Pearl Harbor Must Not Be Forgotten

Omaha Beach

Today is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which commemorates the Japanese surprise attack on the Hawaiian naval base that killed over 2,400 American servicemen and women and was the tripwire for our entry in to WWII.

This post is actually a reblog of mine from 2014, but I thought it appropriate to share today in honor of the importance of the day.

It’s difficult to fathom the horrific trauma that occurred when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and the huge significance of America entering WWII because of it.  9/11 is the only frame of reference for me and though there are many differences between the two, the one constant in my mind are the words, “Never Forget.”

They sound cliche those words, just something easy to say when anniversary dates of infamous  of tragic events come around.  Yet the importance that lies beneath the surface cannot be overstated.

Our world is dangerous and you can be sure there are people who this very minute are plotting ways to destroy us and the freedom centered values we hold dear.  Remembering this is essential to a future of victory and peace.  When our guard is down our enemies will strike.

I know nothing  about geopolitical strategies or military preparedness but I do know we must constantly remain vigilant and keeping the memory of Pearl Harbor alive plays an important role.  Never forget indeed.

Business Insider has some great photos here of Pearl Harbor events, be sure to click on this link check them out.

Also, for a fabulous first person account of what happened during that fateful day, please read my blogger friend Al’s heart pounding post here about his father in law’s experienced while stationed at Pearl Harbor.  It’s a great read!

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15 Responses to Pearl Harbor Must Not Be Forgotten

  1. Al says:

    Thank you for the remembrance on this day, Tricia and a special thanks for linking to my blog on this subject. I usually re-post it every 5 year anniversary. You are a true patriot!

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  2. Doug says:

    As I pointed out just today on another blog… the company that designed and built most of the Japanese aircraft in that event is Mitsubishi. Makes one wonder who really lost that war.

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  3. A sobering reminder Tricia—thank you!!!

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  4. Thanks, Tricia. Well done.

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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