When Wokes and Racists Agree

I promise, it’s worth the 1 minute 45 seconds of your time!

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11 Responses to When Wokes and Racists Agree

  1. Now this is good! Thanks starting my day off great.

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  2. George Orwell says:

    What? The J people sure tell us they are white when they are want to attack us?

    Hmm. Could it possibly be psychological projection meaning they are guilty of what the media and faulty inbreds of Hollywood accuseth?

    Could it be that the racists merely accuseth of what they are guilty?

    I will have too think about this for awhile. You may be onto something! You are pretty clever for a blonde girl!

    Didn’t I say something about this inversion of reality in my book 1984? War is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery?

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    • Tricia says:

      You know I think you’re straight up crazy in a lot of ways David but on this stuff you were right! 😉


      • George Orwell says:

        David? I’ m George!

        And I assure I did not write fiction! My buddy Aldous Huxley actually portrayed our current world better in Brave New World, but both of our books are complete guidebooks to the inverted reality we live in.

        Where good is view as evil, and evil as good.

        Lefties don’t nor can they realize this however, as they are pure NPCs.

        “Those who see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood nor believed by the masses.” Plato

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  3. Ha! Very funny, Tricia.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Kind of what we should expect of comedy. A bit of ironic and satirical insight.

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  5. con says:

    You know, this resonates. Just one complaint – too short!

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