Feeling Blessed


Just the other day I was thinking I needed a cheap used beach cruiser to ride around town and voila this showed up for free on the curb near my house. Just my size too!

Now I’m thinking I need a million dollars….


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23 Responses to Feeling Blessed

  1. Use your new ride to cruise the neighborhood.

    Your $million is sure to show up on a curb somewhere!

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  2. I love those answered prayers! Amen.

    So many times I have thought things like that, “hmmm, I’d really like to have this thing,” and next thing I know, there it is. LOL, I haven’t had much luck with the million dollars either, but there are so many tiny secret desires of my heart that have just suddenly turned up, that I know without a doubt that God is kind and interested in my happiness.

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  3. Happy peddling πŸ™‚

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  4. Dennis says:

    Sweet ride Tricia. Should be a lot of fun cruising around the hood. Don’t forget to have your fanny pack in front with your weapon of choice in it.
    Pink is a target most of the time!

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  5. If a tax plan comes up short along with an alternative health care plan, you may just need that million dollars to satisfy your health insurance premiums and your tax bill! πŸ™‚

    Hope you enjoy the bike. Great way to get around town.


  6. Citizen Tom says:

    One of the best bikes I ever had did not cost much. When I was boy, we lived in Japan for about 4 years. I guess it was my second bike. I had beaten up the first learning to ride (the wonder is I survived). The second one was not new, but it had a surprise. Even though it had narrow rims (instead of big fat tires), it had coaster brakes.

    Well, we were living in Japan. In those days, the Japanese were poor. So eventually somebody swiped it. I guess I was not the only one who liked that old bike.

    Earth is some of the rarest real estate there is. Paraphrasing Carl Sagan, just being here is worth millions and billions and trillions…..

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    • Tricia says:

      I have so many fond memories of riding bikes all day long as a kid. We’d meet up in the morning and venture out tot he woods or a friends house or wherever, maybe making it home for lunch, maybe not. I can’t imagine young kids today doing that without their parents calling the cops.

      That’s so cool you lived in Japan. Were you a military family? I can’t open your video link for some reason…

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      • Citizen Tom says:

        Have the same memories of bikes. I rode to get around even while I was in graduate school and for exercise until I was in my 40’s. There are enough bike paths around here now I may take it up again.

        I was a military brat in Japan. Was there from 7 – 11 years old. Liked Japan and the Japanese. They did not seem to be bitter about the war, and I did not see anyone trying to rub their noses in the defeat. My father fought in Europe, but he my mother just treated our stay there as work with a bit of added pleasure. Because Japan was still recovering from the war, labor was inexpensive. So in addition to being tourists we could buy things on an NCO salary we could have never bought stateside. The main downside was the Japanese cooked with hibachis. That bothered my father’s asthma.

        Not sure what is up with the video link. I got it to work it both firefox and Microsoft edge.

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        • Tricia says:

          That’s some interesting stuff Tom. I know it doesn’t really match the theme of your blog but you should consider doing a post on your time in Japan.

          I’ll try the link when I get a chance on Firefox. I’ve boycotted using them ever since they ran their CEO out of the company for supporting traditional marriage but I guess I could use them again just this once.


        • Tricia says:

          Millions, billions and trillions yes! Finally was able to open the vid. It was my phone that was the issue.

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  7. Reblogged this on Quotes, thoughts and musings and commented:
    Love this. God is good and in a good mood. A million could be right around the corner!

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