Apathy is Not an Option

It is so easy to get lost in busyness, where constantly playing catch up is the norm and you frequently ask yourself, “what the heck happened today?” while collapsing in to bed.  For an organizationally challenged person like myself, it’s almost a lifestyle.  Then there’s the nonsense factor that saturates our culture; where up is down and down is up and saying the “wrong” thing can bring instant condemnation or worse.  Suddenly, sticking your head in the sand while calling it a day looks awfully appealing.

I can play like an ostrich probably better than most and frankly I’ve been doing it often lately  Our 24/7, non stop crisis, must respond now, news cycle has left me exhausted, with little incentive to participate in anything other than the daily grind that makes life work and the extracurricular activities that make it fun.  Why throw the proverbial candy bar in to the pool when things are humming along fine?

Because real life involves innocent people getting hurt and it’s too easy to avoid their stories while living in Ostrich World and staying comfortable is priority number one, that’s why.  A recent story in the news jarred me out of my stupor long enough to ponder this and how numb I’ve become to hearing about rotten people doing rotten things to innocent people.

Apparently, Michigan Doctor Jumana Nagarwala has allegedly been mutilating the genitals of young girls brought in by parents who would rather their daughters go through a grotesque procedure on the most private of body parts that will cause them pain and shame the rest of their lives, than risk the possibility they might one day enjoy having sex.

I’m sorry but this butts up hard against my fantasy world of puppies and rainbows and does not make me feel comfortable at all.  That it’s been hardly reported moves me right in to angry and then straight on to enraged when I read something like this:

“According to the complaint against Nagarwala, members of a particular religious and cultural community are known to use the procedure — which some see as a way to curb sexuality in girls. The complaint did not identify the community but said Nagarwala was a part of it.”

A particular religious or cultural community?  Really? Gosh, I wonder just which community they’re talking about! No, actually I wonder at the stupidity of the Washington Post news editor that let that description stand on its own.

Thankfully the authorities are taking this seriously and Dr. Nagawala faces a litany of charges that could put her in jail the rest of her life.  The parents should be dealt with harshly too, but I’ve not heard any reporting on their status.  I wonder why?

Female Genital mutilation (FGM) is a barbaric practice designed not only to repress women sexually, but to torture them psychologically as a constant reminder that they are not in control of their own bodies, that they are in fact nothing but property for others to manage.  And it’s not just something that happens elsewhere, it’s on the rise here in the U.S. too via immigrants  from Africa and the Middle East for whom the practice is deeply embedded culturally.

According to a recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) study on FGM, in 2013 there were an estimated 507,000 women and girls in the U.S. who had undergone or were at risk of being subjected to FGM; more than double the numbers reported in 2000 and a near tripling since 1990.  The vague terms “had undergone or were at risk” are used because it’s extremely difficult to get victims to speak up about it and anyone pressing for more information risks being called racist.

This type of evil thrives under cover of political correctness and plays on societal fears of being labeled intolerant.  Keep it on your radar folks , as those numbers above are bound to explode.



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35 Responses to Apathy is Not an Option

  1. Mike says:

    “This type of evil thrives under cover of political correctness and plays on societal fears of being labeled intolerant.”

    Indeed. Toleration is overrated. When we fall victim to our “enlightened” and wholly erroneous sense of superiority built on tolerating the intolerant we are doomed. We are doomed. Doomed… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNzkIgGpsAw

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    C’mon Tricia. Sheesh. Let the media worry about something substantial like when Tim Tebow used to pray. They didn’t seem to suffer much about identifying the source of that heinous religious practice. Get your priorities straight for Pete’s sake. What’s a little mutilation and oppression in the face of something truly horrendous like public prayer at a football game?

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  3. Al says:

    Confucius say: “He who depend on media for truth, soon get load of crap instead.” That Confucius….what a guy!

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  4. Mike Hohmann says:

    Sticking with the ‘head in the sand’ narrative, I’d suggest just not reading the Washington Post or the New York Times for starters… and a half dozen other left-wing garbage outlets as well.
    That said, I am familiar with the FGM story. If Jumana Nagarwala is indeed a licensed Doctor, I suggest the AMA take action and invalidate her license to practice medicine. Perhaps she is a veterinarian, in which case that license should be invalidated. I’d expect FGM is illegal in this country, and Nagarwalla should do prison time. If it is not illegal, it should be, and legislative remedy is in order! And lastly, the girl’s parental rights should be questioned/restricted/eliminated.
    I found the CDC statistics unbelievable. If the FGM procedure is consistent with religious freedom, that needs to change. ‘Love it or leave it’ was a common phrase a few decades ago, perhaps it should be resurected!
    It’s long past time that the politically correct bull shit (PCBS) adopted over the past decade in this country be buried deep in history.
    As for Ostrich World… ‘off with their heads!’ It’s time to Stand and Fight!
    I’ll stop there. Excuse the rant. Other things on the agenda today!

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    • Tricia says:

      Trust me, I understand the urge to rant! I appreciate your comment and agree. FGM is illegal here but this doctor is the first one to face actual charges. And yes, the parents need to be held accountable but oddly enough I can’t find much reported about that. I suspect it has to do with some nonsense religious freedom factor. FGM is exactly the type of seemingly minor issue that becomes major due to mission creep. The more we ignore it or pretend it’s not really worth worrying about, the more ingrained it will become in pockets throughout the country and the next thing you know it will become accepted because you know, tolerance.

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  5. Dennis says:

    Good topic Tricia (as usual)!
    I once saw a video of a woman in her 30’s as she described the excruciating pain she went thru having her mom hold her during FGM. No pain relief or anything just the operation and told to go home and heal. The lady said she was 13 at the time and she can still recall the horrific pain that lasted for months. It was heart breaking to listen and watch her describe the “procedure”.

    This “procedure” along with “honor killing” and a few other barbaric demeaning rituals and beliefs have been imported into this country by our weak immigration policy. and not just the last 8 years either.

    Catholic and Jewish men know all about genital mutilation too. I am not aware if it has suppressed their sexual enjoyment. Sure hasn’t mine! Just thought I’d throw that in as a testimonial from a victim.

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    • Tricia says:

      It is barbaric Dennis and the country’s attitude about it must never become complacent.

      I know you’re just joking about male circumcisions, but I have to mention there is an ocean of difference between that and female genital mutilation.

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  6. Citizen Tom says:

    When we hear about this sort of thing, what we must try to understand is there is a huge difference between believing in a God who loves us and a God who we must obey OR ELSE.

    What Jesus did is He paid the price for our sins. If we are willing to accept the salvation He offers BECAUSE HE LOVES US, then all we must do is strive to love Him — God — and each other. On the other hand, if we believe in a God who offers us salvation if we obey bunches and bunches of rules (That is EVERYONE except Christians.), then we will find ourselves behaving cruelly towards sinners and potential sinners, and since EVERYONE is a sinner or a potential sinner…….

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  7. larryzb says:

    Enforce the federal law from the 199s that prohibits FGM. As well, educate parents that there is no need for the superstitious practice of infant male circumcision.

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    • Tricia says:

      Agreed, the law should be enforced and it is in this case, but it’s been the only time. Male circumcisions are not done out of the need to control and repress, they don’t leave lasting harm nor prevent sexual pleasure and there are actually health benefits, so I don’t mind leaving that choice up to parents. To each his own with that.


  8. David Ross says:

    All genital mutilation is bad I hope we can agree. Since male circumcision is the process of cutting of sensitive skin designed by God for a purpose (natural lubrication, sexual sensation, pleasure, protection), why should it be viciously cut right after a male is born? It is pure trauma for every male that it is done too before our memories are developed and it is pure and simply male genital mutilation. Obviously, this reality requires a critical thought process, not regurgitating the propaganda from the internet or other government sources of what you are told to think. Male circumcision is just a nice word for male genital mutilation. The big lie is still the big lie!

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    • Tricia says:

      I agree to an extant but there are still major differences behind the intent, levels of pain and lasting trauma in my opinion.

      My main point was that FGM is happening under the radar here in the U.S. in amounts I would never had considered remotely realistic without looking further in to things which jolted me a bit out of my current stupor.


    • Tricia says:

      That being said I do think the public should be much more educated on what male circumcision entails, as you are correct it is not the mundane procedure most people think it is and probably does cause some
      lasting trauma. I should have been more clear on that.


      • David Ross says:

        The public has been brainwashed from before we were born on this issue. They have done such a good job that we don’t question it, and if someone does they will undoubtedly be blasted. FGM is under the radar, but MGM is accepted. Male circumcision/genital mutilation is absolutely for control and repression and it has been done so successfully we no longer question it. MGM is just as heinous as FGM, yet the indoctrination has significantly altered yours and the majorities perception. Obviously the AMA blindly endorses it, just one more reason to distrust modern medicine. This is another example of what is described in Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World. Black is white and white is black. The fascists protesting Ann Coulters upcoming speech at Berkeley? Ironically, they call themselves the anti-fascists. We live in a post truth society and we somehow need to figure it out. This article since it comes from our extremely controlled brainwashing main stream media, I seriously doubt it is true. But the agenda behind the article is clear to me. It intended to make you dislike Muslims a little more, and that goal was accomplished judging from your diatribe.

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        • Tricia says:

          Well, if you think this is a diatribe, you ain’t seen nothing yet! 😉 How is male circumcision about control and repression? I’m being sincere.


          • David Ross says:

            Ok, you asked for it! I think we need to be a little graphic to get you to understand. Since we all start out the same in the womb gender neutral, our genitals also start off the same. However, at some point they veer their magically separate ways, but really they the same in different forms. The protective foreskin for the male forms on the female the labia minora or the vaginal lips. This is the same part that is mutilated for both Male and Female. How would you feel if they did that to you at birth without any feedback? You really don’t need that extra skin do you? The trauma does affect our subconscious, but I cannot quantify how because I don’t know any different. If you were missing these parts do you think it would affect your sexual pleasure? Since you are a virgin I know you would not know, but you might be able to imagine. Would you regard it as control or repression? If you answer yes for a female, then you would be very sexist to say no to a male. We have been completely brainwashed to think it is ok, and that is part of the control and repression. I think god created it correctly, and as usual man screwed it up!


  9. If the act of mutilation wasn’t bad enough, I wonder what people think about the rest of us that voice our horror at such atrocities and follow this emotionally difficult exposure with deciding whether a movie and dinner, or just either one will be planned for the weekend. We are QUICK to judge, yet SLOW to act. This seems to pacify our need to feel remorse, without having to involve ourselves in the solution process. Anger with apathy successfully maintains status quo!

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    • Tricia says:

      So true Jonathan and perhaps even a twitter hashtag campaign to make ourselves feel tip top. Solutions are the tough part though, an area I admittedly have not contributed much to. Can’t fix what we don’t even know about though so hopefully getting the word out is a tiny baby step in the right direction.

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