Governor Jerry Brown is a Moron

Am I being too harsh? Well if going by I think not. It defines the word like this:Moron: <mawr-on, mohr>noun.

  1. Informal.

A person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.

Jerry Brown is the Governor of California, the most populous state in the nation and where I happen to live.  You may have heard that we have a housing problem here, in fact nearly 70% of us can’t afford to buy a median priced home.  This feeds in to our enormous homeless problem, which is so out of control that the state’s bigger cities have departments dedicated just to cleaning human waste off sidewalks.

We also have the highest poverty rate in the nation when factoring in cost of living and non-violent felons now serve no jail time because of the recently passed Proposition 47, which allows politicians to crow about “solving” our overcrowded prison issue by releasing criminals from behind bars to roam neighborhood streets.

Oh and thanks to the horribly mismanaged and politically corrupt bureaucrats in charge of our forests, damns and reservoirs, California has both a perpetual water AND fire crisis.   Our taxes are some of the highest in the nation highest, our K-12 schools consistently rank in the bottom 20% and we came in dead last in a US News & World Report listing of states by quality of life. Not surprisingly, residents are fleeing California in droves, heading for places like Nevada, Texas and Arizona where housing, food and energy costs are low.

So what has our genius governor done to address this?  Well, in 2017 he made filling up at the pump even more expensive with a 40% boost to the state’s already ski high gas excise tax.

He also increased the cost of housing an estimated 10k-40k by requiring all new homes be built with rooftop solar panels and just recently mandated 100% of the state’s electricity be generated by renewable energy by 2045, which will explode electricity rates, as utilities pay more for new renewable generation, battery storage and transmission.  What an absolute slap in the face to residents who have already seen a 30% surge in energy rates since 2011.

I stand by my statement. Governor Jerry Brown is a moron.







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36 Responses to Governor Jerry Brown is a Moron

  1. KIA says:

    Progressive Democratic Socialism at its finest. It ever works nearly as well and efficiently as they think it will. Destroying American lives for 150yrs.

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  2. Sue Cass says:

    Well obviously Jerry Brown is not the only moron because Californians keep voting him in!

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  3. Mike Hohmann says:

    Exactly, Sue. The majority of the voting public are all morons out there. I’ve sworn that I’ll never return to CA again… too many times -but, somehow I always end up back in the Sierras hiking… then swear again to never return. You hit the nail on the head, Tricia. Never let up!

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  4. madblog says:

    I didn’t know you lived in California, Tricia. What a tragic shame that a place once looked upon as a glorious destination has worked so hard to become…well, what it is. Surely it can be turned around if there is a will!

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  5. Al says:

    Tricia, I’d agree with you on this if it wasn’t so insulting to morons.

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  6. Dennis says:

    Well said Tricia.
    Let me see if I understand. All the problems that have been as a result of morons in government and high taxes are OK because the weather and scenery are great!
    Either move or put up with the problems while enjoying the weather and scenery.
    The problem with putting up with your corrupt government is that pretty soon you wont be able to enjoy either because you’ll have to get 2-3 jobs to survive. But the weather is “nice”.

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    • Tricia says:

      Well there is that beach thing too and the mountains and of course family and my
      new man, all of which speak to my heart so it’s not that easy to just move. Come on now the state needs some common sense conservatives to keep order! 😉

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  7. Vote with your feet. There are 7 states with 0% income tax. Reno NV beckons to you, Trish.

    BTW, there’s a misspelling in your article that’s a perfect Freudian slip. When you find it, you should leave it there with quotes around the word.

    – Jeff

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  8. It is so very sad to see this. I’ve always loved my visits to many places in California but not any more.

    Moron is appropriate. Effective deregulation of zoning, minimum wage requirements and taxes would return CA back to a golden era. Maybe one day enough people will tire of all of this. I am hopeful. 🙂

    BTW – My sister in law just left and has moved in with us. And she is a progressive liberal. Go figure!

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    • Tricia says:

      We can only hope one day Michael that California will bounce back. Until then, gotta keep fighting the good fight.

      That’s funny about your progressive sister in law! I bet it would never occur to her that all the progressive policies she loves did so much to destroy her state.

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  9. Mister Took says:

    You called it right !
    You could have added onerous and socialistic labor laws and destructively forced diversity to the list of moronic enticements to leave this state.

    As an employer I cannot ask an applicant if they were ever arrested, spent time in jail, can’t do a pre-employment background check, can’t ask their wage at last employment, can’t ask if they have any health issues that would prevent them from doing the job they’re applying for and it goes on!

    Another nail in the coffin of California is recent legislation allowing the government to confiscate private water wells and ration water to 55 gallons per person per day! Yet they encourage the cultivation of cannabis, which is a huge water use crop!

    A college classmate of mine who owns a pump manufacturing company in Santa Clara, CA recently voted with his feet He is in process of moving his 135 employee company to Boise, ID. Personally, I left the d@mn Golden State years ago and praise the Lord I did so !

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    • Tricia says:

      Wow Mr T that’s some pretty insane stuff. I don’t think people realize how socialistic this state is in certain areas. It’s destroying it and quality of life for low-mid income people. The job creators like yourself just move out.


  10. ColorStorm says:

    I stand with you in your assessment T. 😉

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  11. Wally Fry says:

    Wow. You know Arkansas is usually considered somewhat of a poor state. But are we really? Most I know have a place to live and can hear and cool it. Granted some live in places California would never allow but it’s a place at least

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  12. Citizen Tom says:

    Jerry Brown is buying other people’s votes with other people’s money. The recipients like it. So they tell Brown what wonderful things he is doing. They tell him he is even responsible for job creation. His political party is responsible for those people being hired to pick up human waste in the big cities.

    We use to call the process of creating morons sophistry or self delusion. Today we call it spin.

    What is especially pathetic is that many fleeing man made disasters like California don’t understand what they are fleeing. So when they arrive in a new state, they start trying to make their new state like the one they fled.

    That’s part of the problem we have in Virginia, but it is not quite that simple. Since there are these rich counties in Virginia next to DC (full of northern transplants), the state government thinks Northern Virginia deserves special taxes. Of course, when the people in Northern Virginia elect Democrats, they elect politicians who agree. I suppose there is some sort of justice in that.

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    • Tricia says:

      Tom your entire comment is so very spot on, but especially this, “We use to call the process of creating morons sophistry or self delusion. Today we call it spin.” An entire populace of morons has been created large part because of the propaganda from political operatives that saturates our culture due to the MSM, entertainment industry, education system, etc…You cannot fight that kind of stupid because they’ve been brainwashed and the broken thought process is ingrained in their souls.

      And you’re right, it is so pathetic for the people who voted for policies that have destroyed my start doing it it to there states they fled to. They never seem to get the missing link.

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  13. Chris Warren says:

    I try not to make too much fun of California because I grew up in Illinois, which is actually worse than Cali except that no one has noticed yet.

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