million COVID infections in children (23 million symptomatic).  Using the number of deaths where COVID might actually have been causal, this yields a maximum infection fatality rate (IFR) of 0.001% for symptomatic infection in children. This compares to around 12.5 million symptomatic flu infections in the same age group in any given year, which with an average of 450 deaths, yields an IFR of 0.003%. Thus COVID is significantly less dangerous for children than flu—3-4x less deadly depending on the year—even without a vaccine. The risk of hospitalization is also miniscule. Again, on 23 million symptomatic infections, the CDC estimates there to have been 209,000 pediatric hospitalizations—a rate of 0.9%. The rate for flu is ~0.4%, approximately half that of COVID. However, here, too, there are caveats. A recent study found that 45% of pediatric COVID hospitalizations were in no way related to COVID. This would bring pediatric hospitalization rates for COVID in-line with those for flu. There is of course the question of “Long COVID” in kids. Once again, there is much more heat than light here. In a recent study, researchers found no difference in long-COVID symptoms in children who had antibodies for COVID, vs. those who did not—i.e. those who were never infected. This study found the same. From all of these data, it should be clear that at a minimum, if we are going to mask children to prevent COVID, logically, we must mask them for flu as well. Is that what we want? What are the trade offs?  When it comes to children, their risk of death from suicide (under normal circumstances) is nearly 10-fold higher than their risk of death from COVID. I did not choose this statistic at random—I believe this is a potential trade-off to masks that is not being considered. The sense of isolation and alienation created by masks seems likely to aggravate this much more serious risk. If the risk of suicide were increased by masking and distancing by even 1%, it would need to be offset by a reduction in pediatric COVID deaths by at least 10%. Given the very fragile nature of the children who have died from COVID, that is extremely unlikely. Unfortunately, no concern has been given to the potential downsides of masks by public health officials, especially when it comes to children.

Delta has NOT changed the game. Children are STILL at extremely low risk from hospitalization or death from COVID. 

The same applies for Delta, which while more transmissible, appears to be less deadly, not more, for children. In the UK, where Delta has come and gone, and hospitalization rates for children with delta were nearly 50% lower. Data from the CDC shows that pediatric hospitalizations are at nearly identical levels as last year at this time, and significantly lower than winter peaks. The most recent data from HHS shows just 2 pediatric hospitalizations in Massachusetts—and a winter peak of just 20 out of a population of 1.5 million children in the state.

Children are not Super-Spreaders—Even Unvaccinated

The original rationale for masking kids was that they were super-spreaders—that while they wouldn’t get sick, they might kill grandma. In fact, they are not. This study from the CDC found that each student infected generated an additional 0.77 infections (27 student infections, yielded 21 additional infections clearly related to a student), where each teacher generated an additional 2.6 infections—3.4 times the rate of the children. This is important, because it shows that children are effectively dead ends when it comes to transmission—even unvaccinated. 0.77 is effectively the R0 for children, meaning that they CANNOT be responsible for driving community transmission. A similar—but much larger—study of 400,000 children in Germany found that children generated just 0.25 cases for each infection, where teachers generated 1.1—4-fold more. Interestingly, the children were not masked in this study, except for at the end, when cases rose significantly. Children’s lower transmission rates appear to protect not just them, but those around them. In Florida, where 98% of the school year was offered to students full-time, in-person, and where 20 districts were mask optional for the full year, the case rate for children was 0.088%, per week—i.e. less than 1 child in 1000 contracted COVID/week. For Floridians unassociated with schools, the weekly case rate was 2.4 times that, 0.214% (( 1.66m infections – (these infections))/18.3 M non-teacher-staff, non-student population)/37weeks). To underscore the “protective effect” provided by these kids’ lower transmission rates, teachers and staff in Florida schools contracted COVID at less than half the rate of other Floridians—0.11%/week (13,991 infection/~329K teachers and staff/37 weeks). Furthermore, researchers analyzing Florida, Massachusetts, and New York schools found that there was no association between school mask mandates and case rates either in the school, or the community.

Mask Mandates—especially in schools—do not impact school or community transmission

In the study noted above, the authors state, “We do not see a correlation between mask mandates and COVID-19 rates among students.” A longitudinal study consistently shows no impact of mask mandates on either in-school transmission, or community transmission. In fact, the rate of transmission is routinely higher in both schools and the community in areas where masks are mandated. Other research has shown that more broadly, there is no impact from masking on case transmission rates.

With all of this, the only possible remaining rationale for masking children, is to protect adults who chose not to be vaccinated. Given that vaccines are available to all adults who want them, and that children never saw any increased mortality—including extremely fragile children—this rationale seems specious. Indeed, in Massachusetts, there has been no excess death in any age group under 65 since June of 2020. For any people who may still be at-risk in these older groups, even after widespread vaccine availability, it seems far more prudent to develop measures that allow them to protect themselves (e.g. N-95s or greater), rather to continue to sacrifice the well-being of our children. While there is no excess mortality among children in any state, should there be parents who feel their children are at greater risk, developing tailored mitigation strategies to support those families would be far more prudent—particularly given that mask mandates in schools have no impact on in-school transmission. Universally masking in schools, while very visible and socially invasive, sadly appears to do nothing to protect the vulnerable in those populations.

Finally, as you make your decisions, I hope that you will bear in mind the seasonal nature of this disease—otherwise, I believe you will be pressured to re-mask come fall—should you elect to make masks optional now. Even with extremely widespread vaccination, the seasonal patterns appear to persist (peaks in southern U.S. states were off by only 1 week from last year’s). In Iceland, where 75% of the population—i.e. all of the adult population—is completely vaccinated, the case rate is identical to ours in the U.S.. Again, this is not because the epidemic is being driven by un-vaccinated children—mathematically, it can’t be. This is because the vaccines while very effective at reducing severe illness and death, appear to be far less effective at limiting infection and transmission. Thus, should you choose to make masks a recommendation, rather than a requirement, I hope you will think about what course of action you will take when our inevitable winter case surge arrives. I hope you will elect to keep masks optional at that time, too, given their lack of impact on in-school transmission, and the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing serious disease in the at-risk population.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I realize that this is a very fraught time, and I appreciate how challenging your position is. I hope that hearing as many perspectives as possible will help you in your decision-making process.


[Your Name]




Letter to the School Board

Our colleague Emily Burns has crafted a masterful letter to her school board about kids…



Masks, children and COVID-19 – Published Studies




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39 Responses to The Kids Are Not Alright

  1. aldous huxley says:

    What Is Agenda 21? Depopulation Of 95% Of The World By 2030

    This is why they won’t quit LYING! The faulty inbred supposed blood elites who are satanist banksters have stated their goals at the Georgia Guidestones.

    This is the truth whether you can handle it or not. The Truth is out there as it always has been, but it is really hard to grasp as we just don’t want to believe it as it is such a big LIE, but everything we have been told our whole life is frankly a lie. Science, history, globe earth etc.(Earth is FLAT)

    I used to be called a conspiracy theorist. Now I get told by some people but not most, that I am right. I get called many names which if you dare to tell the truth, it will happen.

    “Strange times are these in which we live where young and old are taught falsehoods in school. And the person who dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool.” Plato

    Things have not changed one bit!! Brave New World is NOT fiction in the least!!

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    • Tricia says:

      I just read Brave New World, it’s crazy how relevant it is to now!

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      • aldous huxley says:

        In honor of your birth year 1969 correct? Here is a Life Magazine article from that year and my writeup on it.

        The Brave New World in a June 1969 Life magazine.

        I happen to be camping close to lake that had an old abandoned lake cabin probably built in the late 1800’s. It was the original lake house on the lake and it looked to be abandoned around 1980 and has been empty for 40 years so it clearly has had no upkeep in the time. As it typical of an abandoned house as who exactly knows the reason no one came back be it family illness, divorce, etc, who knows. But the state of the house give you an idea of who the people that lived there were as I am sure this was a year round house back in the early 1900’s. Encyclopedias from the early 1900’s, a piano, a “progressive” voting booklet from the 1920’s, a can of Mountain Dew and some Henry Weinhards. The rest you can use your imagination as nothing has been cleaned for 40 years. The house is not on any beaten path so it has not been trashed, but it has most certainly deteriorated. Since it was abandoned before the computer, there are quite a few books and subscriptions to the Life magazine.
        The issue that truly caught my interest was from June 1969. This is from the first page of the article written by Albert ROSENFELD. He is the author of the Book “The Second Genesis” which is really what this article discusses also as it is probably excerpts from the book. Conspicuously on the cover of the book it has:
        -Birth in a Test Tube
        -Packaged Babies
        -Human or humanoid
        -The programmed mind
        -Life after Death
        -Brain Transplants
        -Sexless society
        Science, Sex, and Tomorrow’s Morality.
        Do we really want to predetermine the sex of our unborn Children?
        Will we accept the efficiency of genetically “designing” offspring for special jobs and environments?
        Can we accept the idea of preserving eggs and sperm in cold-storage banks, to be used even after the death of the donors?
        What is the future, if any, of marriage and the family?
        “The coming control of Life.”

        Since I know it is abundantly clear to me that we absolutely do live in the Brave New World as told to us by Aldous Huxley in the book of the same name written in 1932, seeing the spitting image of the proper mind control suggestions in an article in LIFE which was printed so blatantly 50 years ago shows just how long they has been manipulating people’s minds with propaganda. The agenda to program people’s minds is most certainly done before anyone who is currently alive was born. Only the sophistication of today’s mind control techniques thru television, movies, and music is a debatable item, not the mind control that is extremely evident in today’s society especially in AMERICA.

        btw I did buy the book the Second Genesis.

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      • Crandew says:

        I just reread it a few months ago. It describes exactly where they’re taking us. Sad times.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    Your pic above sez it all trish/

    The more these clowns push ‘world vax and mask’ our anger should heighten.

    I’m surprised though that atheists and evos are both mute and fully approve of the twister rides. You would think they would say: whoa wait a sec. Strange days indeed.

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    • Tricia says:

      Right? Good points CS! The evos I could see as they love to control people but the atheist compliance surprises me too. The liberal anti pharma, my body my choice crowd also seems perfectly fine with demanding we all bow down to big pharma and take their shot of experimental drugs. Go figure.

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  3. Crandew says:

    Great post. I wish more people would wakeup. Like you said, this doesn’t stop until enough people push back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tricia says:

      Thank you. I think a lot of people have woken up, but we need to get organized and push back hard. This is never ending.

      Liked by 2 people

        • Aldous Huxley says:

          Even Huxley when he did Brave New World revisit in the late 50’waa shocked to see how fast everything was going.

          The mind control employed is one where FACTS are ignored. People believe their opinions which are formed by the lie repeated over and over again due to the mind control are FACTS.

          Thus, the programmed opinion is that lefties are liberal, but the FACT is they are intolerant prideful bigots and the anti-thesis of a liberal. Yet people programming from our Orwellian media keeps telling you the opposite of the truth on purpose.

          As Tricia knows I call myself an open minded liberal because that is what I factually am. Not my opinion at all.

          They do this mind control by controlling everyone ego which believes the lie while ignoring simple FACTS. The ego is never humble so it will never admit it is wrong and will get upset when the truth is spoken.

          On occasion frequently people get emotional and mad at me. Pretty much on a daily basis but less and less everyday since it has become extremely obvious something is severely wrong.

          Real quick example of this inversion is a blatant poison injection for your health. The people getting sick ARE the vaccinated lepers, but.especially lefties are programmed entirely with the opposite of the truth and have no reasoning skills to discern this at all. That is why they are so easily offended by the truth.

          “FACTS do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” Aldous Huxley

          This is the conundrum of the Brave New World.

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  4. Well done, Tricia! This stuff is absolutely appalling, outright child abuse. Just makes me furious.

    Liked by 2 people

    me screaming at all this idiocy—
    I will be so utterly crazy if our little Mayor and Sheriff have to mask up—and I’ve let it be known that “mom” won’t tolerate a 3 and 2 year old having to “mask up”
    HELL NO!!!!!
    This has got to stop!!

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  6. What is going on is horrific. Thanks for speaking the truth. The letter is a very helpful resource.

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  7. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Tricia generally does good work. So, I think we all ought to read this before we panic.

    When kids don’t spread COVID-19 and few get sick from it, why did we ever shut down our schools? That was for the children?

    The whole idea of putting masks on children is even more absurd. Adults don’t wear them properly. Since when is keeping a dirty rag on a kid’s face a good idea? How is a dirty rag on a child’s face going to protect anyone?

    Dads and Moms should be irate.

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  8. sklyjd says:

     Even with Delta, children are at extremely low risk, with some data suggesting that pediatric hospitalization rates for Delta are less than half what they were for earlier variants.

    Absolutely wrong, where was this reported? of course if you do not believe science or ignore what is really happening you will believe the conspiracies.
    Some of the new variants like the Delta strain, that we are all now very familiar with, are much more transmissible than the original strain of the virus that started earlier last year or late 2019. That means that because the virus is more transmissible, we are seeing more infection across all ages, which means that we are seeing more kids contracting the infection.
    The number of very sick children admitted to Children’s Hospital New Orleans with Covid-19 has exploded over the past two weeks — from zero to 20.
    “I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Dr. Mark Kline, the hospital’s physician-in-chief. “We are seeing children fall ill that we just simply didn’t see in the first year of the pandemic, before the delta variant came along.”


    • socrates1234 says:

      I own the Brooklyn Bridge skyljd. I can get you one hell of a deal!!


    • Tricia says:

      More spreadable yes, less lethal, yes, especially among kids. The Brit numbers showed us this and we are seeing that play out here. We are having. pandemic of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in children though, they go to the hospital and test positive for SARS2 and it gets coded as pediatric Covid hospitalization. This been widely reported and newspapers have had to retract their panic porn #’s.

      I don’t what to say about Australia. Military patrols, forced quarantines, police pepper spraying kids, have to leave mask on while drinking???? As your case #’s continue to go up, which they will, the slide further in to tyranny will not be pleasant. I’m sorry for you guys, I do pray hard for your situation there.


  9. In my opinion, the reason the public secular schools closed and the private religious shoools did not is for the following reasons.

    1. The public school teachers were afraid of the Covid and they know they could not control the kids to wear masks or stay separated from each other
    2. The private religious school teachers knew they would not be receiving a salary whereas the public teachers were paid.
    3. The private schools have better discipline that public schools and kids that listen and obey so as to be allowed to attend.
    4. The private schools teacher may also believe in the word sacrifice.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    I wrote a post today to relate this issue to King Solomon Wisdom and informed Citizen Tom on his reblog of your post.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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    • Aldous Huxley says:

      Friends do not lets friends send their children to public indoctrination centers to become prideful BIGOTED polluted thumb drive democrats period. Democrats are merely offended by the Truth and that is why they go berzerk when the truth is spoken.

      If you cannot see they are merely dumbing the children down on purpose at this point to become good slaves, you are not conscious.

      Homeschool all children or you are committing child abuse!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tricia says:

      You bring up some great points scattered! I wish everyone could afford to either home school or go private. The inequity on poor families in all of this is stunning.

      Liked by 2 people

  10. Mel Wild says:

    Great post, Tricia, and great information on the Covid cult for parents. The meme explains it perfectly. These hyper-hypocritical radical leftist elites partying while subjegating the peasentry. You could take the same picture in Venezuela or Cuba (except the children would also be starving.)
    I pray Americans will see what’s happening and wake up before it’s too late.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. irtfyblog says:

    Very good Post, Tricia. And thank you for the information. We have some of the same rhetoric and stupidity happening in my own neck of the pasture. This week we have a major country star coming to town and will fill a stadium with tens of thousands of people and no mask mandate…but…the local school board this past week unanimously voted to force all students K – 12 to wear masks for the school year for in-person learning.

    Apparently, it was a small group of parents who provided false information about how children are more susceptible to spreading the virus that swayed the members of the school board. I don’t have kids in school, but since my tax dollars pay for the public school system in my county, I’ll be sure to send them a few letters with the information you provided.

    thanks again, and God Bless!


  12. con says:

    In UK I got the impression it was the teachers pushing every Covid restriction, it seems for an attempt to keep the schools closed. Through abandonment of discipline prior to Covid teaching had become a hellish profession. Suddenly teachers could stay at home or in empty schools and never have to face the kids while collecting full salaries – their dreams come true! All the while pretending they were morally superior in “sacrificing” to protect people.

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  13. Canuck Carl says:

    Thank you for sharing, Tricia. There is a ripple effect, As a school crossing guard, the closure of schools also put me out of work.

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  14. Canuck Carl says:

    Yes, I really do miss the kids, Tricia,. The week of Sept. 6th I will be back on duty! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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