America is in Trouble

In March of 2019, I wrote a blog post called, Intersectionality and Radical Grace that could be written almost word for word today.  I’ve copied  and pasted it below as the issues it touches upon are still very relevant.  Unfortunately my optimism about things getting better have not proven true.  Things have only gotten worse, much worse in the 15 months that have passed.

Here is the post:

There was a  fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal written by Robert L. Woodson Sr.  The title, Even the Fiercest Social-Justice Warrior Should Learn Mercy, sums up well the author’s goal, which is to get today’s racial grievance mongers to stop focusing so much on righting wrongs from the past and instead employ the radical grace championed by Mr. Woodson and others during civil rights era struggles against real entrenched societal oppression and horrific acts of racial violence.

He writes:

As a veteran of the civil-rights movement, I remember how our most effective weapon against bigotry, hatred and oppression was radical grace. If social activists want to mimic us, let them follow in this direction rather than demand the elevation of their particular tribal interests above all others. Activists’ focus on group identity and past wrongs fuels anger and resentment, deepening divisions instead of erasing them. The only antidote to the growing conflict is for black America to take back its historical victories against injustice from those repurposing them as ammunition for an anti-American agenda.”

At this point you might be asking what does a what does a middle aged white girl from the burbs know about black racism?  Nothing of course.  I would never pretend to understand what it’s like as a black person to be discriminated against, nor am I denying that racism exists today.

What I do know a lot about unfortunately is what Mr. Woodson alludes to in that last sentence about people perverting once noble causes and “repurposing them as ammunition for an anti-American agenda.”  Anyone paying attention to today’s culture wars can clearly see that is the norm for social justice groups claiming to be fighting for the oppressed, but who are in reality pushing political agendas that have nothing to do with helping anyone but the people in power that run these groups.

The Women’s March is a fine example of this.  It promotes itself as a champion of women’s interests and empowerment, yet it’s really about getting progressive candidates in to office to enact a far left agenda that I believe is harmful to women and squelches empowerment.  At their core, the Women’s March and other grievance movements run counter to our Founding Fathers insistence that all men area created equal and that individual rights take precedence over those of the collective.

How so?  By their adherence to intersectionality-the belief that societal oppression intersects among various tribes whose powerlessness is based on the the number of victim points they have.   A transgender, black woman under this system garners more sympathy than a white gay man who only has 1 grievance box checked to her 3. There’s no accounting for a person’s unique background and character traits and no individuality, just balkanized groups assigned different spots on the hierarchy ladder of oppression .

Intersectionality has become a religion to its followers.  It’s a cancer that encourages people to make assumptions about others based on race, sexual orientation and gender. It’s identity politics on steroids, which I’ve written about before here, here and here and it’s turning the progress we’ve made on racial discrimination and women’s empowerment on its head.

It’s a growing threat too because what was once contained to quirky liberal arts colleges, has spread like wildfire to the broader culture, as indoctrinated students graduated and moved on to positions of power in corporations and government. It’s a big reason why we live in a state of constant outrage, where people feel traumatized over the slightest of things and receive cultural validation for it if they belong to the “correct” tribe.

There is little grace in this and no mercy at all for the accused; no room for discussion, and absolutely no forgiveness for an honest mistake made.  Societal chaos and divisiveness continue to grow and individual freedom shrinks as the power of the state gets called upon to “right” so many “wrongs.”

This does nothing for the truly oppressed, the poor and those that have been dealt  crappy life cards.  Chaining them them to a victimhood mentality of course only makes things worse, but no matter because it increases the constituency of the modern day grievance industry.  The collateral damage of ruined, stunted lives is less important then the increased power and status gained by the movement.

It’s unclear where this will all lead.  I’m hoping the asininity of intersectionality becomes the achilles heal that eventually kills it.  As more and more groups claim victimhood status and the grievances become pettier and more absurd,  a chain reaction  of “eating their own” seems to be kicking in.  The favored group of today becomes the micro aggressor of tomorrow and gets booted from the club.  We can only hope the collapse comes soon.

In the meantime we could do worse than to study Robert Woodson’s ideas on forgiveness and self reflection as a path to empowerment and changed lives. As he says:

“This is a model for anyone seriously interested in erasing injustice and promoting equality. Nobody grows when activists are intolerant of others’ flaws or demand the end of careers because of past wrongs. Emphasizing past evil—let alone manufacturing racial attacks to satiate the media’s appetite—inflames anger on both sides. Let us wisely choose grace instead.”


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11 Responses to America is in Trouble

  1. Thanks for the great reminder. We need more mercy and grace; not anger and violence.


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    • Tricia says:

      We do Michael but we also need to really highlight what’s going on with this movement of intersectionality as most people have no idea. It’s going steam roll over us sooner rather than later.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Culture Alternative and commented:
    This well worth the read.

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  3. Wisely choosing Grace— we’re trying!

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  4. Well said, Tricia. Radical grace still works, it is still has tremendous power, it is still the path to healing. Intersectionality, CRT, BLM, SJW, are all perversions and deceptions.
    People become useful idiots, tools for a cause they don’t understand. If you really want to help people you support strong families, fatherhood initiatives, positive examples of authority, economic opportunity, and church.

    This is an ugly truth and people have a hard time accepting it, but black lives only matter when they need your votes in an election year, and you have far more worth and value as a casualty, as a martyr for their cause, than you do as a thriving success.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks IB and yes, you’re so right, radical grace is so powerful along with mercy and forgiveness and prayer of course.

      This movement though allows for none of that, so those opposed to it are going to have to really start pushing back while practicing all of the above. We’ve seen it coming for awhile but this latest eruption with the mass kneelings, purgings and apologies of white privileged sin, with people getting fired left and right for the most innocuous things and not being allowed to say anything that goes against the BLM narrative, it’s truly stunning. Like you said, lots of useful idiots pushing this along, but also just lots of plain people afraid of losing their jobs and companies. This is not going away and I fear a long, hot summer of continued agitation and violence.

      Hopefully the idiocy of your mayor there in Seattle is waking people up to how not to respond to extremists.

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  5. Citizen Tom says:


    Spot on.

    What is the point of hating people long dead for what they did to people long dead. When most blacks were sold into slavery by blacks, is not not selective just to hate whites for slavery?

    Senator Tim Kaine is one of my senators. The man foolishly claimed the USA invented slavery. That is the mind of leadership Liberal Democrats have to offer. No wonder Joe Biden is their presidental candidate.

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