The Truth About Hate

This has got to be the dumbest piece of news I’ve heard all month, perhaps even all year and that’s really saying a lot.  A faith based women’s shelter in Alaska called Downtown Hope Center is currently embroiled in a nasty battle with a city agency over a discrimination complaint filed against the shelter for refusing to take in a biological man who identifies as a woman.

Timothy Coyle, who now goes by Samantha, had been ejected from a nearby homeless shelter for fighting before showing up drunk and wounded at the Hope Center’s door. He was denied admittance, but was provided cab fare and sent to the ER for treatment.  When he came back the next day and again was turned away, he filed a complaint with the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission,  claiming he is female and transgender and so belongs to a protected class that the Hope Center discriminated against by refusing to let him stay there.

Folks, this is where denial of truth goes off the rails and becomes dangerous.  And, as usual with these types of things, it’s the most defenseless members of society who end up taking the hit.

Downtown Hope Center’s mission is to provide battered women and sex trafficking escapees a safe place to stay, while they get resources in place to move up and out of their volatile  situations.  It goes without saying that many of its residents live in constant fear of their abusers and that just being near any man can trigger severe emotional distress; thus shelter inhabitants are understandably limited to females only.  Men can be offered assistance but are not allowed to live there.

Bettering the lives of vulnerable women however is not what a Social Justice Warrior bent on a cause cares one whit about, nor, really, are transgender people.  You see this is not about letting people live their lives as they see fit, but compulsion. As Kevin D. Williamson states brilliantly in this NRO column about Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips:

“After winning his case at the Supreme Court, Phillips was again targeted by Colorado activists, one of whom asked him to make a cake to celebrate coming out as transgender. Phillips declined, and was ordered to the state to compulsory mediation. He is countersuing.

Liberalism has always struggled to balance the protection of minority rights against majoritarian institutions and — less often appreciated — the protection of individual rights. The American Left has liberated itself from such considerations by abandoning liberalism for identity politics and a might-makes-right ethic.

Why compel Jack Phillips to knuckle under? Because you can, and because you hate him. Hate is an inescapable part of tribalism, and hate is now the single most important organizing principle of the American Left.”

Hate. Such a small word, but one that holds enormous influence over our country’s political, cultural and social discourse. For some time now, most folks have accepted transgender people and their wish to change genders. While it’s probably impossible for outsiders to fully understand why a person would do this, most of us generally don’t like to see others suffer and are fine with people changing their sex if it offers some relief.

Live and let live is fine up to a point.  It becomes a problem when it bleeds over in to threatening the safety and rights of others.  Common sense tells us that a biological man staying at a shelter for battered women is a bad idea, as is allowing him access to female locker rooms and bathrooms just because he identifies as a woman.  Again, whose interests are really being served here by compelling society to accept this as normal?

Certainly not women and girls and most people know this.  Yet, those who push back get labeled as intolerant haters, facing social ostracism and even possible job loss for holding such “archaic” views. Most understandably end up shutting up and keeping their heads down.  Normal people don’t have the time and emotional energy to spend days on end defending themselves on social media, plus no one wants to lose friends or put their jobs in jeopardy over stuff like this.

And that is the exact reaction the identity politics crowd wants.  The majority of the country may not agree with them, but they know their loud and relentless bullying and cries of hater thrown at anyone who disagrees shuts down debate and allows their agenda to creep forward.  Complex issues that require open and honest conversations, now get dumbed down to two opposing sides; the good, right side of history crowd vs those bad traditional values folks.

A free and democratic society that values truth cannot function under such tactics. A some point people will either decide they’ve had enough and stop catering to this social justice nonsense or draconian speech laws will eventually take root and religious freedoms will be greatly curtailed.

The transgender community needs acknowledgement from outsiders that they too are just regular people trying to forge a happy and fulfilling life.  Balancing their needs with society as a whole requires great empathy, and grace plus an understanding that there are no easy answers.

The denial of truth however should not be tolerated, nor should anyone be shamed in to thinking it should.








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36 Responses to The Truth About Hate

  1. madblog says:

    Hate is hate is hate is hate. It’s bewildering how people can fail to recognize that they themselves are practicing hate (and they do clearly fail to see it) until you understand that it comes in a package with self-righteousness and sanctimony.

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  2. Wow! This is very sad.

    So true: “Common sense tells us that a biological man staying at a shelter for battered women is a bad idea, as is allowing him access to female locker rooms and bathrooms just because he identifies as a woman.”

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  3. Reblogged this on Thoughts on culture, politics and more and commented:
    This is amazing.

    Tricia nails it with this: “Common sense tells us that a biological man staying at a shelter for battered women is a bad idea, as is allowing him access to female locker rooms and bathrooms just because he identifies as a woman. “

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  4. Amen,Tricia. This stuff is just appalling. Where I live we’ve just shut down this drug free coffee house for youth that’s been here some 30 yrs because of social justice and this group of bullies. We are a sanctuary city and welcome the homeless too, who are often perceived as innocent victims of society. Naturally they invaded the youth facility, preying on kids, selling drugs, being aggressive on the sidewalk in front of businesses for the past few years. The problem being you can’t “discriminate” against them and the local politicians perceive them as a protected class. Like literally, a guy sells drugs to kids, well he’s homeless, you can’t be persecuting the homeless. Finally people decided they simply have to close the doors to the coffee shop because it just isn’t safe to have vulnerable kids being targeted by the professional homeless.

    So like literally there is a lot of crime going on and the political attitude is that if it’s being committed by a protected group with victim status, we as a community need to just ignore it and be more tolerant. Needless to say, those in power often live in gated communities and don’t ever have to live with the consequences of their political attitudes and actions.

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    • Tricia says:

      There’s so much craziness going on IB, it’s almost impossible to keep up, especially in your neck of the woods. You are spot on about protected classes now being able to do pretty much as they wish and the politicians never suffering the consequences of letting them do so. Appalling indeed.

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  5. I’m glad to see you back— riled up and going at it— defending the common sense of Truth! Amen Tricia!!!

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  6. Dennis says:

    Enter the world of the true believing liberal Tricia. This is but a sample of how they think and how they are working to change society. Pretty scary stuff.
    Back in the day that he/she would be taken into the alley and shown the error of his/her ways. No lawsuit would have come from that either. I long for those days!!!

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  7. Citizen Tom says:

    Good post!

    Here is where I think the trouble began.

    For some time now, most folks have accepted transgender people and their wish to change genders. While it’s probably impossible for outsiders to fully understand why a person would do this, most of us generally don’t like to see others suffer and are fine with people changing their sex if it offers some relief.

    Empathy cannot change the reality of pain. We have to deal with the situation as it is.

    In the past society did not humor the fantasies of such people. Was that a problem? Did some bullies bully the sexually confused? Yes, but we cannot just wake up one morning and find we have changed our sex. That only works in the movies. When people demand that everyone else must adopt their fantasies, they have to violate the rights of others to enforce their demands, and that is the problem You have described.

    When people argue for the alphabet soup of LGBTQ rights, they are just demanding that we all participate in LGBTQ orgies. It is like a teenager who wants everyone else to smoke because he smokes. He wants to remove his shame by causing everyone else to sin. How does that doesn’t work? It just makes what was one person’s sin everyone’s sin.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      Did not mean to capitalize that “You”. Smartphones can make us stupid.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thank you! You bring up some good points Tom, most of which I agree. I think an awareness is needed on all sides though that there are just some things none of us can really know for sure. Biological sex cannot be changed but if someone wants to live their life as a different gender, I’m ok with it as long as societal norms don’t have to be turned upside down to cater to such a tiny percentage of the population. For the left though it does because it’s not about allowing people choices on how to live their lives but forcing others accept it.


  8. Al says:

    Took me a while to make a comment, Tricia. I get so upset with this kind of warped thinking by liberals, I have to step back or I would taint your blog with vile vitriol that would do nothing to advance the real issue here. What we are witnessing here is the pending death of common sense. The article could easily be titled “Requiem for Rational Thought.”

    Someone commented earlier and hit it on the nose. These do-gooders who only want to feel good about themselves by espousing this garbage, give no thought to the people who have to deal with this on a daily basis and are affected by the consequences. They are nothing but mindless automatons that march to the tune of the left. I grieve deeply for the future of this country.

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    • Tricia says:

      I know what you mean Al, sometimes the scope of the ridiculousness of things going on in this country gets me so steamed and feeling rather hopeless for what the future holds. Mindless automation is a good description, just way too much of that going on.




  11. David Ross says:

    Common sense is not so common!

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  12. Canuck Carl says:

    As I read this I tried to put myself in the shoes of the different parties involved. Timothy Coyle (Samantha) had a place to stay but was ejected due to behaviour.
    I put myself in the shoes of the battered women and sex trafficking escapees who have come to the shelter as a safe place of refuge. Often times women are battered during a partners drunken rampage. Regardless of sexual orientation I would not want a drunk man demanding to be admitted into the shelter. Hope Center made the right call.

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    • Tricia says:

      I so agree with you Carl. It’s just common sense really but this world has gone all topsy tursy unfortunately where common sense no longer exists.

      Thanks for coming by Carl, hope you’re well!

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  13. Ralph says:

    Men are men and women are women. Each are comfortable with the way they are as men do what men like to do and women the same. To have these snowflakes and weirdos telling us what we can and cannot do is, I am sorry, but is Satanic by causing confusion and upset. Women need to be safe in sanctuaries and kept apart, well apart from these weirdos. I will not be ruled by gay, PC idiots !
    Great post Tricia ! 🙂 ❤

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