Blowin’ in the Wind

ColorStorm has a great post up called Random Goodness about the domino effect doing kind things can have on others who witness them. The video he has is just awesome too; really take 5 minutes to check it out.

This concept of how we can influence others happens to blend nicely with things I’ve been pondering lately now that it’s been a year since I lost my father. He taught me a lot throughout my life of course, but what’s been interesting to discover is how much I am still learning from him after his death.

That calm voice guiding me through my day, talking me down from fear or encouraging me to stay strong, or even just helping me to laugh at my own ridiculousness. Years of feasting on my dad’s knowledge and experience have harvested an endless source of good fruit; his legacy and now mine to share.

This all ties in well with a devotional book I’m reading called Earth Psalms by Francine Rivers, particularly her chapter on tumbleweeds. Did you know the most important part of a tumbleweed’s life comes after it dies? It’s at this point you see when it breaks free from its roots and begins that trademark roll, spreading seeds wherever the wind takes it. Long after that poor dried up tumbleweed has died, it is still producing new life and renewal.

TumbleweedThe tumbleweed of course has no choice in the matter, it only does what God designed it to do and the end result is always good. It’s the same for us humans too, the actions we take today (or choose not to) will have an effect on others long after we are gone. We have a choice however as to whether the result will be good or bad, whether what we say or do builds others up or tears them down. Or whether we even choose to say or do anything at all.

Choose wisely, they all have eternal consequences.









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19 Responses to Blowin’ in the Wind

  1. Ahh, great post! Sometimes I think my dad may have taught me more things since he passed than he did when he was living. Now I know why, he’s just a tumbleweed! 🙂

    That’s really a beautiful analogy for parenting, because all we can really do is plant seeds, many of which just blow on the wind and don’t really take root until they are needed, I suppose. One thing I do know, His word never returns void either.

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    • Tricia says:

      Yes, we are all tumbleweeds! Maybe the more, ahem, mature we grow the more able we are to see the wisdom of what our fathers were trying to teach us growing up. Indeed God’s word never fails either.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    The trademark roll……..comes to life after it dies…….nice.

    So in other words, it rolls with a purpose? So you say we too can make a choice. Yep, choosing good is not a bad idea. 😉

    I’m smiling somewhat T along your thinking, for the past month I have been working non stop on my garage exterior/interior to bring it back to life of sorts, BEFORE I go to my ‘real’ job, (haha) and many times i have thought of my Dad in various ways and how truth always has a shelf life.

    The plumb lining of studs to insure vertical, and to make sure everything that comes after is straight and true;. the leveling of horizontals that guarantees the next 15 steps are equally level; the foresight of avoiding pitfalls; the value and pricelessness of good tools; the ability to make a structure waterproof; on and on, all things taught, remembered, and put into service by someone who has been there done that, and done it well. Good teaching survives and inspires.

    Blowin in the wind tho? Maybe, but I was thinkin you took my sad song song and made it better. Good stuff trish. 😉


    • Tricia says:

      Well thanks ColorStorm. It is amazing how easily those learned lessons come to us when we are not even thinking about it. That’s the sign of a good teacher for sure. It sounds like your dad was one of them.

      I just played my post off your inspiration ColorStorm. It’s kind of neat how WordPress has it’s own way of electronically scattering seeds of thought. Now I must get off to my “real” job, ugh…;)


  3. lovely reflection Tricia…particularly when some who have seen the video opted to take the jaded calloused view of all being for naught…

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    I thought all tumbleweeds do is scare horses in the movies.

    Enjoyed your post and ColorStorm’s too. It was thoughtful to make the tie-in with parenting. The example we set as parents is perhaps the most important thing we can do.

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    • Tricia says:

      Lol Tom! Those tumbleweeds can also be frightening when blown in front of a car driver doing speeds they probably should not while cruising through the desert. Not that I would ever do that…;)

      Good parenting produces good fruit for sure.

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  5. In today’s world we have a tendency to react even before we hear (truly hear) the words just spoken. Sometimes patience combined with the ability to PAUSE and THINK produces the best responses. They can enlighten others or simply produce a quiet personal smile for ONESELF. Both enhance the world we live in.

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  6. Canuck Carl says:

    This is a really neat analogy about the tumbleweeds Tricia. I have never seen them in real life (just the movies) and they certainly do tumble and roll. Doing what they are supposed to do, but after they have died.

    And yeah, it would be a year since you lost your father. I remember reading one of your posts. Sounds like he would have been a wonderful father. May God give you His strength and comfort during this time.

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    • Tricia says:

      Well thanks Carl. And yes, my dad was a wonderful man. I really do feel like he is near me, keeping watch because he knows off track I can get. 😉

      I can’t believe yo’ve never seen a tumbleweed Carl. I think a trip to the American Southwest should be on your list!

      Hope all is well in your world Carl, thanks for coming by!

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  7. Al says:

    Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “You can’t sprinkle happiness on someone else without spilling a few drops on yourself.”

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