A Supreme Schooling

If you haven’t seen the above video of Senator Ben Sasse from the Supreme Court conformation hearings, please take 10 minutes to do so. He thoroughly (but politely) humiliates those who have turned the hearings in to a circus freak show of grandstanding and faux outrage in their quest to take down Brett Kavanaugh.

There are some great nuggets in there too on the three branches of government and how the legislative side has neutered itself by transforming so much law making power to administrative bureaucrats. This in turn makes Supreme Court Jurists super legislatures (our Founding Father’s would be horrified) and has contributed greatly today’s unhealthy political environment.

Like I said, give it a watch.

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14 Responses to A Supreme Schooling

  1. Al says:

    Oh my God! There actually is an adult at these hearings!

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  2. Mike Hohmann says:

    Excellent! Thanks for posting, Tricia.

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  3. Dennis says:

    Good call Tricia! I watched a lot of the hearings (retired you know!) and cheered when Sen Sasse made those remarks. How refreshing that someone tells the truth about government.

    The democrats acted like spoiled children who can’t get their way. I expected them to throw themselves on the floor and hold their breath and kick their feet. I’d pay money to see that!


    • Tricia says:

      Spoiled children, that’s the perfect description of the Democrats at the hearings. I think they over played it though because even some lefty friends of mine got sick of it.

      Oh to be retired and have spare time! 🙂


  4. What a novel approach…humanistic rather than theatrical.

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

    Don’t know much about Senator Ben Sasse. If he was just grandstanding, at least he said something that needs to be said.

    I would just observe one more thing. The voters are mostly responsible for this mess, not the people we have elected. We should be electing congressmen who see their primary job as protecting our rights, creating laws that enable us to choose, not them or someone else in the government. What we do instead is vote for congressmen who “bring home the bacon”. Since the bacon they bring home came from us in the first place, that’s stupid. We have let the people we vote for use our greed to turn us into suckers for demagoguery.

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