Gotta Represent…..


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14 Responses to Gotta Represent…..

  1. Well at least it beats the pooSAY cap of the Nasty Women’s March on Washington DC.

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  2. It usually happens automatically.

    I think we are falling victim to another WordPress bug.

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  3. We’ve got to Rise Up down here in Georgia 🙂
    May the best team win Tricia 🙂

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  4. Dennis says:

    Beautiful picture!
    Can’t help you with the tech stuff Tricia. You know me I haven’t a clue how a computer works and even less about doing something other then just the mundane. Fishing and golf now that’s a different story!

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  5. Mike says:

    you prevailed. hope you had money on it…

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  6. Understand in the south we do things a little more slowly. As far as we’re concerned the 15 minute quarters in “southern time” are significantly longer. We place our “SPIN” on the superbowl by claiming New England gave up and left early!! 😀

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