Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Politics of Hypocrisy



So the Left is having a cathartic come to Jesus moment over having stood by Bill Clinton all these years with eyes wide open to his sexual predator nature and the abhorrent treatment his accusers faced at the hands of Team Clinton.

Remember those fun  times?  A quote from  loyalist James Carville inferring Paula Jones was making up being sexual harassed by Bill in return for cash, pretty much sums up the disgustingness of it all.

“Drag a $100 bill through a trailer camp and there’s no telling what you will find”.

Just lovely, and from the so called “pro women” party no less.  Liberals finally seem to be coming to terms with their own hypocrisy and the shameful behavior of that era, as two recent and decidedly harsh articles from some surprising sources display.  Vox’s  “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned” and the New York Time’s, “I believe Juanita”  both offer scathing indictments of the Clintons and their abusive and opportunistic ways.

While it’s hard to tell whether the authors are more upset about Bill Clinton’s behavior and their own non reaction to it, or that it gave Republicans a wedge issue to beat Democrats over the head with for 25 years, it is still nice to see some sort of reckoning, finally, from the Left.

As a recent college graduate, the whole Monica Lewinsky circus was a surreal thing to witness and I recall that time period as my rather bizarre introduction to politics.  Pre- Twitter and Facebook mind you, the mainstream news was filled 24/7 with tabloid like details of Oval Office sexcapades, cigars, a new definition for the word “is” and an infamous stained blue dress.

I remember thinking, the President of the United States is a lying pig that takes advantage of his power to abuse women, surely he will be thrown out of office.

Yet we all know he was not. His supporters on the Left, particularly feminists, gave Bill Clinton a pass because of shared politics and their doomsday belief that a Republican president would be utterly catastrophic to their cause.  They were so blinded by their own self-righteousness, they put winning political battles over moral decency, which even my politically naive 20 something self could sense was a putrid sort of strategy that stunk to its core.

This was a turning point for me, where my views about the Democratic Party shifted from mere indifference to disgust.  Party loyalists lined up to give unquestionable support for Bill while slut shaming his victims and blaming a “vast right wing conspiracy”.  Cue feminist leader Betty Friedan:

 “Enemies are attempting to bring him down through allegations about some dalliance with an intern…. Whether it’s a fantasy, a set-up or true, I simply don’t care.”

The rank hypocrisy and sheer bankrupt morality of it all turned me permanently away from the Democratic party and the feminist movement and I began to seek out news from alternative sources and really think for myself politically for the first time in my life.

Jumping ahead to 2017 and what do we see?  A Senate candidate in Alabama fighting off accusations of having sex with minors by blaming the victims and crying of a conspiracy by “the establishment” to keep him off the ballot.  His supporters are not only on board with this but actively trashing his accusers or, worse, justifying the behavior with absurd reference to Joseph and Mary from the Bible.

Aside from what I believe are credible accusations against Roy Moore, he is still a troubling candidate. As a judge, he refused to enforce federal orders he disagreed with on gay marriage and has stated on record that Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress.  Regardless of your thoughts on gay marriage and Muslims, Roy’s positions here are anathema to the Constitutional workings of our government and the basic tenants of religious freedom.  Roy Moore is a very flawed man and is not someone anyone on the Right should be falling on their sword for.

My fellow Conservatives, we need to be extremely mindful in how we represent our philosophy to others, as it is a direct reflection on our own values.  This very much includes the candidates we support and their behavior, from the President all the way on down.  We must be willing to call them out when they say or do immoral things.

I know the media operates as an arm of the Democratic party and I am as sick to death as anyone over their lies, smear tactics and unfair treatment.  I understand too that we are in a battle for the future direction of the country and electing politicians who share our values on individual liberty and religious freedom is essential like never before.

There could not be a better time for a large injection of integrity and decency in to the body politic and that my friends starts with ourselves.



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  1. in the delightful words of Ben Franklin and John Adams—Huzzah Tricia!!!!!
    Nail on the head!!! as in may I now gold plate your hammer!!! You Go!!!

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  2. David says:

    Roy Moore’s accusations are all falling apart as it is quite apparent to me that it is the typical smear tactics used by the left (to divert the attention from the vile Harvey Weinsten and the rest of the satanic Hollywood). I certainly don’t know the truth and neither do you, but I give it a less than 1% chance its true. Until we eliminate the natural instincts of Men pursuing Women which is being attempted by the main street media and the deep state, these accusations can go on indefinitely. They are just confusing the minds of the masses and obviously doing a good job at it. The Democratic Party deceives, manipulates and destroys women (and the family) while purporting to help them for political gain. The real truth will never be reported in our main street media, just manipulative duplicity to make people think like they want you to think. Since I am a defiant hopelessly heterosexual male and certainly not politically correct, I will continue to admire a women’s natural beauty and intelligence, which obviously doesn’t include anyone that says they are a feminist or for gender equality, as they are clearly not intelligent and are disgustingly sexist. The fact that they don’t realize this speaks volumes to their lack of consciousness. The women who do realize this should be and will be treated with the highest regard, i.e. like a queen. It is the Orwellian irony of it all!

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    • Tricia says:

      I don’t think Moore’s accusers allegations are falling apart at all, in fact they seem more credible every time he or one has evangelical supports open their mouths to the media.

      Democratic party deceives but the Republican party is not exactly a shining star of morality either. Supporters on both sides need to come to terms with this.

      And you’re right we should be treated as queens! 😉

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      • David says:

        You may choose to believe the lies, but I will put my side on it is bullshit on the accusations against Moore! But certainly I am not a Republican as they are corrupt and disgusting also, it is just not as bad as the Democratic party. We all need to become independent thinkers and divorce the main street media. I will continue to stress this as it is clear we are on the same team, it is just you are resisting exiting your comfort zone that it is all a lie. You still believe in the illusion. I will continue to do my best to make you think even if it continues to irritates you a little, as I will always have your best interests at heart. At least I am not boring am I?


  3. mobiuswolf says:

    “The rank hypocrisy and sheer bankrupt morality of it all turned me permanently away from the Democratic party and the feminist movement”

    We thank Bill for that at least. 😉

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  4. Dennis says:

    Good post Tricia (as always),
    It’s really funny to see the Bill & Hillary supporters falling all over themselves trying to renounce Bill’s bad behavior and Hillary’s smear tactics. Like you I thought we would see the last of the Clinton’s after the blue dress was checked and contained Bill’s d n a. The dems circled the wagons and we got Hillary running for President. How disgusting!

    Roy (no kin) is not the best candidate for the Senate but are all the other Senator’s without sin? I can name several off the top of my head and a lot more after some checking.

    I am troubled by the women in all these latest allegations waiting years to come forward. If we are to believe and act on their words, what is to prevent anyone from being “labeled” thus losing a promotion or job opportunity, when in fact, they are innocent? This is setting a very slippery president and one I think we will regret.

    I just can’t understand how a women would put up with that behavior and live with not telling anyone for years. Maybe a statute of limitations of 5 years if you don’t have any concrete proof or an eyewitness or a blue dress. It seems destructive that something that happened 10 – 40 years ago without any proof can do so much damage to a person. Unless of course the liberal media loves you then it’s no big deal.

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    • Tricia says:

      Dennis I can completely understand why it would seem very strange why a woman would stay silent for so many years and don’t begrudge you for thinking differently than me on this. I think women can understand this a lot better as, it’s happened to most of us to one degree or another or we know someone it has and it’s just so much easier to get on with your life instead of making a big fuss. If you’re talking about a really young person, like age 14 than you’re dealing with a whole different basket of bananas.

      Roy Moore’s accusers did not come forward out of the blue, it was the Washington Post that dug the story up and encouraged them. Many also DID tell their stories at the time the events happened and have said they were Trump supporters. Is the WaPo out to get Moore? Absolutely, but it doesn’t mean what they reported was untrue and right now for me, the women seem more credible than Moore, especially when you factor in his horrible answers on Hannity’s show.

      We can’t prove his guilt of course but I think he is a really poor candidate with very questionable moral character at the very least. I’m not demanding the guy be arrested, just that people think twice about automatically jumping his bandwagon. Personally,s I can’t understand why anyone claiming to vote their values would back him. The evangelical attack on his accusers too is just sickening.

      Yes the medial loves liberals and treats them with a different standard but that’s been going on for eons.

      Thanks for your input as always!


  5. Thanks for your support of decency and morality. I have been repulsed by blind support of many friends of Roy Moore just because he is a Republican. Most troubling is his actions to not support the law in his capacity on the Supreme Court of Alabama. And now this.

    Roy Moore is not a victim. It is unseemly for him to continually play that card. I reasonably believe the women, who at great pain to themselves, are sharing their stories.

    I agree that “we need to be extremely mindful in how we represent our philosophy to others, as it is a direct reflection on our own values. This very much includes the candidates we support and their behavior, from the President all the way on down. We must be willing to call them out when they say or do immoral things.”

    Blessings. God is with you.

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    • Tricia says:

      Thanks Michael for your thoughts on this and your support as well. I too am really bothered by Moore’s refusal to support the law and his attack on religious freedom via banning Muslims from Congress. That alone should be enough for him not to be in the Senate, the sexual assault accusations just add to his unfitness to serve.

      I realize many of my Republican friends will not agree with me but it’s important for all voices to be heard on this.

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  6. Al says:

    The left? Hypocritical? Surely you jest.

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  7. At least we agree on Moore. 
    But, honestly, Tricia, there’s enough hypocrisy going around for everyone to share. It seems yet again the Right has to call up the Clintons as if that’s some relevant justification regarding the sitting president. Ok.. one can debate the ethics back in the Clinton days vs. now and how times have changed… but there’s no relevance to anything today. It’s history… and maybe it’s history we shouldn’t forget because of its moral implications and ultimate result.. but what’s it mean today other than just another political comparison to distract the attention to Trump? Here’s the big hypocrisy… two guys were on that bus.. one of power who was bragging about how he uses his power and authority to abuse women, the other you could argue was a laughing “enabler”. The laughing guy gets fired from his job for not defending women… the power abuser becomes President of the United States… in spite of umpteen women accusing him of various incidents of abuse. You might be wondering why any Alabama voters would vote for such a sleeze as Roy Moore… well, I’m wondering how any women on the Right voted for a abusing creep like Trump. Why the double standard?

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    • Tricia says:

      I think we agree on a lot more than you might think Doug. Well sometimes anyway, ok most often not. 😉

      It’s the Left that are bringing up Bill Clinton as they are realizing they can’t continue to condemn the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world without coming terms with Bill Clinton and their own support of him. There have been several articles recently from liberals confessing their day of reckoning on his behavior, one can’t help but comment on them. Also, as long as Democrats keep trying to lay claim to being the “pro woman” party and castigate Republicans as hair dragging neanderthals, their enabling of Bill Clinton will always be a factor and rightly so.

      I most certainly think poor Billy Bush was unfairly treated. I mean has the guy even now found a new job? His shunning came from the progressive entertainment industry he was a part of and network honchos scared to death what the episode would do to ratings, not Trump supporters.

      As I’ve said before, I didn’t vote for Trump. He was not my first or second choice but I am sure as heck happy he is in office instead ofHillary. Glad he is there yes, but not gung ho about the man in general, never claimed otherwise.


    • Tricia says:

      Thanks for the link. It’s too long for me to get through now, I will have to sit down with it tomorrow. Upon quick glance you seem to be implying age of consent has to do with societal times and mores which is true. Applying what worked 500 years ago to today is a completely different concept though and one I would not agree with.


      • Yeah.. it’s one of those posts best not speed-read. Not to worry.. I’m not trying to sell anything or revise anything. Just perspective in order to focus on our today issues. You seem sensitive to these things from your posts/replies I’ve read; your thoughts are well expressed… was just curious on your impression of the subject in general.

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  9. David says:

    After taking a look at the the truthful media i.e. alternative media, it is pretty clear that the lies about Moore from CNN, Fox, NY Times, Buzzfeed are as usual just a puppet show. As usual, nothing from our corrupt main street media is ever true. The manipulative duplicity of our vile main street media once again has people discussing complete nonsense i.e. keeping the masses occupied. To not look at the TV or newspaper means you are uninformed, but to watch the main street media means you are misinformed. Certainly, our whole government is corrupt and I will continue to do my best to have people become independent thinkers, not Republican’s or Democrats, as they are both corrupt to the core. Thus, as you know I am not a yes man, your opinion or feelings are based on the puppet show on what someone else wants you to think, just not the truth. Plato’s cave is very real and the Red Pill is what I serve.

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    • So David… you suggesting you have all the right answers? Cause if so, I need someone to do my taxes this April… unless it’s just post card size.
      Not sure if you are trying to serve the Red Pill or you’re trying to convince us to drink the tainted Kool-Aid.

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  11. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Here is a reblog of a post on one of my favorite blogs.
    “See, there’s this thing called biology…~”, another of my favorite blogs, provides a slightly different take on this post (

    The post begins well. The subject is the belated Liberal Democrat reversal on Bill Clinton. B. Clinton second term ended January 20, 2001, and now some Liberal Democrats have decide giving him a pass on his sexual indiscretions was not a good idea. Tricia, the author, provides some insightful commentary.

    Then, the post shifts to today and Judge Roy Moore. Tricia is unhappy with Moore and some of things his supporters have said.

    Well, I don’t know exactly what Roy Moore’s supporters have said that is so awful, but I suppose I could find something. However, what matters as far as the election is concerned is what Moore and his surrogates have said, not someone else.

    Consider the situation. Moore’s accusers, egged on by a Liberal Democrat newspaper, have accused Moore of a crime. Moore says his accusers are lying. Well, if those women are not telling the truth, what is Moore supposed to do, say something that speaks well their character? What are guys supposed to do, give up running for office? If all gals have to do to force guys to drop out of a race is accuse their male opponents of a sex crime, and men cannot defend themselves…..

    Politics is a blood sport. Instead of butchering, shooting, and blowing each other up, we try to settle our differences with ballots. That does not work too well, but it is the best idea we have had yet. Unfortunately, we still elect some devious people. Elections, even without the bloodletting are dirty and messy. Human beings, both men and women, cannot be trusted to behave themselves.

    Political campaigns often involve muckraking and mudslinging. As voters we need to insist that people put up or shut up. Mere accusations should not count. If someone wants to accuse a candidate of a crime a month before an election, they should put up or shut up. No legal charges? Just last minute accusations? Then why should we take them seriously? Because a biased news media does? Really? Does anyone have to explain why that is absurd?

    At this point the people of Alabama have a choice between Judge Roy Moore and a Liberal Democrat. Moore isn’t perfect, but alternative is worse. Unfortunately, instead of talking about the issues, the Liberal Democrat news media has us talking about the Republican candidate’s supposed sexual indiscretions. We have not seen this before? Then why would we fall for it again?

    If the Liberal Democrat new media had not created this diversion and the campaigns had focused on the issues, Moore would have easily won. Now his victory is uncertain, and that is what lot of people in The Establishment wanted. Isn’t is time we stop letting these people play us like fiddles?

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  12. ColorStorm says:

    ‘Injection of integrity T? Love that, but where u gonna find a needle big enough………also, so many arms, so little time.

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  13. I truly appreciate your approach to politics. I also hope you pursue a “blackbelt” in writing because I know critics will gladly attempt to “attack your words;” some by “stirring the pot.” Devils advocates and “pot stirrers” tend to add a lot of carbon dioxide to a world in need of clean oxygen. I don’t mean to deny them their right to speak and/or have opinions; I would simply appreciate if they used less oxygen/words making their points.

    There are people in all political parties that believe successful campaigns gives them the “right” to pursue indecent acts above and beyond the ethics and rules of society. These disgusting people, however, are entitled to the same rules of protection under our law, namely, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. People like Moore, however, have personal ideologies that fuel a divisive nation. In my opinion, a well informed electorate willing to objectively view the man, his actions and his words will likely find it challenging to support his candidacy. Although I find it difficult to remain unbiased when many women (or men) speak out sharing personal abusive experiences, due process must be followed and conclusions based on facts rather than hearsay (even if hearsay seems credible.) Even I have a difficult time maintaining my patience, but I am not willing to participate in potential libelous accusations. Letting emotions take control of one’s thinking can lead to disastrous results. I believe the TRUTH will be found whether or not justice is achieved. TRUTH and JUSTICE in politics frequently has little to do with each other.

    I hope future candidates consider becoming more issue oriented than party oriented. This opens the field to more “outsiders” with potentially fewer political ties willing to participate in a system with honorable intentions to truly represent those electing them.

    Keep sharing your thoughts on the subject. Your personal foundation is so solidly based on quality character and integrity, the “pot stirrers” just don’t seem to add real value to their arguments. It is still our place (in my opinion) to listen. It would be a shame to miss even one good point because we’ve chosen to join the masses who have stopped LISTENING altogether!

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    • Tricia says:

      Well thank you Jonathan and I appreciate your balanced approach to controversial subjects as always.

      I agree no one should be found guilty based on hearsay. I’m not asking for Moore to be put trial or even forced to step down. I’m seeing a lot of people automatically jumping to defend him though while knowing very little about what his accusers even say he did and not having read the original story in the first place. This is disturbing to me and all I’m asking is that people actual read the WaPo story and then maybe perhaps imagine if it was their daughter making the accusations.

      The people of Alabama will have the final say on this but those of us chiming in need to do our best to consider all sides and not just immediately go in to tribe mentality.

      Pot stirrers do add a lot of carbon dioxide indeed! I’ve added my share myself over the years. Just a tad…;)

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  14. I just wish both sides would focus on the real issue – which is sexual aggression ranging from child molestation and rape, to grabbing body parts without permission and publicly doing icky things to house plants, to really stupid jokes. Why is it relevant that Bill Clinton (allegedly) raped someone and took advantage of an intern? It isn’t – NOT because what he did was okay; I’m glad people are owning up to victim blaming in that case, and if his victim has legal recourse against him maybe now is the time to take it. It’s not relevant that Roy Moore’s accusers have spoken up in the run-up to an election.

    What’s relevant is what these men did. They raped. They violated. They harassed. In each case, the behavior was aggressive sexual bullying of a vulnerable girl or woman by a powerful man. And instead of holding them accountable, instead of holding leaders to the same standard that they would apply to their own teenagers, their supporters VOTE THEM INTO OFFICE and let them shrug off the accusations without consequence.

    I honestly don’t understand why we allow these nasty assholes to keep shifting the focus off themselves and their wrongdoing, and making it about party politics. The fact that Bill Clinton was a disgusting man doesn’t make Donald Trump’s disgusting behavior presidential, and it has nothing to do with Roy Moore’s fitness for office.

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    • Tricia says:

      Completely agree with you BT, it’s very relevant what these men or have been doing or what they’ve been accused of doing. My point in bringing up Bill Clinton’s past is that I see too many Republicans doing the same thing we on the right vilified Democrats for doing, which was not just putting up with but passionately supporting a very flawed man who harmed women for political expediency.

      Roy Moore’s accusers in my view are credible. He denies the charges though and and so voters in Alabama must study the issue carefully and decide for themselves whether they believe him. My problem with this all along is with people, especially conservative evangelicals, rushing to defend the man without thought.


      • I agree. I’ll be honest, the more I see women coming forward to accuse men, the more itchy I get. I can’t help it – it evokes the Salem witch trials! The very clear expectation that NO ONE doubt the (person who claims to be) victim troubles me. I’ll gladly believe that 95% or more are genuine, but when people tell me NO woman would lie about such a thing … well, that’s just silly. I’ve been a victim of malice; I know very well that people will lie in horrible ways. So while I intensely dislike Moore for a bunch of other reasons, I did wonder when the first one came up … but then there were more … and then the news about him having been banned from the mall back in the day because he was harassing girls … and now I’m definitely inclined to believe the complaints. At any rate, I believe them enough that I find it astounding that Christians continue to support him.

        Why are so many of us, people who claim that they follow Christ, so willing to overlook such fundamental wrongness in leaders? I don’t understand it. I get not wanting Hillary … but to choose Trump? Really?

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        • Tricia says:

          Those are the conclusions I came to about Moore as well. I’m always very skeptical about these things too and I believe as you do that some women would indeed lie about such things. When you connect the dots with him though it adds up to classic predatory behavior.

          Regardless, our politics now are about binary choices between crappy candidates so I do understand the “hold your nose and vote for the least deeply flawed guy” strategy.


          • The problem with that strategy is that the bar keeps getting lower. I know I’m way out of the common stream, but I believe quite passionately that American voters need to take the plunge and get serious about third party options. I get so fed up hearing that “The system is designed to keep us to only two parties” – RUBBISH! At least, maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose between two parties both offering terrible candidates! (And as I understand it, the guys who originally set up the system didn’t really have parties – right? Wasn’t Jefferson, or someone of that ilk, strongly opposed to party politics? My knowledge of US history is patchy.)

            It really depressed me, in the last election, to see so few people voting for Johnson – and even his low numbers were regarded as a third party victory. I know he wasn’t perfect … but he was an ethical man, he was honest, he had practical experience in both business and politics – and had been successful in both. And although he ran on the Libertarian ticket he made it clear that he wasn’t married to purist Libertarian ideology.

            But while Trump couldn’t open his mouth without saying something ridiculous, voters – with help from the press – latched onto a couple of pretty minor slips he made, that he corrected immediately. They were the kind of slips anyone could make under that kind of pressure.

            And then they went off and held their noses and voted against either Trump or Clinton (I know some voted for, but I suspect not many) … Or they voted down-ticket only … Or they didn’t vote at all. It’s the ones who didn’t vote for a president that make me most angry. So many of them have said to me, “Yes, I liked Johnson, but there was no point voting for him – he couldn’t win.” The fact is, if a quarter of the nose-holders and a quarter of the won’t-voters had picked him, he’d have won.

            I know it’s silly still to be railing about this, but … Argh, after 20 years living in this country, I have never learned to understand or accept the rigid resistance to doing something different. It’s a behavior characteristic of this culture that seems completely counter to so much that America supposedly stands for. Oh well… Maybe in 2020…

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          • Seems to me some voters did indeed do something different…. way different. We are paying for all this “difference” each day.

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          • Yeah, some of them were voting for change, but I think that was a pretty small group – essentially Trump’s core base. I haven’t seen stats, but based on my reading (and talking, for what that’s worth), a huge number did as Tricia said – they picked the least terrible option, or they voted against the most terrible option. And then there were many who voted out of party loyalty … I know people who cannot stand Trump, but followed the Republican line. Every one of these voters stayed inside the Dem/Rep box. Trump would never have won as an independent.

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          • As you indicated, people have to get out and vote… in the upcoming midterm AND in 2020. It’s very possible this could be the largest voter turnout ever… or voter apathy will continue. The political scene is so whacked I can’t predict at all.

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          • Tricia says:

            Well, I can’t speak for Trump voters because I wrote in Marco Rubio. I can offer you this perspective though as someone who thought very long and hard about it before voting and who may pull the lever for him if it comes down to another progressive candidate vs him in 2020.

            I felt that a Hillary Clinton presidency would have put everything that’s going wrong with this country on steroids and there really would be no turning back if she won. Add in all the awfulness of her as a person in general and there was just no way I could vote for her. Since I didn’t think Gary Johnson or Marco Rubio stood a chance, I decided to vote for the one I favored. I live in California which always votes blue so it didn’t really matter any way.

            Most Trump voters I know felt this way and were either traditional Democrats who felt they no longer had a party to belong to, or Republicans who hated the establishment, or as we’ve discussed, thought he was the least awful option.

            I can’t stand Trump’s personality, I think he’s needlessly divisive, has no impulse control and prizes his ego above all else. I also don’t like the way he treats people he doesn’t like and while I do think he has a misogynist streak, I don’t think he is a sexual predator. Nor is he a racist and since I agree with a lot of his policy making, it’s conceivable I could vote for him in 2020. I am really hoping there are better choices by then.

            Stranger things have happened….


          • Oy, Tricia … So using his position of power to grab women, stroll through dressing rooms full of naked underage girls – he bragged about those things, but you don’t think he’s a predator? It’s true that as far as we know he hasn’t actually raped anyone … but treating those girls, and women working in the entertainment industry where he’s a “star”, as toys for his amusement … Sorry, but that’s predatory behavior. And then the racism … It’s a matter of public record that he has refused to rent or sell space in his developments to blacks. And his comments about Hispanics being rapists and drug dealers, and his behavior toward them – ripping apart families where there is no history of criminal behavior apart from being undocumented … Refusing to condemn neo-Nazis, even after one of them killed someone.

            Honestly, I’m just rambling here … I am gobsmacked that you don’t see him as a personification of evil. He lies. He steals. He makes promises only to break them. He is petulant and cowardly, morally unsound, His defiance of the emoluments clause, his use of party funds and tax dollars to pay his legal bills, his repeated selection of people who are unqualified or openly hostile to the departments he puts under them … His obsession with undoing every single thing Obama did – it’s personal, and the effect on ordinary people and on the planet, will be terrible –
            but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t actually see ordinary people, except as creatures to be manipulated. His lack of self control is potentially deadly – you know that proverb about a person without self-control being like a city with it’s walls broken down, right? He has made all America like a city with broken walls.

            Ok. I have to stop. But truly I am appalled. I know you and I have very different political opinions, and even though we’re both Christians I believe we approach our faith from different perspectives as well … but …

            Seriously, WHAT policies do you agree with? Apart from the Supreme Court judge – obviously you like him. The tax plan????

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          • Tricia says:

            Sorry for the delay on responding BT, it’s been one heck of a wizzer kind of day. I don’t have much time now either but I will try and express something hopefully coherent.

            First let me just say I love your passion about America Belladonna Took! I know you weren’t born or raised in tis country but you love it as if you were which makes me smile.

            Without getting in to a mindless debate on policy, I’ll just say that we all want the same things when it comes to living in a country with plentiful jobs, good schools for our kids, clean air and water, protection for the vulnerable and safe neighborhoods/cities to raise our families, work, play and otherwise thrive in.

            The question is how to get there which is where people get tripped up on what makes politicians supposedly “good” or “bad” people. One side thinks it’s the moral responsibility of government to place the lead role in this role where everything from schools, to healthcare to industrial policy, wage setting, etc… is run by the government in a centralized command and control type role.

            The other believes it’s immoral for government to be so involved and that individuals and free markets trump it (no pun intended, ok, well maybe…lol) in playing the larger role in these things and partner with private charities, churches and civic organizations to form healthy, thriving societies. Government is there to keep us safe, protect our natural rights and enforce the rule of law among many things but should have no business in dong things like forcing us to buy healthcare.

            Thus some think school vouchers are the devil’s spawn to destroy public schools while others think it’s a fantastic way to break union dominance over control of the schools to get them to perform better while giving poor kids a much better chance to succeed.

            That’s just one example but of course you could could go on down the line where some people think it’s better to get government more involved and others think it’s better to pare it down and privatize things.

            Trump is moving in the direction of pairing down bloated agencies that are not only ineffectual, but doing more harm than good such as with his appointment of Betsy Devos for Education Secretary. Scott Pruit at the EPA I think is Trump’s overall best nominee yet as he is taking a wood chipper to the humungous amount of EPA regulations Obama’s team added to the book of registrar that not only went completely out of bounds as to what falls under the EPA’s area of responsibility, but have a really put a stranglehold on the economy.

            I also like Trump’s no bs about dealing with ISIS and that he actually seems to understand the threat we face from Islamist extremism which is playing out in the travel ban and in crafting sensible immigration policy that focuses on letting people in that we want here like every other advanced country in the world.

            I like his tax policy too in too but I do wish it went further in getting rid of deductions and flattening rates out. People are so used to the giveaways that becomes near impossible to stop them.

            Any way, I’m rambling in too and doing a poor job in conveying my thoughts. You’ve got me thinking though, perhaps I will write a blog post on this.

            Oh, really quick, about Trump’s p***y grabbing comments. I certainly didn’t like them but I can’t call someone a sexual predator based on just comments. I know he has accusers too but I just didn’t see a pattern of behavior.

            Final thought then I really have to go. Many of us LIKE that he is undoing everything Obama did, that’s why he won the election! 😉

            Cheers my friend.


          • Yeah … I think I need a blog post to respond to most of this… 🙂 Because I agree that we want the same things, and I even agree that we share many of the same concerns, but I couldn’t agree less about some points you’ve raised, and that’s worth discussing.

            Briefly, on the subject of Trump as predator … Look, he bragged about how he could violate women because he was a star, and then several women spoke up to confirm that he had in fact done what he bragged about. I think it’s ingenuous to doubt all of them. I can understand why they’d have hesitated to speak up before – he’s a very powerful man, known to be vindictive and quick to sue.

            Also, I think walking into dressing rooms full of naked teenagers IS predatory behavior. Again, he bragged about this on air to Howard Stern, and people have subsequently confirmed that he did it.

            To me it goes to character. As Christians, shouldn’t we give priority to biblical descriptions of how leaders should behave?

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          • Tricia says:

            You are right that if Trump actually did all those things he would and should be considered a predator. I just don’t know. That uncertainty and the comments he did make about women did bother me enough to not vote for him in the first election. I told you I struggled with that hard. Whether I do or not in the second election is a big fat question mark too, really depending on who is running against him and his performance up until then.

            What I was trying to imply with my previous rambling, incoherent comment written after several hours of driving and little sleep, was that a vote for Trump for would be because of the gravity of putting someone like Hillary Clinton in office who I believe would have taken the country in a very wrong, irreversible direction. It doesn’t matter that you and I disagree on that or various policies, I was just trying to explain to you why so many people did vote for him. They took the measure of the man and decided for all his flaws it would still be the better choice.

            Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day holiday Belladonna. 🙂

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          • Something more on whether or not Trump is a racist. I know the Huffington Post leans heavily left … However, all these examples are real.

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  15. David says:

    Censorship of free speech is always bad. You might be next!


    • Tricia says:

      Your last comment was the same old blah, blah, blah of conspiracy nonsense. Plus you broke my no swearing rule which I already warned you about. My blog, my rules. it feels good to be queen!

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  16. Wally Fry says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Tricia

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  17. smallivy says:

    Let me first say I’m really jealous of how many more comments you get than me – I’m doing something wrong. (And you’re doing something right.)

    On the Clinton defender apology tour, I’m getting really tired of the Left defending reprehensible behavior while it benefits them, then saying they were wrong and trying to claim the moral high ground when it no longer does. Other examples are slavery, Jim Crow, and the Nazis, all of which were creations of the Left and all of which the Left now tries to blame on the right. I think the Clintons are now being attacked because people no longer think that they are relevant, which is very convenient. No kudos for the NYT and others.

    I think Bill Clinton wasn’t removed from office because of the current sex scandal that is about to whip through the Congress. Larry Flint got dirt on all of the Republicans because they were all harassing interns, cheating on their wives, and groping and assaulting their female colleagues and staff members. After being threatened with exposure, they all decided to drop the matter. This is why we shouldn’t concentrate power.

    All that said, from what I’ve seen I don’t think a good case has been made against Roy Moore. He has denied all of the allegations and started to look at lawsuits against the press making the accusations – just what someone falsely accused would do. Many of the allegations were also that he was dating teenagers, but all except the 14-year-old were of legal age in Alabama, which was 16 at the time. The state of AL had decided at the time that a girl of 16 could decide who she wanted to date, marry, and have sex with, so even if he did date them, I wouldn’t say doing so was disqualifying. Whose to say we won’t move the legal age to 21 or 25 in the future. Are those that date 18 -year-olds now then going to be considered deviants? The allegations don’t even allege sex.

    The sexual assault charge is troubling, but there are issues such as why they won’t turn over the yearbook for a handwriting analysis. I really don’t trust the Left to tell the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tricia says:

      Well hey there and thanks for dropping by. I get comments when writing on more sensations/controversial stuff but that’s just naturally what people are attracted to. You write quality posts that can actually change people’s lives for the better, but unfortunately they just don’t get as worked up over personal finance as they do the sex lives of politicians. 😉 I’m sure you get a lot of silent readers though, you really do present some great stuff.

      Agreed on all accounts about Bill Clinton and just the sheer hypocrisy and immorality of the Democratic party. I don’t know much about the Larry Flint scandal but someone else mentioned this to me recently too so it sounds like things are about to get interesting.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree on Roy Moore. I’m not 100% convinced his accusers are right by the way. I’ve read a lot though on them and him though and I still think they make some credible claims. We may never know for sure but I do think he will win the election.


  18. franks4321 says:

    Roy Moore is a moral degenerate who preyed on underage girls. Your silly invocation of Bill Clinton to defend a pedophile only reveals your own moral bankruptcy.


  19. Xtradonaire says:

    In short, the standard the Repubs placed upon President Obama vs what is expected of Trump is laughable, disgraceful and turn the word hypocrisy on its head. “Grab her by her pu***” paid a porn star over $130, thousand, walked many times into women dressing rooms (Beauty pageant) unannounced, unclear dealings with Russia…the list is endless.


    • Tricia says:

      Republicans are more divided on Trump than they have been on any R President I’ve seen in my life time and I don’t see them in lockstep at all in regards to the standards they hold him to. To some the man can do no wrong, while others despise him. Most I think are like myself, who didn’t vote for him, or reluctantly did so as the better of two evils and who are trying to be fair in analyzing him on the results of his decisions once taking office. I like a lot of what he’s done, I don’t at all enjoy his personality.

      There is always hypocrisy in politics unfortunately . One could just as easily say Dems put up with a lot of Executive power overreaching from Obama that they never would from any R President, Trump or no.


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