Doggy Daze

My neighborhood is filled with dogs, which is a good thing in my book.  While most owners are excellent about cleaning up after them, there are always the bad apples that ruin things for everyone.   For whatever reasons, these types find it perfectly acceptable to allow their pets to decorate other people’s lawns with fresh from the source and overly pungent “treats”.

This in turn has sprung up a little cottage industry of homeowner’s outdoing each other with “curb your dog signs”.  I find the dynamics behind this fascinating, so naturally I took pictures.  Yes, I know this makes me more than a bit strange.

Here they are for the rest of you weirdos out there.  I know there’s plenty of you!

First up is the low budget, but gets right to the point category:

Dog Poop Home Made

Then we have the slightly rude but effective:


A simple plea to courtesy:

Crossing the border now in to passive aggressive territory:

Dog Sign         dog poop photo

Creativity never hurts:

Dog Poop 6

And finally, our winner, sweeping all categories for extreme creativity, humor, politeness and effectiveness:

Dog Poop red sign

Although everyone knows dogs can’t read and cats don’t follow instructions.

It’s good to be weird.




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17 Responses to Doggy Daze

  1. Dogs are wonderful animals.

    My neighbors keep them so under control that I hardly ever get a chance for some doggy lubbin’s.

    On the other hand, the neighbors appreciate the attention I give to their kitty cats. They are a motley crew of affectionate animals who live outside.

    Though they are well fed, spayed and neutered, living outside is still rough for them.

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    • Tricia says:

      I love cats too Silence! The outdoor ones near me never pay attention to the bathroom signs of course and just go where they please on my lawn. Can’t blame a cat though for being a cat.


  2. Julie says:

    Love that last sign. I totally agree that owners should pick up after their dogs, but I don’t get the no peeing signs. How that heck are we supposed to keep our dogs from peeing? And why? I can see not allowing them to pee on people’s stuff, but peeing on lawns is kinda’ the point of the walk.

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    • Tricia says:

      I know, I didn’t really get that part either about the no peeing. Think it has something to do with lighting up the grass in those areas. Good luck trying to control that though!

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  3. Love it Tricia—and maybe this is a small microcosm to our society with those who think responsibility is an option….

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  4. Dennis says:

    My city has an ordinance against dogs or cats doing their business on other peoples property. Since I live on a corner lot my yard gets a lot of “attention”. If I happen to see the human part of the duo I tell them to clean up their dogs mess.
    Most folks clean up after their pets but there are a few that don’t. For those that don’t I have a simple remedy. Coat the offensive pile with can cheese. The kind you can spray on from a few inches away. Dogs love the cheese and clean up the pile for me!
    Failing that I flick it into the street where all the dog walkers walk. Beats me hitting it with my mower and having a terrible mess.

    The best yard sign was one from England. A fellow got tired of the mess and put up a sign: “Attention dog owners! This yard has been treated with chemicals that could harm your pets paws! This is a notice that I am not responsible for any harm that may befall your pet if you allow them on this lawn.” Needless to say he cured the problem.

    Why do we have nice dog parks if no one uses them? Tax dollars at work!!!

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    • Tricia says:

      Ok, I’m getting a visual now with the cheese idea Dennis, gross. 😉 A plus for creativity though!

      Dog parks around me are always crowded. But you can’t always take them there and ya gotta walk them somewhere. Most people are pretty good at cleaning up, the rest should follow the signs!


  5. madblog says:

    I have a story about my mom which she never minded that I tell. When we were kids, there was a neighbor lady who walked her dog by our corner lot. One day my mother looked out the window in time to see this lady letting her dog poop on our lawn. We did not have a dog and she didn’t appreciate this.
    So she stormed outside and registered her disapproval. The lady defended her actions in some way, so my mother said, loudly, ” How about I send one of my kids to poop on your front lawn?”
    They didn’t speak for years. I have a brother who would have obliged at the time too.

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  6. Wish we had that going here. I live in a !@#$% dog park.


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