One Nation


My sentiments today are the same as when Barack Obama took office. Whether you like the new President or not, you have to respect the peaceful transfer of power our nation goes through; a process that in many other countries is still decided by the barrel of a gun. We live in an exceptional country, whose government is designed around protecting the individual citizen over the power of the state and where the freedoms we enjoy are the envy of the world.

To many, this is a hopeful time of renewal and expectant change, to many others a time of fear and discouragement on what the future may bring. This is exactly where we were at in 2012 mind you, but with the players having switched sides. So whether you are up in arms and protesting the new administration or dancing with joy, just remember to always respect your fellow citizens, even if, or maybe especially if you don’t agree with them.

Together we conquer, divided we fall.

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32 Responses to One Nation

  1. Amen, Tricia. I think in a Christian context we really do have to pray for our leaders, and if you don’t like the leaders, well than, you just pray all the harder.

    I’m going to confess a bit of irritation here however, I’m growing just a little weary of having to contain my enthusiasm and optimism so as not to offend anyone. 🙂

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    • Tricia says:

      Totally agree on praying for our leaders IB. And I know exactly what you mean about having to dampen the enthusiasm. I didn’t even vote for Trump (and definitely not Hillary) but I am excited at the possibilities of a new, hopefully more Constitution based administration taking over. God forbid I post that on FB, I’d get eaten alive.

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  2. says:


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  3. I am very encouraged by today’s event…
    we the people, along with the rest of the world, are seeing first hand that what makes us, us, as in America, America…still works!!!

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  4. Dennis says:

    Totally agree with your comments Tricia and those of all the contributors.
    My hope for the future is for the death of politically correct speech and the demise of overprotected children in their special comfort rooms in colleges and universities.
    That would make me a very happy citizen.

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  5. How can there be unity when over half the country is a bunch of raving lunatics made so by the public education system and the political and media establishments?

    Human beings, properly educated, are naturally not united.

    That is what freedom is all about.

    That we should strive for some sort of “national unity” is very successful leftist meme that was used to kill the very opposition that elected THE Donald President of the United States.

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  6. Wally Fry says:

    The game is the same only the players have changed

    Good stuff Tricia

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  7. We find ourselves at a time in history where we allow emotions (to a large extent) to dictate REACTIONS rather than using critical analysis to elicit a more healthy RESPONSE. These emotions are being exploited by various political groups to incite UNREST in an attempt to prevent ANY forward progress.

    The right to dissent from popular or minority opinions is a FREEDOM this country is blessed with. Rather than appreciating this freedom, we choose to vilify those who choose to believe in different ideologies. The phrase, “we’ll have to agree to disagree” has been replaced with, “if you disagree with me, you are a misogynist, racist, sexist, homophobic and an anti-semite. We no longer recognize that “CHANGE” is a process that requires time, effort and patience. We DEMAND and IMPOSE our positions and are unwilling to accept TERMS OF COMPROMISE within SOLUTIONS.

    We blame Trump or Clinton or anyone else we can find instead of blaming ourselves for our own ACTIONS. It is time for our country to GROW UP. We need to learn to LISTEN and PATIENTLY WAIT FOR RESULTS before condemning ideas and policies. We need to understand that EVERYONE will NEVER be satisfied with EVERY PLAN put forward.

    We like to call ourselves the GREATEST country in the world. We like to believe our country establishes “THE BAR” that other countries strive to attain. Are we representing ourselves in a dignified manner demonstrating INTEGRITY and CHARACTER or fooling ourselves and acting like spoiled brats?

    An argument requires at least two people and two voices. A dialogue requires at least two people and two voices. If our country is going to move forward constructively, we need to understand the differences between these two approaches. For those who can’t differentiate between them, I recommend starting with Webster’s dictionary and memorizing the definition of the word RESPECT.

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  8. “just remember to always respect your fellow citizens” I am all for this, my friend. If only our President could model it.

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