The Fear of Freedom

“Economics is not an ideology, it is a principle in nature, nothing is wasted in nature.  There is no separation of health and economy, we support our health by working for our existence.” 

I love this quote by businessman and philosopher Daniel Model, who is the subject of a fascinating interview in the video below.  He expounds a lot on freedom and how fully living requires the belief that your own thoughts and actions can and do influence the direction of your life.  This is called personal agency which is essential to psychological well being and healthy relationships. 

Some other quotes from the video:

Money is the big illusion, work is the real purpose in life and to have experiences and a journey of development.”

If money is used (by the government) to prevent you from working, then you in a way have lost completely the contact stuff of your life. Then you are a kid, maybe getting milk from your mother.  You’re not independent, you’re not thinking, you’re not really a respectful person anymore.”

“The fear spirit speaking is government, you must do something, it is urgent, it is life or death!”

Personal agency is a large part of what makes us human.  Living in fear erodes this and moves us towards the animal instinct of survival; merely existing over living.  Governments and media are experts at taking us down this path through hyperbole and demonization of our so called enemies, which primes us to willingly give up our freedoms in return for the illusion of safety.

The obvious example here of course is the shutting down of large swaths of society to combat a virus for whom most people the odds of dying are very low.  The drumbeat of fear from the media egged on by exploitive and power hungry politicians and the censoring and shaming of less apocalyptic views all but assured the general public’s acceptance of unprecedented societal lockdowns and the overall thrashing of civil liberties.

This has been and will continue to be devastating in many ways for many years, not least of which is the giant shove towards more government dependency coming our way. That shift has been happening in America for several decades, the Pandemic merely exposed it for all its rotting glory.

In other words, the government used fear and hysteria to get us to agree with the closing down of most societal functions and destroying million of jobs.  Now they want to spend trillions of dollars to repair this damage which will fail. Money cannot replace dignity and purpose, nor bring back lost human connection or restore mental health.  It is very good however at creating a victim mindset and increasing dependency on more pay outs.

On top of this, the government crippled our own personal agency in deciding what’s best for ourselves and families in dealing with the virus. I believe it’s the moral duty of those of us who don’t face much threat from it to keep things running as normal as possible, while sharing in the risk of getting it and becoming immune.  By taking this choice away from us the government made itself the moral arbitrator of accepted behavior and decider of what is and is not considered acceptable risk.

This brings to mind British-Indian Infectious Disease Epidemiologist Sunetra Gupta who often uses the phrase social contract when discussing the pandemic and how lockdowns badly warp it.

In her words from this article:

“What politicians can do is maybe alter their language to reflect that we do live with risk, we have to make quite difficult decisions about trade-offs that exist between ways of life, between livelihoods, and sacrifices that have to be made at a societal level. They would do well to urge people to think at a communitarian level.

I think the lockdown is really individualistic in its general construction. Things that we normally disperse within the community, such as individual risk, and individual blame. Now I see young people being terrified, even though they realize the risk to themselves is low, that they might infect a friend who will then give it to their grandparents. This chain of guilt is somehow located to the individual rather than being distributed and shared.

We have to share the guilt. We have to share the responsibility. And we have to take on board certain risks ourselves in order to fulfill our obligations and to uphold the social contract. So I’d like the politicians to remind people of that, because that’s what they’ve been elected to do – to see the social contract is being properly transacted.”

Yes, exactly, but this is impossible for people saturated in fear to grasp.  The outlandish hostility Ms. Gupta has received for her perfectly reasonable coronavirus views is a testament to this.

Excessive fear is a direct threat to personal freedom.  The greater the fear, the larger the perceived threat and the more acceptable sweeping, normally unthinkable measures become to combat it. 

Endless school closures, mask mandates for years to come, digital vaccine passports, no international travel, social gatherings, concerts, plays or festivals, new variants, wash, rinse, repeat…..when does this all end?

Only awareness can stop this panic and a strong sense of personal agency that is naturally allergic to government overreach.  Until this happens, we will continue our merry slide towards authoritarian rule.



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26 Responses to The Fear of Freedom

  1. Why do I think this is 1938 Germany or perhaps 1945 USSR???

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  2. Aldous Huxley says:

    All the MK Ultra mind control perpetuated by the subversive LYING msm is designed entirely to keep people in fear so they do not think to actually form their own opinions based on reasonable FACTS which contradict their irrational emotional fear.

    The virus we are facing is NOT due to this scamdemic which is based purely on false information and emotional insecurity, the virus is the fear caused by the tin foil hat conspiracy theorists who actually believe any of the msm at this point.

    Mark Twain once stated “If you do not read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed.”

    This statement could not be more true with our current Ministry of Truth Orwellian completely psychologically projecting (meaning they are guilty of what they accuseth) as they stoke the fear entirely to produce the Hegelian Dialectic (False Problem, Fear Reaction, Poison Solution).
    This Hegelian Dialetic has been used since the beginning of time to control the easily manipulated masses as none have been so devastating than the false flag controlled demolition of the Twin Towers on 911.

    Fear is poison and is designed to make an individual give up piece by piece their individual liberty, until they are completely enslaved not only in their mind, but everything else besides.

    “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire

    This statement is extremely true when the individual is in a state of constant fear, as that is exactly what the Operation Mockingbird propaganda of the msm is doing constantly. They do not report any news at this point, just completely inverted LIES which your gullible lefties will just regurgitate since they cannot think for themselves.

    Orwell did not write fiction!!

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    • Tricia says:

      Yes , the real virus is fear and its super spreader is social media.

      Good history by the way on how fear has continually been used as a tool to control the masses.


  3. Howdy. I think you have nailed it here. The real problem is fear. I see it all the time. Some of my family is overwhelming afraid they are going to die from COVID. It is paralyzing.

    Good news: The followers of Jesus have not been giving the spirit of fear. Jesus frees us. w00t!

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  4. Reblogged this on The Culture Alternative and commented:
    Tricia nails it here. The real problem is fear. I see it all the time. Some of my family is overwhelming afraid they are going to die from COVID. It is paralyzing.

    Good news: The followers of Jesus have not been giving the spirit of fear. Jesus frees us. wOOt!

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  5. Mama X says:

    Well written! This quote from your post effectively wraps up what we are seeing today,” the government crippled our own personal agency in deciding what’s best for ourselves and families in dealing with the virus.”

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  6. Al says:

    Liberal elitist and Obama sycophant Rahm Emanuel once said Democrats should never let a crisis go to waste. Along comes Covid and true to their playbook, the liberals are using it as a dry run to see just how much fear and control they can engender with it. This coupled with the liberal/media push on white guilt, gender fluidity, and open borders is swinging the pendulum so far left it is breathtaking.

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  7. Citizen Tom says:

    Good article. I will have to find time to listen to the video. Thanks.

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  8. con says:

    Reblogged this on Citizens.


    • Tricia says:

      Thank you for the re blog.

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      • con says:

        Reading your article alongside this one,
        The World Is Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis …
        you are completely right.
        Picture this. A mother with two children in a remotish rural area, under lockdown for most of the last year. Children at home all day. Everyone separated from friends, relatives and involvement in community – and these are highly social people who have always lived in an ongoing environment of supportive social interactions. The MSM spewing out endless hyped-up hysteria over Covid -(approximately equally damaging as a flu.) Deliberately promoting fear.
        I received a letter from a relative in exactly these circumstances and frankly it scared me. From being an intelligent person sceptical about politics it appears she believes everything the government is saying. It reminds me of the saying – being scared out of your wits.
        This fear-mongering is a psy-op being carried out by governments against their own citizens. These methods are not accidental. They are methods borrowed from brain washing and cult programming. The trouble is it is not easy to reason someone out of a condition of manipulated fear.
        To put this in perspective, during the war Churchill with the country facing immediate danger and the likelihood of imminent defeat talked up the nation to out-face their (justifiable) fear and deal with the difficulties as they arose.
        Our present govt in the face of no such danger other than a new version of virtual flu is doing the opposite -hyping up fear against a negligible harm – apparently in order to destroy rights and freedoms, turning society into a prison, and creating a dictatorship, wiping out hundreds of years of social and political progress.
        In the process they are destroying minds, families and lives. But that’s OK apparently – the ends justify the means.
        Looks to me that we have a fifth column amongst our ruling class.
        But how you fix broken minds and free people from fear – I don’t know the answer to that.

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        • Tricia says:

          Con that article you linked to is so spot on correct and so scary at the same time. Whenever I try and talk to people about how they don’t have to be afraid of covid they get angry and don’t want to listen.

          I truly don’t know what to do about it either except keep standing up for truth and trying to lead people out of fear. It’s a lonely lace to be.

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          • Aldous Huxley says:

            “In times of universal deceit, telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.” Orwell

            Are we not here?

            The newspaper I have in front of me gives the opposite of the truth about the poison vaccines. Its does not state all the people who a dying, but shows people excitedly getting the genocide poison.

            The virus is the TV “programming”.

            Convid is a scamdemic period!!

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          • con says:

            I think that author is right, Tricia. For the first time in the letter from my neice and knowing what her life has been like for the past year I felt she was living in an alternate universe. She was so pro every restriction and angry at those who flouted them it was absurd. I have realised something else since this Covid con. There are people who react to situations on the basis of facts. But many more are vulnerable to having their emotional/instinctive buttons pushed, and that is what has been cynically exploited. For some reason I thought of Churchill doing the opposite, and that could be the answer. Someone who can master the facts but can inspire people to listen. You, I and others with our perspective are frustrated by preaching to the converted. Until such a person comes along all we can do is hope – and pray.

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          • Tricia says:

            That’s exactly it con, outright manipulation of emotions.

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  9. Good post, Tricia! Sad but true.

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  10. Aldous Huxley says:

    The masses are controlled 100% by their ego which always believes it is right and is pure emotion, but it is always WRONG and will believe the LIES even though simple FACTS prove otherwise.

    Thus, what the media is currently doing is 100% psychological warfare against the people by manipulating their ego or emotions. The ego does not think and only reacts. That is exactly what they want so people do not listen to people who are actually telling them the Truth!!\

    The ego protecting the ego is exactly what they ego is, as that is the fundamental aspect of brainwashing 101.

    Indoctrination centers called schools are producing on purpose HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTS under the guise of liberalism so they do not listen to reason.

    Like all leftist subversive LYING thought, it comes to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath it is a ravenous wolf!!

    Notice the Fabian Societies original coat of arms? (Which I know the Racist BIGOT Obama graduated from, as did Orwell and Huxley)

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