Don’t All Black Lives Matter?


This video shows some very calm and rational black men and a woman trying to have a discussion with a mob that wants to tear down the Lincoln statue in D.C. As you can see things didn’t go very well.

It’s a bit disturbing how hysterical one of the protesters gets, as she hollers at someone who undoubtedly knows from personal experience more about white racism towards blacks than this pitifully confused creature could ever hope to. In fact it’s hard to watch as these brave men and women get sworn at and completely disrespected.  They probably thought explaining the importance of remembering our history and why Lincoln matters so much would help dial things down.

The tear down mob is not at all interested in reason however, they’re just out to throw temper tantrums and destroy stuff.

Here’s another one  if you can stomach it.  I could post several others but I think you get the idea.

People say they are for black lives, but then have no problem shaming and insulting black people standing right in front of them.  Don’t their lives matter too?


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8 Responses to Don’t All Black Lives Matter?

  1. I thought it was about the content of our character. I guess the wheat is being separated from the chaff.

    Thanks for bring this into the light.

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  2. Dennis says:

    If anyone thinks this is about race they have another think coming. This is about keeping folks stirred up and scared to go out. When President Trump is re-elected we can stand by for a LOT more of this b s especially when both houses of congress are republican majority.

    For the most part these are young folks that have grabbed onto what they think is a popular “movement” but will tire of it soon enough. The rest are paid activist with looters thrown into the mix.

    Gun sales and permit applications are way up as well as ammunition sales.
    If you don’t arm yourself (even if it’s illegal), practice with your weapon and load up on ammo, your going to find yourself at the mercy of the mob while watching your house and belongings stolen and destroyed.
    It’s a precaution everyone should take seriously, just like auto insurance. We buy it for just in case we need it!

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  3. I watched some very loud and aggressive, totally entitled, white college girls just screaming obscenities at this black cop about how all lives matter. He just stood there taking all of this disrespect and abuse. It was awful.

    Really ironic, here where I live we’ve been having “defund the cops,” protests. The first thing they do is…. request security from the cops to keep them safe! At least that is more amusing. I’ve watched a couple of cops try to explain why they are there and keep a straight face.

    This kind of hysteria, ideology gone mad, will really make you crazy if you’re trying to find something logically consistent.

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    • Tricia says:

      I’ve seen that video too IB and I wanted to post it but couldn’t find it again. It must be so infuriating to most black people to be so condescended to and talked down to by white liberals. Those police taking the brunt of the abuse deserve medals.

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    • Citizen Tom says:


      There is a hysterical quality to it, but it is not silly. The BLW is a Marxist organization. Antifa has similar roots. The Democratic Party has been consorting with such KKK like organizations since the American Civil War.

      It is kind of weird, but it seems most of the backing for BLW comes from Liberal white women. Makes me think of what I posted here => The subject of the post is the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), how an organization of ladies set up a bunch of monuments to the Confederacy and promulgated the mythology of the Lost Cause. That is, the ladies got the men who were supposedly running things to do exactly what they wanted. There are lots of patriarchies that are actually matriarchies.

      Women have scary organizing capabilities. The ladies have organized every office party I ever seen. Whereas guys are inclined to head the door for lunch, the ladies will set up a potluck, which is usually more fun because it involves more social contact. Why does it work that way? Not sure, but ladies seem to be more wired to hold together the community whereas guys look out for hostile outsiders and hunt for scarce resources that have to be brought to the community from the outside. A man will protect the home a women keep for him.

      This is not a good situation. Systemic racism may be a lie, but people believe the lie, and they are willing to act upon it. When young people are allowed to tear down statues, they quickly transition to killing people, including the police. Unfortunately, some people confuse “doing something” with doing something useful.

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