Year of Insanity

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No matter what happens going forward, 2020 will forever be known as the year we went bonkers.  It appears to be from a sickness that messes with the brain, causing acute loss of logic and critical thinking skills. Symptoms include extreme naivety in the goodwill of government officials, a complete disregard for civil liberties except when they align with preferred political causes, an eagerness to shame and censure others and uncontrollable urges to show wokeness through obnoxious, shallow acts of virtue signaling.

This virus has been around for several years but really grew legs during the Coronavirus (so last week, I know) when it mutated in to mass psychosis.  The killing of George Floyd, protests, riots and looting then caused an explosion of infections; the telltale sign being the severe cognitive dissonance of those who cheered social distance rules keeping churches closed, but who now throw all such standards out the window to accommodate large crowds during BLM protests.

The primary method of spread is done via social media, where large amounts of gullible vulnerable people fell victim to being brainwashed through the repetitive use of banal phrases and memes.  Those with pre-existing conditions, particularly that of Trump Derangement Syndrome, were found to suffer most, having significantly higher viral loads within the body, causing incoherence and complete intolerance to outside opinions.

The only cure is to stay completely off line, don’t watch the mainstream news and think for yourself.  Experts roundly agree there is not a snowball’s chance in hell  little possibility of this occurring and that cases will continue to spike throughout the year.

Until November 6 when a new and more lethal form of the virus could take root.  All bets are off.


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19 Responses to Year of Insanity

  1. The Night Wind says:

    At this rate, I’m only giving a 50-50 chance that November 6th is even going to be in play. It’s starting to look like Russia circa 1917. The Whacko Left has been threatening to overthrow the Trump Administration by force since 2016—I have a feeling that they’re in the process of doing that.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    Gullible and vulnerable sez trish.

    That about wraps it up. 😎.

    Good stuff.

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  3. Good stuff, Tricia. Well done. Praying we regain some equilibrium and that the mass hysteria and collective temper tantrum runs its course. I’ve had quite enough of this nonsense.

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  4. irtfyblog says:

    Spot on, Tricia. 🙂

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  5. Al says:

    Sorry, Tricia, prayer never did and never will stop rioting and looting. However, exploding ordnance does the job! This is nothing short of an insurrection (as TNW pointed out). Like the guy with the oil filter in his hand once said, “pay me now or pay me later.”

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    • Tricia says:

      Oh I don’t disagree that we need to squelch these morons with force. What I do fear more though is the black hearts of so many people that say rioting and looting are ok. Also the “systemic racism” myth that so many are on board with. Ir’s really, really destructive, both to the minorities it’s supposed to help but society in general. These are heart issues that force and laws cannot change.

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      • Al says:

        Absolutely, Tricia. And once again I tip my hat to you for your unwavering and well-spoken take on this.

        Have you been able to get your personal life somewhat back to normal now since the lockdown?

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        • Tricia says:

          Thanks Al. Pretty much normal, as San Diego is trying to fast track opening (against our Governor’s wishes) up so restaurants and stores as well as beaches have been open with limitations. I’ve been extremely lucky with work as I work from home anyway and have been unusually busy through all this so I feel fortunate.

          Things ok in your area? Hopefully still on track to come out this way!


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  7. Al says:

    Yes, we’re doing well here, thanks. The beach was mobbed today. And yes, still looking forward to a visit to your neck of the woods.

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  8. Dennis says:

    Hey Tricia,
    Sorry to be so late in my comment(s) but have been busy as heck.
    Read a very good opinion piece by Nolte that appeared on Dan The article refers to the democrats ruining the cities they control. Not news but Nolte recommends moving to a rural area and arming yourself. It’s a good read and informative to say the least.
    We moved to the rural area and have always been armed.
    Dan Bongino appears on Fox twice weekly and has a vlog so you might check him out.

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    • Tricia says:

      Hey Dennis, I appreciate the comment, I’ll have to check out the article. And it’s true, the cities decaying the most have been run by Democrats at all levels of government. The people complaining the most always seem to keep voting these same bums in to office, go figure.

      Interesting I went to the gun range recently and all lanes were booked through Tuesday. It’s a very large facility with 45 lanes!


  9. George Orwell says:

    It is all planned. George Floyd is an actor and he is not dead. Just like all the fake shootings.
    It is all a LIE!


  10. con says:

    “Until November 6 when a new and more lethal form of the virus could take root”.
    You got that right.

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