Yes, That’s Exactly Right!

We Pray

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16 Responses to Yes, That’s Exactly Right!

  1. That is perfect. Love it! Be blessed. God is in a good mood.

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    That was great.

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  3. This is why we SHOULD pray for each other. Not quite convinced society has accepted practicing this philosophy yet. Emotional fear and hatred remains a prevalent component in many hearts and minds. The reality that prosperity for ALL is possible, hasn’t provided enough incentive to successfully overcome these harmful emotions. I wonder whether we’re supposed to overcome them or simply reposition their roles in the scheme of BALANCING our lives?

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    • Tricia says:

      That’s an interesting question Jonathan. I think balance would be the key until one does overcome toxic emotions. That takes a personal realization that one even has them though.

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  4. The Isaiah 53:5 Project says:

    This is perfect, Tricia

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