Justice Denied

I’m often asked how Donald Trump got elected.  Kate Steinle’s tragic and entirely preventable death at the hands of illegal immigrant Garcia Zarate is one very big reason. Thursday’s atrocious jury decision to acquit Zarate of homicide and charge him instead with “illegal possession of a firearm” is another.

YouTube video of Tucker Carlson’s November 30, 2017 broadcast on FOX News

The entire episode is a perfect example of the sheer brokenness of our immigration system, where serial deportees like Zarate face no consequences for entering the U.S. illegally and can come and go as they please due to lax enforcement at the border.

Garcia Zarate had been deported 5 times and been arrested for drug crimes and yet the sanctuary city he lived in (San Francisco) refused to turn him over to ICE as mandated by federal law.  Had they done so Kate Steinle would be alive today.

Everyone knows this is insane.  Everyone that is except the virtue signaling open borders crowd who turn a blind eye to derelicts like Zarate because they think it’s somehow compassionate. Yeah, tell that to the Steinle family.

Normal people are just so sick of all this. We know the system is broken, we know it favors criminals like Zarate over our safety, we know it discourages good immigrants who we do want here from coming and we know that heightened scrutiny of who we allow across our borders is smart policy.  This is all common sense stuff, yet to even bring up such concerns gets you labeled xenophobic and racist by the progressive elite and, frankly, by many on the clueless Right.

Donald Trump gets this and while I don’t care for his bull in a china shop way of communicating, he isn’t afraid to stand on principle here and enact badly needed immigration and border control reforms.  Traditional politicians on both the Left and Right seem incapable of grasping this and thus get shocked in to further stupidity when someone like Trump gets elected.  The longer they remain blinded by their own false self righteousness, the more likely it is that people like Donald Trump will win elections.  That is it in a nutshell.

Kate Steinle was a beautiful soon to be married 32 year old just at the cusp of life when she was killed.  Local authorities failed miserably in protecting her, as did our federal representatives in allowing a morally bankrupt and crumbling at the seams immigration system to reach this point of absurdity.

As the 80’s pop song says, we’re not gonna take it any more.

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24 Responses to Justice Denied

  1. Tricia I’ve not written anything about this yet as I’ve just really been numbed by it all—I think shocked is a good description…that is now giving way to an almost desolate despair.
    You have summed all of this up most succinctly…saying it much better than I ever could.

    What I’m having a difficult time with is that notion of compassion….a word that is currently being twisted to fit a progressive liberal mindset.

    Christians who are disparaged by this verdict are being labeled as some sort of hypocrites—as the argument is that Christians are to be forgiving and to be compassionate…and that the progressive notion is now being thrown into the Believer’s faces with the sneering words of ‘what would Jesus do’—
    but in all of that, which most folks don’t comprehend, it is not what He would do…
    it is what He did.

    And that was to descend to Hell, rescuing us. And in that rescuing, which we know as Grace, he did not say you are now no longer responsible for your actions.
    If you sin, there are repercussions…
    if you sincerely seek foreignness, you will be with Him in Paradise but you still have the repercussions of your actions which you must attend to in the court of this world and of man.

    I liken it to the death row inmate who gives his heart and soul to Jesus—yet still knows he must face the death of the state’s choice—as that is the repercussion for his sin—yet he is forgiven and will spend eternity with His Lord….and he rests in that as he is lead to his execution. Doesn’t make it pretty or less awful on either side of the sin…yet it is what it is… and that is sin and the repercussion thereof…..

    That whole WWJD nonsense does not hold up in the wash…it’s just a modern spin from the feel good religion being passed off as Christianity that had morphed in these “modern cultural times.

    So whereas I feel compassion for the less fortunate, I do not allow Mr. Zarate a pass for Kate’s death. He does not have a pass because he was poorly educated, that he does not have a pass because he does not understand the language, he does not have a pass because he was a vagrant….

    Perhaps if these most self righteous lawyers and politicians of ours would take personal responsibility for each and every vagrant, illegal immigrant, uneducated drug dealer and gang banger….then maybe we wouldn’t have so much trouble and cases like this—
    because they would have done a better job on the front end rather then picking up the pieces now on the backend.

    This “accident” never should have happened.
    Had our law makers done their jobs—keeping the likes of Mr Zarate from being a boomerang in our country and court system—then we wouldn’t be having this little chat today Tricia….

    It is reprehensible and even dare I say reckless and even irresponsible that the lawyers immediately turned the verdict into a political slap in the face of the White House—that simply smells of vindictiveness and not the justice they just “won” for Mr Zarate.
    So hidden agendas become equally tied to a poor judgement.

    My heart breaks for the Steinle family…this is something that never should have happened.
    Never—but try telling our lawmakers—try telling that state of yours….

    Yes, we Americans have big troubles, troubles that are only growing worse by the day…..

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    • Tricia says:

      Julie, your comment if full go good points, worthy of a blog post of it’s own I might say. I completely agree too that the odiousness of trying to slam Christians for being hypocrites on immigration because we want to enact common sense immigration reform is just gross and frankly I think we are all, Christians or not, just fed up with that nonsense. Just as we are on the War on Women” bs and other such wedge issues politicians use to demagogue opponents and I am hoping we’ve reached a tipping point.

      That tipping point in my view resulted in the election of Donald Trump. As you know, he is not my favorite person, but I will stick up for him when he is right and with this issue he’s on the money.

      My heart breaks for the Steinle family too. I can’t imagine what’s going through their minds right now.

      The state of California badly needs change. Maybe this tragedy will finally wake some people up. Maybe…

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      • Nor is he my favorite individual either Tricia cause he is indeed a bull in a china shop—and I wish he’d lose that phone of his!!!
        But yes, he seems to “get it” and I for one am thankful. It’s obviously taken someone who is a non Washingtonian political imbecile to make those long stuck wheels of government slowly to start a squeaky bit of movement—despite the near hysterical cries of the old political cronies…they and their minions are in apoplexy over DT and this push to put America back on some sensible footing—which has nothing to do with this “hate mongering” the left keep screaming about….ugh….

        Now if Americans can actually shout that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more…maybe everything else in this world of ours just might fall into place…

        One can only pray…..

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  2. Dennis says:

    Good post Tricia,
    I’ve said it before, “the government you vote for is the government you get”.
    Watch “Victor Davis Hanson California” on YouTube.He is a resident Professor born and raised in CA and has the true scoop on the problems of CA and it’s residents. Very eye opening to say the least.
    The illegal aliens are given special treatment and breaks that NO American citizen would get in the court system or by law enforcement. The reason is cheap labor and votes. Both sides of the aisle are guilty of pandering to the aliens but the right is better at spouting the law while delaying any changes. A pox on all of them!

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  3. Al says:

    Wow, Tricia, powerful and supremely well put. Oh, how I long for the America before Obama and this politically correct name-calling bullshit. Even Bill Clinton, for all his warts, had a sense of what was right and what was wrong. When jolly old England finally implodes, and it will, from this namby-pamby way of governance, the rest of America might wake up. Let’s hope so and before it’s too late.

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  4. It all sticks in my craw, too. I live in a sanctuary city, there are signs up everywhere, “we welcome Muslims,immigrants,nobody is an illegal.” Than we have Mexican drug cartels bringing in drugs that are literally killing people, endless domestic violence, rape, theft, rampant unemployment. It’s not that loving people is wrong, its that loving select groups at the expense of others is wrong. There are immigrants who come and just want to build a life for themselves, and there are others who bring a whole lot of problems with them.

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  5. Tricia, well said. This is very frustrating and I pray for the Steinle family. I live in hope though. There will be justice and Jesus will deliver it. Jesus will be the final Judge. No murderer will into His country (aka Kingdom).

    Consider this from Matthew 12 …

    Jesus also cautioned them to keep it quiet, following guidelines set down by Isaiah:

    Look well at my handpicked servant;
    I love him so much, take such delight in him.
    I’ve placed my Spirit on him;
    he’ll decree justice to the nations.
    But he won’t yell, won’t raise his voice;
    there’ll be no commotion in the streets.
    He won’t walk over anyone’s feelings,
    won’t push you into a corner.
    Before you know it, his justice will triumph;
    the mere sound of his name will signal hope, even
    among far-off unbelievers.

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  6. David says:

    You certainly affirmed the obvious. Can you see how the comments of the lawyer who uses manipulative duplicity just like some of my comments that I have written? In fact everything from the left is the same way. The logic is Orwellian because it is has been reversed or frankly no logic at all. Orwells 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World is exactly what we live in! Everything that you know is a lie.
    Question: If a women voted for Hillary Clinton specifically because she is a women, is this women sexist? Anyone can answer this.

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    • Tricia says:

      I would say that’s sexist, the same as it would be if someone did not vote for her specifically because she was a woman.


      • David says:

        Hallelujah! You get it! Ask that question to a Democrat and see what you answer is. They will say no guaranteed! Try it out in fact lets ask Tim Troy tomorrow. You can see for yourself the Orwellian world in action!

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  8. So often I start responding to you and it turns into half a blog post and gets buried in my to-be-written folder. Tonight I thought, what the heck, and I wrote it. https://wordpress.com/post/americansoustannie.wordpress.com/7854

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  9. I noticed that this post didn’t attract much resistance. The legal system as well as the immigration system is clearly broken. This is a common spoken theme without clear acceptable answers to satisfy the wider population at large. Partisan politics will promulgate divisiveness leaving our broken systems BROKEN. The masses have given up on congresses ability to function competently.

    Unfortunately, this is where the public falls short as well. There is a lack of concern and personal commitment until government policies DIRECTLY affect individual lives. It’s easy to say, “it’s a travesty what happened to Kate Steinle.” Words without ACTIONS remain our society’s Modus operandi. First we complain and then we “press the button” to re-elect the same incompetent representatives or show our disdain for politics altogether by not voting at all. Both approaches fortifies status quo. This is the world we live in today.

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    • Tricia says:

      So very true Jonathan and SO very frustrating! I remember as a kid listening to my parents talk politics with their friends. Most of the time I was bored as can be, but one phrase was always repeated which was “things will never change”. It was as true then as it is today unfortunately when it comes to our bloated, unresponsive and increasingly immoral political system.

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