Racist, Sexist Patients


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According to this Jerusalem Post article, The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is set to “deny medical services to racist, sexist patients”.  Now, I’m not sticking up for racism or sexism here, but there’s something disturbing about this idea.

Current NHS policy already covers verbal/physical abuse or any sort of aggressive behavior and staff are allowed to withhold treatment if they feel threatened.  As per the JP article, “the new rules will extend these protections to any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination, including homophobic, sexist or racist remarks.”

Nobody outside of a twisted few wants to see healthcare workers treated poorly because of their race, gender or sexual orientation, but if the rules already allow for denial of services for verbal or physical abuse, why are these extra categories needed?

Who is defining what these terms even mean?  Shoot, in today’s world of hidden microaggressions, just telling a woman to smile more can be considered sexist!”  I say “can be” because reality now is defined by what’s inside a person’s head and not necessarily based on what’s really happening. If you think the way I looked at you was offensive, well then it is, no matter that I was actually grimacing at the political talking heads spewing nonsense on the television screen above your head.

Isn’t it a bit troubling then that someone could be denied healthcare because of what someone else assumes about that person?  Please note, I’m not talking about verbal or physical abuse here, because that behavior is already out of bounds according to the NHS policy and rightly so.

It’s that phrase, “any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination, including homophobic, sexist or racist remarks” that gets me with it’s downright Orwelliain subjectiveness.

This is where the collision of political correctness and changing word definitions to suit an agenda collide to the detriment of healthy societies.  Consider that in many circles it’s common to label those who believe in traditional marriage as homophobic, or that being against illegal immigration is xenophobic, or that thinking sex is binary means your anti-transexual, or that throwing a Corona Virus themed party is a hate crime!

Do you see both how ridiculous and serious this is?  People have been brainwashed to believe the most absurd and hateful things about one another, which you can bet the elite policy makers that run the NHS sympathize with.  It’s not a big leap of faith to think that this will somehow be politicized and used against those that don’t think the correct way about things, the non woke so to speak.

And now the world’s largest government run healthcare system in the world has it written in to their policy that medical services can be denied to such people.  Disturbing indeed.



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11 Responses to Racist, Sexist Patients

  1. ok..so someone is in the hospital in need of vital care—but somehow someone deems this said individual a sexist or racist and in turn they are denied care?!—where is that in the Hippocratic oath?
    Read tomorrow’s post…and you will be livid…

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  2. Sue Cass says:

    In other words if you don’t agree with them your s— out of luck. Come Lord Jesus, come!

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  3. Yikes. How absurd.

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  4. Dennis says:

    If Bernie or any “progressive” gets to be president and forced government run health care is mandatory you can rest assured the UK rules will be adopted. What better way to control while segments of the population?

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    • Tricia says:

      No kidding Dennis. Luckily I don’t think Bernie stands a chance but forced government run health care is a possibility for the U.S. down the road.


  5. Horrible! The left’s selective agenda to passively let anyone who opposes them die… Chilling.

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  6. The Night Wind says:

    Doctors and psychiatrists are already forced in this country to play along with these gender anarchists and not treat them even though they need help. Now they want to prohibit doctors from treating people with the ‘wrong’ opinions. It’s only a stone’s throw from that to extermination camps. If anybody thinks ‘it can’t happen here’, go ask your grandparents if they ever though that Abortion and Euthanasia would be legal.

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